The Parlor Mob – And You Were A Crow

The Parlor Mob

And You Were A Crow

2008, Roadrunner Records

Rating: 3.5/5

The Parlor Mob has been around since 2004 but this is their debut effort for Roadrunner Records. Having formed prior to graduating from high school band mates Sam and Paul took their name from a 19th century gang.

Musically their blend of Rock and Roll has a 70’s rock style with a bit of early Sabbath thrown in. It is on “Carnival Of Crows” that this blatantly obvious. The structure of the song, overall sound and Mark’s vocals call out to the Oz. The song “Real Hard Head” also has a bit of the Sabbath/Stoner rock feel but not as predominant as the earlier one. The album opener “Hard Times” is a balls out rock song. Distorted guitar, pounding drums contribute to making this a catchy tune. Mark’s high vocal’s take a bit of getting used to at first but after a spin or 2 you soon realize that a lower or deeper vocal wouldn’t help the songs stand out at all. The disc ends off on the opposite end of the spectrum with an acoustic filled sing along styled song entitled “Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down” which is very mid 70’s Zeppelin-esque. A surprising yet good way to end off the CD.

With comparisons to Sabbath and Zeppelin there should be no way to keep this band down. A little more originality and you will have one unstoppable group.