David Bowie – iSELECT

David Bowie


2008, EMI/Virgin Records

Rating: 5/5

This is a bit of a unique collection of Bowie’s work. The songs were all hand selected by Bowie himself and are songs from his career that he “never seems to tire of”. This disc came out originally when a UK paper asked him to pick 12 songs from his repertoire to be included on a limited edition disc that was to be given out free with the paper. This sold out instantly and quickly became highly sought after. The fine folks at EMI have released it to the public for those of us who never had the fortune to get the original.

The disc begins with the familiar classic “Life On Mars?” and for the casual fan this is one of the two most familiar ‘Hits’ on here. The disc is mainly comprised of album cuts rather than just being another ‘Best Of’ collection. We are treated here with a pair of exclusive tracks that are a real treat. The first being a re-recording/remix of his “Time Will Crawl” where re replaced the drum machine with real drums and added in some strings before remixing it. This is far superior to the original song and worth getting this disc for. The other is the Eno-era song “Some Are” from the LOW sessions. One of the songs that really reaches out and grabs you on here is “The Bewlay Brothers” with its amazing clarity. In a somewhat similar fashion is “Lady Grinning Soul” with its piano and flamenco sounding guitar. Bowie’s vocals are amazing (as usual) and a bit Lennon-esque in parts. Adding in the live version of “Hang On To Yourself” from LIVE SANTA MONICA ’72 was a wise decision as at the time of original release the SANTA MONICA disc was about to receive it’s commercial release to the public and now it is out so people will go check it out.

An eclectic and enjoyable compilation of Bowie’s work. Each and every song on here sounds amazing and are all bonafide ‘Hits’ in their own special way. After listening to this disc it is easy to see why David never tires of these.