Denial Fiend – THEY RISE

Reviewed: December 2008
Released: 2008, Ibex Moon Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

This cd is lots of fun. I mean, who wouldn\’t dig a band comprised of metal\’s heavy hitters (Death, Massacre, Nasty Savage) playing old school death metal with a constant horror movie thematic scheme? The album opens with the title track \”They Rise\” a mid tempo tune with chunky guitars, guttural vocals and lyrics about the dead walking the earth. The next track \”Return To The Tombs of The Cursed Blind Dead\” is even cooler and is a living testament to the dead on syncopation of drummer Curtis Beeson.

On track six entitled \”L.O.D.\” Denial Fiend presents us with a cover of \”Legion Of Doom\” by Kam Lee\’s old band \”Mantas\” who was a precursor to the much celebrated \”Death\” I can\’t compare it to the original as it would appear to have first been found on an ancient band rehearsal demo cassette, but I can tell you that at least the remake sounds just like early eighties death thrash.

\”Frankenstein Conquers The World\” a number about taking over the earth, has about as much brains as the original Hollywood Monster and is about as much fun too. Good, dumb fun to lobotomize yourself with a few six packs to. If you like old school death metal, or just old school metal in general…you should zombie walk, crawl or run to your record store and pick this one up.


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Track Listing:
1.They Rise
2.Return To The Tombs Of The Cursed Blind Dead
4.Cover Me In Blood
5.Ripped Inside Out
7.Son Of The Creature From The Black Lagoon
8.Frankenstein Conquers The World
9.Let The Blood Flow
10.Children Shouldn\’t Play With Deadthings
11.The Day Of The Undead

Kam Lee – Vocals
Curtis Beeson – Drums
Terry Butler – Bass
Sam Williams – Guitar