Joetown – Pills And Ammo


Pills And Ammo

2008, Independent

Rating: 3/5

Joetown (aka. Joe Delany) is a relative newcomer to the music world recording-wise but he has been making a name for himself in the meantime. He has received praise from former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes who actually got up on stage with him to perform a song. Along with Holmes he has gotten kudos from Metal legend Ronnie James Dio.

The music is aggressive and the lyrics pack a punch. This is not what you hear on your daily rock radio station. Songs like “Hole In My Soul” make excessive use of a distortion pedal and vocal effects while “American Altar” is at the opposite end of the spectrum and is almost ballad-like. The biggest surprise is the acoustic “L.A. Tuning” with its clean guitar and emotional vocal delivery. This track comes off as a bit depressing and heartfelt for Joe. This song is not a true representation of the rest of the CD which is for the most part a full on heavy rock recording with distorted guitar, heavy drums and full on attitude and angst.

A fairly refreshing album for today’s rock world of sameness. A little off the beaten path but still on track.