TWISTED SISTER- Live at Ideapark, Lempäälä FINLAND



10.09 2008



Back in the heyday of heavy metal and hard rock in the 80’s, Twisted Sister was considered public enemy #1 amongst parents and above all the legendary PMRC led by Tipper Gore. They constantly attacked Dee Snider and his Twisted Sister clan. To think back then that one day the same public guys would play in some tremendous shopping centre somewhere in the middle of nothing would be beyond belief. Strangly enough, the sisters had indeed been booked to perform in a shopping centre up here in Finland, whose typical daily visitors are mostly Finnish families. Of course the Sisters didn’t play in the middle of the day so not many shopping families got to take a glance at them while shopping.




The evening started with the domestic warm up by Finnish glamsters Jann Wilde and the Comets. There’s not much to say about this band but let’s do it in brief – the band had a horrible look, they sounded really bad, and there was hardly any good songs in their set. Jann Wilde and his buddies were completely in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


After bouncing back from the shock treatment of Jann Wilde it was Twisted Sister’s turn to take stage. Twisted “f*****” Sister as the band was announced to enter the stage kicked the set off with “You Can’t Stop Rock’n Roll” around 11 P.M. Like always, Dee Snider appeared to be in a bloody good form and his stage manners were pure iron and diamond. It is admirable how Snider has been able to keep his body and voice in such an extremly good condition during these all years. He’s still definitely one of the greatest front men in hard rock, there’s no denying that. Snider has always been known for his stage charisma and doesn’t let the audience down at all. He knows how to encourage and make them get into the show. Of course the Finnish crowd got praised by the whole band and of course the band wondered how it is possible there were so many kids in the crowd. Especially kids sitting on the shoulder of their parents got special attention from Snider throwing out comnents as “Hello Fuckin’ Kid”. Speaking a little more about kids, it was funny to see a bunch of metal dads and moms with their kids who all had dressed up to in metal oriented clothes. 

twistedglendan08 280.jpg

But back to concert… Even though years have passed by and keep rolling by, the five piece seems to enjoy doing gigs here and there and above all avoid getting bored. That passion could be noticed from the band’s show now; especially bassist Mark “The Animal” Mendoza seemed to be having his own fun on the stage all the time. His bass playing approach may look a bit hilarious, which was kind of ripping on the string. Guitarist Eddie Ojeda and drummer A.J Pero did a great job and to be honest they both play much better now than they did back in 80’s heydays. Still the special reward goes to the band’s founder, guitarist Jay Jay French, whose “heavy metal wig” looked insane!

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The set list basically followed the same guaranteed formula followed by the Sister clan since returning to the stage in 2003. Although the band are currently celebrating their 25’th Anniversary of  their classic YOU CAN’T STOP ROCK’N ROLL album, their 90 minute set consisted of several songs picked up from their more successful album STAY HUNGRY with few cuts from COME OUT AND PLAY and UNDER THE BLADE. However, once again, nothing from the band’s last release LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS.

Twisted Sister’s show didn’t offer too many surprises and this was the bands fifth show in Finland in five years. Despite that, it was still really entertaining and an enjoyable trip back to the 80’s. The gig was an absolutely good experience for all these old school hard rockers. Encouraging people to jump and cheer in almost in every song started bit by bit to get on many’s nerves. What was the point of making the audience shout between every song? Of course it is conceivable if “I Wanna Rock” makes people shout during the next 15 minute, but in general. C’mon now…!!!!!!!!  As a concert place the whole IDEAPARK is completely absurd and definitely not suitable for hard rock or metal gigs. Imaging some legendary bands playing between shops and restaurants is kind of hard. Otherwise it wouldn’t be any surprise if someday "I Wanna Be Somebody" will be echoed in the catacombs of that shopping centre…?

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