MADBALL – Nosturi, Helsinki, Nov 20, 2008


Madball with Worth The Pain and Ratface

The 20th of November, 2008

Nosturi, Helsinki

Review & Pictures by Arto Lehtinen

Obviously at least a few true metal heads will get freaked out again when seeing a gig review of a hardcore gig in the site of Several bands from both genres have drawn influences from both genres into sounds of their own and have created and unleashed groundbreaking metal and hardcore classics since the 80’s. Madball definitely appeals to both metal and hardcore genres and that could be testified as a plenty of metal heads arrived to see and feel the pure chaos and mayhem in the pit.

Before the NYHC veterans were allowed to demonstrate their style, a couple of interesting domestic names in the form of Worth The Pain and RatFace kicked the night off. Both the bands stand for the NYHC approach without any doubts, but sounded absolutely killer on the stage. As for Worth The Pain, the five piece turned out, as expected, to be a relentless combo causing a ballistic reaction on the stage. They delivered utter blasting hardcore mayhem. However the vocalist could have sounded more aggressive and brutal.

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RatFace continued the same aggressive hardcore assault as their countrymates. Brutal and aggressive hardcore which sounded absolutely killer and high quality. RatFace as well as Worth The Pain could easily challenge several bigger names when it comes to creating and composing killer hardcore riffs with the heavy sounding and blasting songs.

The audience wasn’t prepared to create an insane chaotic pit during both Worth The Pain and Ratface. Instead the kids were standing aside and some brave ones dared to spin in the middle of the floor. If someone out there is keen on checking out the Finnish present day hardcore, both Ratface and Worth The Pain should be checked out for sure.

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s second visit to Finland was welcomed with brutal insane looking pits. Even though Madball seems to enjoy a loyal fanbase in Finland, however the club wasn’t nearly that packed as it was for their first visit a year ago. The New Yorkers didn’t get upset about minor things and instead put on a brutal intensive drive and so did the audience.

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Even though a safety barrier had been placed between the audience, that didn’t prevent a couple of dozen freaks from doing huge diving. One of the lucky divers however landed at the floor ahead. The floor was burning up when kids arranged a tremendous circle pit and did some insane looking whirling and karate kicks. Therefore getting near the midfloor would have meant getting seriously asskicked.  Even though some freaks dived, the security staff went after them to pick those ones up to throw out of the club, instead they just watched when kids dived and smashed each other on the floor.  That hasn’t been seen at metal gigs here for ages.


The line-up of Madball has undergone several changes with even a new drummer, Mackie, had been utilized from the legendary Cro-Mags, but that was a truly great addition and recruitment to the Madball for sure. The long time bassist Hoya Roc had sat out of the whole show due to family commitments. Freddy Cricien is and will be the main core of the whole Madball and he was literally on fire on the stage.

Yes hardcore lives well in the catacombs of the underground. The whole idea is based on the DIY attitude which is something more should look into.

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Worth The Pain




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