Crash Kelly – One More Heart Attack

Crash Kelly

One More Heart Attack

2008, Opening Day

Rating: 5

Crash Kelly out of Toronto release their 3rd album; the follow-up to 2006’s ELECTRIC SATISFACTION. Contained here are 10 glam rockers with a slight tinge of power pop but with an edge and a whole lot of attitude.

Side A of the disc was produced by Gilby Clarke in L.A. and contains guest appearances by Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot/Whitesnake) and Brian Tichy (Billy Idol). Not to dwell on the guest appearances, Sean and Crash Kelly deliver on their own merits and ability like fans have known for years. Sean’s guitar playing is highly overlooked and anyone who has seen them live will attest to this. Here on this record his playing is slightly more up front and in your face but not to the point of making it a guitar solo album. He has Gene Scarpelli along side him now and the guitar duo will not be stopped now and can rival anyone in the Metal/Hard Rock world. They let the songs speak for themselves and do not just wail out full tilt on the guitars here. On “Old Habits Die Hard” there is some great solo action while the drums and bass gallop along. A song like “Jenny Jet” is a pure modern glam rock gem. It has the styling’s of a T.Rex or Mott The Hoople  track but its totally original in its execution, one of the catchiest songs on the album. One of the pieces to catch your attention is the vocals at the end of “Right Girl, Wrong Time”. The way the vocals are layered creates a really cool and interesting effect.

Side B is pure 100% CK as all the band perform the songs and Sean produced it himself in Toronto. Judging from the sound he learned a few things from Gilby in the past couple of years. The first track on this side is another of the catchiest songs on the record; “Nottingham Rock City Blues” with it’s subtle references to people past and present in the CK world. The equally catchy “Trash Talk” is a bit more anthem like in its approach and is sure to be a great show song.

10 Tracks, 2 Sides, 1 Album; All killer with zero filler. A guitar rock album for the masses.