Pop Evil – Lipstick On The Mirror

Pop Evil

Lipstick On The Mirror

2008, Pazzo Music

Rating: 3.5/5

Pop Evil call themselves “the best thing to come out of Michigan since the automobile”.  While I can’t say that I like them more than a 1967 Ford Mustang, their first full length CD titled LIPSTICK ON THE MIRROR is a heck of a lot better than a Dodge Dart.  Formed in 2001 by lead singer Leigh Kakaty, drummer Dylan Allison and guitarist Dave Grahs and cutting their teeth on the Michigan nightclub circuit Pop Evil has reached their musical maturity with this radio friendly album.


If you’re a fan of college radio pop-metal, then this record is likely to become an easy favorite.  The blend of dual guitars and strong rhythm section remind the listener of a less gritty Godsmack.  Clearly meant to be the first single from the album the initial track, “Hero”, sets the tone for the rest of the record with listenable vocals, catchy lyrics and tight guitars and is the most commercial song on the record.  The third track on the album, “Shinedown” is clearly reminiscent of Nickleback or Tantric, while bordering on being indistinguishable from either.  My personal favorite song on the album is track number six, “3 Seconds to Freedom” though this is due more to the pounding drum beats and throbbing bass line than the typical guitars and vocals heard throughout the record.

The album production is slick and glossy and very professionally recorded and mixed.  The weakest song on the album is the power ballad “100 in a 55” and even this song is as good as any Saliva song ever played on the radio.


Upon reviewing the cover art consisting of the logo emblazoned upon a mirror in red lipstick, followed by “xoxo” and a pair of lips, I expected the vocalist to be female and was surprised to hear Leigh Kakaty’s voice come roaring through my speakers.  One of my favorite parts of the record is the excellent harmonies provided to the vocals by other members of the band.  After several listens on my car stereo I decided that I wouldn’t change the station when it comes on the radio.


Band Website: www.popevil.com


Record Label Website: www.pazzomusic.com


Track listing:

1.  Hero

2.  Breathe

3.  Shinedown

4.  100 in a 55

5.  Somebody Like You

6.  3 Seconds to Freedom

7.  Another Romeo and Juliet

8.  Stepping Stone

9.  Jupiter in June

10. One more Goodbye

11. Ready or Not

12. Hey Mister


Album Line-up:

Leigh Kakaty – Lead Vocals

Dylan Allison – Drums

Dave Grahs – Guitar

Tony Greve – Guitar

Matt DiRito – Bass