Dropkick Murphys at Malmoe Festival in Malmoe Sweden 2008



Dropkick Murphys

The Meanest Of Times Europe Summer Tour


Malmoe Festival



19/8 – 2008


Reviewed and Pictures by: Anders Sandvall

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The Malmoe festival is a long week annual festival held at the middle of August and the entire city core is closed down for the festival. Lots of bands, art performances, art and first and foremost food can be enjoyed during the week. Both local and foreign acts perform on the festival that has been held for 23 years now. A few changes had been made this year, and the changes were not for the better. Two stage had been taken away from Molleplatsen where harder acts used to perform past years. And on the big stage at Stortorget (Big Square) didn’t one single harder act play at all this year. Past years have Hammerfall and Hardcore Superstar performed there. And it wasn’t fun to read the festival schedule this year, not many harder acts had been added which was really sad.

The photographers were only aloud to take pictures during song two and three, during song one were only photographers with special passes permitted to take pics. It was a totally absurd rule and I bet that many with me were really irritated on the new rules.


Dropkick Murphys


The band is still out supporting their last studio album MEANEST OF TIMES which came last year. After the show in Malmoe did the band continue on down to Germany and they ended the tour at the Reading Festival in England the 24th of August. More and more people turned up to the show the closer it got for the show to start. Fans of all ages had turned up as well as metal, hardrock and punk fans. It was fun to see how a band like Dropkick Murphys can unite all kind of people and ages. And when it was about 30 minutes until the show would start there was a sea of people chanting LETS GO MURPHYS! I had numerical data that it was about 10.000 people there to see the show.

The band consists of:

Al Barr – lead vocals

Ken Casey – lead vocals, bass

Matt Kelly – drums

James Lynch – guitar

Tim Brennan – guitar, accordion

Jeff Darosa – mandolin, banjo, whistle, guitar, keyboards

Scruffy Wallace – bagpipes

And the 7 –piece mean machine kicked off the evening with “Famous For Nothing” taken from MEANEST OF TIMES. And the band sure is tight and solid as a rock. And singer Barr seemed to be leading a furious hardcore act rather than an Irish influenced punk band. The show carried on with more new songs in “The State Of Massachusetts” and “Johnny, I Hardly Know Ya” before it was time to take out older material in “Curse Of A Fallen Soul”.

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When Barr went off stage to take a few minutes to breathe band leader and bass player Casey took over the mic and announced “Boys On The Docks” and by then had the crowd really woken up and a smaller riot took over in the front of the stage. After almost every song did the audience screamed LETS GO MURPHYS but that didn’t mind the band, they continued on with the show. When Barr returned on to the stage he said that he thought it was amazing that Dropkick Murphys was aloud to play at the big square on a family festival at prime time. That wouldn’t happen in Boston.

“Flannigan’s Ball” and “Your Spirits Alive” followed before the crowd went mad in “Warriors Code”. The band had a limited amount of time on their hand so they let the music do the talking. “The Gauntlet” was fired off and even though the crowd in the front did their best to support the band with cheers and dancing I have witnessed more action on previous shows with the band. Well, the band moved on with “Dirty Glass”, “Citizen C.I.A”, “Bastards On Parade”, “The Wild Rover” and the calm ballad “Forever” where Casey sang.

Casey said he knew that in Scandinavia everyone loves Hockey but he didn’t think we would mind if the band would play a tribute song to their favorite team the Boston Red Sox called “Tessie”. “Captain Kelly’s Kitchen” followed before Casey said that the show soon would come to an end. “Spicy McHaggis Jig” and “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced” ended the show. And in the last song did Casey jump down to the people in the front of the stage and walked around amongst them while he sang. Needles to say did the fans go crazy.

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But after the last song did the audience wanted more and once again started to shout LETS GO MUPRHYS. The band came on stage again and kicked off the amazing “Shipping Up To Boston” and the entire square was then boiling. That song ended the show and by then had Boston’s finest act played for about 1.15.

It was an OK show but not more and after having seen the band before I know they can do better. But it may not be the perfect gig to do on a family festival. The band did wake up at the end and the second part of the show was clearly better than the first part. But the audience seemed to be pleased and that was the most important thing I guess. However did I expect more form the band and especially from the sound that was partially really bad. Did the sound engineer gone to sleep Malmoe festival?

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The setlist isn’t in order because I haven’t heard the new album yet.




Famous For Nothing

The State Of Massachusetts

Johnny, I Hardly Know Ya

Curse Of A Fallen Soul

Boys On The Docks

Flannigan’s Ball

Your Spirit’s Alive

Warriors Code

The Gauntlet

Dirty Glass

Citizen C.I.A

Bastards On Parade

The Wild Rover



Captain Kelly’s Kitchen

Spicy McHaggis Jig

Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced


I’m Shipping Up To Boston



Thanks to Ulrika Anbring at Malmoe Festival for the help with photo pass to the show.


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