Sabrina Korva – …Hold Onto Myself

Sabrina Korva

…Hold Onto Myself

2008, Independent

Rating: 4/5


This BC native hits the music industry full force with her debut E.P. The disc showcases her amazing and stunning voice along with some great songwriting. I first became aware of Sabrina’s music a couple of year’s ago when I heard her demo’s and I was immediately hooked. The voice was sweet but raunchy at times…pure Rawk. Only one of the songs on the demo’s made it on this E.P. which is a bit of a shame as there are some great rockers on it. Maybe on the full length these will surface again?

The song “Suffocated” was the song that made it through from demo form for this release. It has a hard edge but with somewhat soft vocals for the most part. The hard edge continues through to the title track but is quickly lost when you get to “Nobody Home” which is a stellar ballad with piano. Reminiscent of an 80’s power ballad in styling but the delivery is different with no electric solo in your face. Korva’s amazing and strong voice is what takes the forefront and captivates you. The remaining songs on the disc are equally good just less rawk compared to “Suffocated” and the title track which is a shame because she can really belt it out.

With songs and a voice like this on a debut one cannot fathom what the future will hold for Sabrina. You can guarantee it will be huge and rawkin’.