Watain’s Erik Danielsson

Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Part One

In part one of the interview, Erik talks about the Fuck The World – Black Metal Magic Tour, the upcoming 10 Year Anniversary concert, upcoming Watain re-issues, Carrion offerings and the bands infamous stageshow.

Part Two

Stay tuned for part two of the interview to hear Erik Danielsson talk about how he got into metal, what Satanism means to him, his thoughts on the passing of longtime comrade Jon Nodtveidt, Dissection and more…

An Excerpt From The Chat

How have you enjoyed Fucking the World so far with your black metal magic?

It’s carrying out our mission, you know? It’s everything that I want to do…I’m doing it right now. It’s been flawless, I mean, like it was meant to be.

Your going to wrap up all of your current touring activities with a big 10 year anniversary concert in your hometown of Uppsala, Sweden this coming December. What are you planning for this show to commemorate a decade of Watain?

We are always aiming to do things a bit more than people expect. We always aim to step out of the boundaries. That is exactly what we have been doing for ten years and that is exactly what this ten year anniversary show has to represent as well.

You’ve invited fans on your website to "continue to bring blood, carrions and whatever else that might be relevant to these ceremonies." What is the craziest stuff your legions have offered up so far?

I don’t know…I think we got twenty heads of various animals by now down there (motions to under the bus) What else have we got? I mean, the blood has been flowing in countless amounts pretty much… so it’s been working well.

How did you originally come up with the idea of using a cauldron onstage and nailing dead rats to an inverted cross as featured in your stage show?

To be honest, it has grown on us. In the beginning we went on stage in the same clothes that we wear today. It’s just that over the years they have decayed and decomposed. That eventually became our thing…our way of doing it. Everything on stage, is in the stageshow is in a state of putrefaction. That in turn corresponds very much with the energies that we invoke on the stage. The energies of death and the afterlife and the downfall of creation seen in dead (animal) parts or a decomposed body. Within that carrion that we have onstage, in magickal context, there is a lot of death energy inside of it.