Hydrogyn – Deadly Passion

Reviewed: November 2008
Released: 2008, DR 2 Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Kentucky based rockers in Hydrogyn is back with a new album. Their latest effort was launched in 2007 and was called STRIP EM BLIND LIVE. Hydrogyn plays a melodic kind of metal that’s been mixed with heavier rock’n’roll. It could have been a tasty dish but unfortunately it isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with the tempo or the skills of the band members. The rhythm section is solid and the guitarist is versatile. There’s also nothing wrong with the female singer Julie Westlake who has a total control of her vocal capacities and she is probably the biggest asset the band has.

The material is also pretty even and highlights are “Rejection”, “On And On”, “Your Life”, “Deadly Passion”, “Seroquill”.

The problem occur when the band is about to head into the heavier rock’n’roll school. They can’t manage to play that kind of music and it all gets messy and boring. Nice try but it didn’t really work out the way they thought. The tempo slows down and the album tends to get really pale and weak. The second part of the album feels a lot more anonymous than the first part and it felt like a waste of time even listen to the second part. The songs I have mentioned above is the ones that are bearable to listen to but 5 songs doesn’t make an album, in this case it almost breaks the album.

The guitarist Jeff Westlake has produced the disc on his own and that was probably the biggest mistake he could have done. I haven’t heard such a monotonous musical landscape for a really long time. The band should have hired a producer that could have come with some in-put and feedback.

There are a few good tracks on the album but that’s all. Hydrogyn’s latest release DEADLY PASSION didn’t impress me at all. This disc is never gonna see the light of day at my place ever again.



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Track Listing:
On And On
Your Life
Deadly Passion
Your Ought to Know
Over U
Candles Light Your Face
Silent Animation
I Know (bonus track)

Jeff Westlake – guitar
Julia Westlake – lead vocals
Chris Sammons – bass
Josh Kitchen – drums