The Very Best Of Billy Idol

Billy Idol

The Very Best Of

2008, Capitol records/EMI

Rating: 4.5/5

A career spanning collection from Billy with 2 newly recorded tracks. Included here are all the hits you’d expect to have (and already do) right up to “World Comin’ Down” off of his last studio album DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND. The 2 new tracks are pretty typical Idol songs very much like his last studio disc. The first of the 2 is “John Wayne” and is about the man himself but not about his bad guy image but about his overcoming the odds that were against him to come out on top. The second is the stronger of the new tracks; “New Future Weapon” and is much heavier than “John Wayne”.  The bonus DVD is a great addition as it incorporates all 13 of Billy’s music videos in one location. This is a much better idea than releasing a stand alone DVD product.