Go Ride The Music/West Pole (DVD)

Go Ride The Music/West Pole (DVD)

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

A double DVD set showcasing the Psychedelic San Francisco sounds. It was a cultural revolution that spawned many a great act such as Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Big Brother and The Holding Company (Janis Joplin), CCR and Quicksilver Messenger Service to mention but a few.

Disc 1 is entitled “Go Ride The Music” and features the entire documentary by Ralph Gleason as originally aired back in ’69. This piece of film history showcases the San Francisco music scene as Gleason viewed it. It documents two bands mainly that were an integral part of the scene at the time. The first being Jefferson Airplane and the other Quicksilver Messenger Service. The live footage is an interesting step back in time to an era when music was made for the love of it and was inspired.

The 2nd disc included here is Gleason’s other film; “West Pole”. This one showcases more from the same era of musical revolution. Seeing and hearing a very young Steve Miller is quite a treat for fans as is seeing some live dead with Pigpen still alive and well. Gleason had the young fans interviewed on the street asking them which new artists they enjoyed and why they did was quite enjoyable segment to watch. Some of the bands they mentioned went on to become hugely successful while others dropped into a world of obscurity.

Both of these films by Gleason are extremely interesting to watch and do a fairly decent job of capturing a moment in time.