Legends Live At Montreux 1997 (Blu-Ray)

Legends Live At Montreux 1997 (Blu-Ray)

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

Previously released on DVD back in 2005 it has now made it’s way to use on Blu-Ray much to the satisfaction of fans. This disc is the only known video documentation of this historic line-up featuring the talents of Eric Clapton and Steve Gadd.

This show has never looked or sounded as good before. The picture quality is as amazing as you’d expect it to be. From a musical standpoint it is very bluesy and mellow. There are a fair share of extended ‘Jam’ moments on it where the music just plays on with no vocal accompaniment but when Clapton steps up to the mic he is just flawless. His voice is just amazing and so convincing as if each song has a special meaning to him personally. This just makes the songs all that more enjoyable knowing the musicians are not just going through the motions. The most easily recognizable song is “Layla” which unfortunately only appears as part of another track instead of on it’s own.

A fantastic release from Eagle that is sure to get many viewings over time. A performance that is well above average.