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Interview Conducted by Robert Williams

Videography Courtesy of Sandra Torres


An Excerpt of the Interview…

Your latest album Deadache just came out October the 29th here in the U.S. through Sony/BMG records what would you like to tell all of your fans about this new collection of skullcrushing rawk

Mr. Lordi: Well…It’s probablt the best album of the year…by any band. Yeah…what can I say? I think we made a great album. We kinda renewed a little bit and it still sounds (like) Lordi. Good ol’ Lordi…and you know, there’s something new, something borrowed, something blue…you know, so we’re getting married…yeah, that was a bad joke but I had to make it…(laughs)

You guys are all monster KISS fans and you are now managed by the legendary Bill Aucoin who helped propel KISS to superstardom in the seventies…and also you collaborated with  Bruke Kulick (ex-KISS) in the past. Any chance we can ever expect a co-headlining tour with the hottest band in the land?

Mr Lordi: Well, hopefully…

Kita: Of course, if they wanna support us. (Laughs) Actually we already played one show with KISS last Easter in New Zealand. It was Lordi, Alice Cooper and KISS on the same day so it was kind of a dream come true for us.

This past summer Lordi with special guest Udo Dirkshneider of Accept fame closed out the Wacken Open Air festival with a performance of They Only Come Out At Night, a number the two of you recorded together some years ago for the Arockalypse album. How did you originally meet Udo, and what was it like working with such a class act metal vocalist?

Mr. Lordi: Well…Originally we met Udo (Dirkscneider) through…Well, I’m a huge Udo fan I have always been since I was a kid.  He was always my favorite heavy metal voice of all time. On "The Arockalypse" it was a snowballing effect when we were starting to get guests on the album. First we asked Bruce Kulick to join Bruce said "Yeah!" and then we asked the Twisted Sister guys, we asked JJ French first and he said "Yeah!" then we asked Dee Snider and he said "Yeah!" so then we thought, let’s ask Udo too… and I’m proud to say that were friends with Udo already because it’s a huge deal for me and I think we played once before "They Only Come Out At Night" with Udo.

Udo joined us onstage in 2006 in Cologne when we were having our own show…and I also joined "U.D.O." Udo’s band, on stage in Helsinki singing "Balls To The Wall" with him…That was 2005 or something, I don’t remember…Anyway, yeah it’s really cool because he’s the nicest guy in heavy metal you could think of, he’s definitely the nicest guy…really cool guy.