Kip Winger – From The Moon to the Sun

Reviewed: August 2008
Released: 2008, Frontiers Records/Zink Music
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

It is now time for Kip Winger, ex-Alice Cooper bass player and leader of the band Winger, to release another solo album. His first solo album was released in 1997 and was called THISCONVERSATIONSEEMSLIKEADREAM and it was something very different from what he normally delivered with Winger. His second solo effort was a covers album that was unleashed in 1999. The latest studio album from Mr. Winger was released in 2000 and is called SONGS FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR. He also did a few acoustic tours before he became involved in such things as writing film music and producing. The band Winger reunited in 2006, released an album and went out on a world tour.

But that was then and now is now. Winger says of new album “I worked hard to make this record my best yet. For sure it is musically very diverse”. Kip Winger plays most of the instruments by himself but has some help from other well-known names. If you think that this album is going to sound anything like hardrock or anything like the band Winger you will be totally wrong. The music is some kind of boring semi acoustic pop/rock and to make things even worse Winger has used cello and violin. This is nothing but typical boring singer/song writer music and is so boring that even my plants yawn.

Winger has, together with Cenk Eroglu, written all of the 13 tracks and the album is very long. It lasts for almost an hour and that is far too long in this case. The songs are OK, but when it comes to the music things get ugly. The music feels really un-inspired and lame. Nothing ever happens on the album and the writers have totally lost themselves somewhere amongst cellos, keyboards, violins and acoustic guitars. Most of the songs are actually really bad but the ones that are bearable are “Every Story Told”, “Nothing”, “What We Are”, “Reason To Believe” and “Monster”. Those songs include a little more up-tempo influences and flirt with the 60’s when it comes to the inspiration. The songs are mainly saved by Winger’s voice that despite the boring material isn’t boring. This is a poor album and nothing fun really happens. Please Kip, get your act together and stop throwing crap like this at us.


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Track Listing:
Every Story Told
Where Will You Go
Pages And Pages
In Your Eyes Another Life
What We Are
One Big Game
Reason To Believe
Monster (European bonus track)

Kip Winger – lead vocals, bass, guitar, piano, synth
Cenk Eroglu – synth, guitar, effects
Alan Pasqua – piano
Noble Kime – piano
Andy Timmons – guitar
Ken Mary – drums
Rod Morgenstein – drums
David Davidson – violin
John Catchings – cello