Brian Wilson – That Lucky Old Sun

Brian Wilson

That Lucky Old Sun

2008, Capitol Records

Rating: 4.5/5

One of the most prolific songwriters of the last 50 years returns to his old band’s original record label to release his latest album. Mostly known and respected for forming The Beach Boys with his brothers several decades ago. Much time has passed since their first single back then but Brian Wilson proves with THAT LUCKY OLD SUN that he still has what it takes to write and release a great album.

This record is one of the best we have gotten from Wilson. The songs are well composed and his use of instruments and vocals create the sunshine summertime feeling that he was known for. Even the narrative pieces are poetic and presented in such a way that they are almost a song into itself. Brian’s voice is just as good today if not better than it was back on some of the original Beach Boys material. It has a certain tone and smoothness to it that one cannot help but enjoy. On a musical level each and every number on this record is a masterpiece in its own write. The subtle sax in the background during “Venice Beach” to the way he intertwines the title track with his own compositions at various points throughout; it is no wonder that many regard him as a musical genius. Wilson blends each song into the next with either a little narrative piece or a snippet of the title track to make the flow of the album uniform. He even cranks it up slightly for the track “Going Home” in which he slips in a few little references to himself in the lyrics. This is one of the albums standouts and clearly the most rocking song.

With this release it is good to hear Brian back at the top of his game. We can just hope that we will continue to get more albums like this from him in the future.