D.O.A. – Northern Avenger


Northern Avenger

2008, Sudden Death Records

Rating: 3.5/5

This is the 12th studio offering from Canada’s top punk band. In it’s 30th year, Joe ‘Shithead’ Keithley shows no sign of slowing it down or turning it down for that matter. With this release it is quite easy to see how D.O.A. has influenced many a generation of punk rockers.

Anger and Intensity are two words that come to mind while listening to NORTHERN AVENGER. Fueled primarily by the world around him, Keithley with such a passion you cannot help but be drawn into the songs. Lyrically the songs cover such varying topics as California in “Garden State” to current news events in “Police Brutality”. Not one to keep his opinions to himself he lets it all out of his system here. One of the standout songs is “Devils Speedway” with it’s fast paced rhythms and pissed off vocals. The biggest surprise here is a cover of the old CCR classic “Who’ll Stop The Rain” which kicks it up a few notches from the original…OK, a whole lot.

A fresh new real punk album to show the newer so-called punk bands a thing or 2 about how it’s really done.