Science Faxtion – Living On Another Frequency

Science Faxtion

Living On Another Frequency

2008, Mascot Records

Rating: 3.5/5

This very bizarre disc came across my desk for review. Upon a quick inspection I saw it was a project by Bootsy Collins so I doubted it’s inclusion on a Rock or Metal site. I then began to inspect the release a bit further and saw the infamous KFC bucket and I immediately became more interested and curious. What in the world could this sound like with Bootsy’s funky bass and Buckethead’s rocking guitar? I had to find out immediately.

The CD begins with a spoken intro by Bootsy (I Assume?) then we are hit with full on dance/techno beats. This is worse than expected so I skip to the next track. Ahhhhh…. A real song with guitar, drums and vocals. I then wondered if this was a one off rock track and the remainder of the album would be more the same as the first track. I skip forward to the next track and much to my delight another ‘song’. I begin to believe my ears may be in for a treat so I go back to the start of the 2nd song; “Lookin’ For Eden” and start to listen to it fully.

I will not waste any time on the couple of club/dance songs as they can easily be skipped over as I now do. As for the Rock tracks, they’re great. Greg Hampton does a fantastic job singing and sounds so powerful in his delivery. Throughout most of the songs Buckethead is just wailing away in the background, especially during “Lookin’ For Eden”. There are elements of club music and programming in allot of the songs but it doesn’t deter from the heaviness of them. The drumming of Brain is steady and up front in the mix without being too overpowering. On “Fatally Flawed Flesh” , Brain goes full out with some fast driving beats and Buckethead adds in his distorted guitar work. The only real slow track or ballad if you will is “Gone Tomorrow” which displays another side to this diverse group of musicians.

One very unique listening experience that has to be heard to be believed.