The Beatles – All Together Now (DVD)

The Beatles

All Together Now

2008, EMI Music

Rating: 4.5/5

An over the top amazing documentary on the Cirque Du Soleil production Love. It all came to be thanks to the friendship between Cirque founder Guy and the late George Harrison. After George’s passing, Guy and Apple Corps worked together to make it all become a reality.

Approved by the widows of Harrison and Lennon as well as by the surviving members Ringo and Paul, this documentary shows just about every aspect possible of this show. From its humble beginnings of rehearsal in Montreal to the debut performance in Vegas this feature covers all angles possible including segments with George Martin and his son Giles who did the music for it. Showing Giles in the studio learning from his father and seeing how he took Beatle tracks and mixed them to make one unique soundtrack that was totally new yet totally Beatles.

A highly recommended DVD for Beatle fans as well as theatre fans. The only drawback to this release is that the entire show is not here for those of us who never had the privilege to see the real thing.