Asia – Phoenix



2008, EMI

Rating: 3.5/5

Call them a supergroup, call them classic rock, progressive…..It doesn’t matter. The musicianship is what counts and Asia has allot of that. Made up of members of Yes, ELP, King Crimson and even The Buggles, Asia has become known for quality.

PHOENIX is the band’s first offering of new music in many years and is a welcomed treat for fans. The songs contained on the disc are exactly what you’d expect with absolutely no surprises thrown at you. The band plays it safe and deliver a quality release that is the best they’ve done since the infamous self titled debut album. The disc’s opening track; “Never Again” is very Yes-like in that it sounds slightly like “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” during the songs intro. “Heroine” is the standout on the disc and is the most upbeat and lively song on here. It is a great mid tempo rocker with a catchy chorus. While the remainder of the songs is as good they just don’t stand out.

A decent offering of songs with mind blowing sound quality. It is one of those discs you can use to test out speaker clarity.