UFO – The Best Of


The Best Of

2008, EMI

Rating: 4/5

Pete Way and Michael Schenker on guitar were the driving force behind one of the most popular bands of an era. Everyone knows the name but probably cannot name a song or album but once you hear classics like “Rock Bottom”, “Let It Rain” and especially “Only You Can Rock Me”  you will definitely recognize them and go; “I know that one, that’s UFO?”.

It’s all here on this compilation which begins when Schenker enters the band in 73. This is the lineup that most are familiar with and consider the classic group. Included here are single versions of such songs as “Young Blood” and “When It’s Time to Rock” and even a few live cuts for good measure to give those of us who never saw them live a taste. This is a great starting point for UFO and a nice little compilation for the vehicle or when you don’t want to haul out the LP’s to hear some of your favorite tracks.