Napalm Death,Warbringer and Suffocation at The Rock in Copenhagen, Denmark 2008



Napalm Death – Headline

Campaign For Musical Destruction

European Tour 2008

Warbringer – Special Guest

Suffocation – Support Act

The Rock

Copenhagen 5/6 – 2008



Reviewed and Pictures by: Anders Sandvall




The Rock arranged one of the years biggest and heaviest metal evenings this night when this band package of mass destruction landed in Copenhagen. I was really looking forward to seeing Napalm Death again but in my mind I wondered if there were gonna be any people there knowing that the Sweden Rock Festival kicked off the same day. Even though I showed up a little late I had the pleasure of meeting Napalm Death outside the venue. The guys were all really nice and no one acted like a rock-star. They told me that this tour was the last one for their previous album and after the tour ends they are to head into the studio to record a new album.

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The closer it got to the venue opening the more people showed up and when it was about one hour to opening time it was a pretty long line that waited outside The Rock. When Suffocation kicked off the evening I noticed that there were quite a large number of younger fans there. Suffocation delivered 30 minutes of aggression and raw power. There were no fences in front of the stage which must have felt great for the fans but it’s a nightmare for photographers. A huge moshpit was started that reached all the way from in front of the stage to the back. And everyone who didn’t want to get smashed and jumped upon had to back away. Suffocation really managed to raise the temperature in the venue and they were a great support act.

More and more people had turned up and it looked like it was gonna be a perfect evening of grinding. The change of gear went pretty fast and soon Warbringer entered the stage. When the special guests entered the stage the crowd went crazy and it seemed like Warbringer had almost as many fans as Napalm Death. They didn’t waste any time on talking, instead it was full speed ahead from the beginning. An even more brutal moshpit were formed and by then I was only watching out for my camera so it wouldn’t be smashed by the crazy audience.

Warbringer thanked both Napalm Death and Suffocation for a lovely tour through Europe and during the Warbringer show there were a few in the audience that tried to stage dive. It was a very messy crowd this evening and that even before Napalm Death had started to play. Warbringer performed for about 40 minutes and they said that they were about to come back to Europe at the end of the summer. After that the heat turned tropic and even more people were entering the venue. 

Napalm Death



This time it took little longer to change gear but after 20-30 minutes came the headline act out on stage. Napalm Death is:

Mark “Barney” Greenway – lead vocals

Mitch Harris – guitar

Shane Embury – bass

Danny Herrera – drums

And the applauding and the cheers reached maximum volume when the band arrived on stage. The band is still touring on their latest album SMEAR CAMPAIGN from 2006 so it’s not such a bad idea to head into the studio to record something new. The show kick-started with “Weltschmertz” that was followed by “Sink Fast, Let Go” and a moshpit was formed right away. Barney said that it was really fun for the band to be in Copenhagen this evening to play for the loyal fans that had followed the band. Then he introduced “Unchallenged Hate” which was followed by “Suffer The Children”. And by then the fans were really mad and started to stage dive from the stage. It looked quite dangerous and I was surprised that not a single person from the security intervened; I mean people can get hurt. Or maybe it’s just me getting old. But the band didn’t seem to mind that at all, Barney just laughed and carried on with the show.

Napalm Death celebrated 25 years as a band this year and because of that Barney said that they were gonna change the set list a bit and play more obscure songs that they usually doesn’t play. Songs the band barely remembered but were gonna try to play anyway. Next songs up were “Silence Is Deafening”, and then came “Fatalist” and “Continuing War On Stupidity”. Barney’s voice sounded just as good as ever and he didn’t sound tired at all. The rest of the band was also vital and you can’t imagine that these guys have been active for 25 years. Something that did feel weird though was that they had some guitar parts on back tracks. So sometimes when Harris didn’t even touch the guitar there were riffs thrown out.





The sound was totally brilliant but there are still problems with the lighting. I really hope that The Rock is gonna put some money into the lighting system soon. Even though the lights are better now there are still improvements that need to be done. It was a little hard to get proper pictures of the band because of the moshpits and the stage divers and I think that The Rock simply has to have fences and more security when there are bands like Napalm Death and such on stage. Luckily no one got hurt this evening.

More classic songs were played including “Control”, “The Kill”, “Scum”, “Deceiver”, “Hung”, “Taste The Poison”, “Next On The List”, “Narcoleptic” and “Instruments Of Persuasion”.

Before Barney thanked us and the show ended they did “When All Is Sad And Gone”, “Persona Non Grata” and “Smear Campaign”. The first encore that came after one hour on stage was “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” before “Mass Appeal Madness” and “Siege Of Power” closed the show. 80 minutes had run by and everyone was totally soaked in sweat, both the band and the audience.






Napalm Death delivered a totally brilliant show and there aren’t many acts that are as good as Napalm Death live. I was really impressed and I got the feeling that the band was really happy with the show. The guys are really humble and down to earth. I really hope that the new album will be released soon. I want to hear more from this legendary grind-machine.




Sink Fast, Let Go

Unchallenged Hate

Suffer The Children

Silence Is Deafening


Continuing War On Stupidity



The Kill


You Suffer



Breed To Breath

Taste The Poison

Next On The List


Instruments Of Persuasion

The Code Is Red Long Live The Code

When All Is Said And Done

Persona Non Grata

Smear Campaign


Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Mass Appeal Madness

Siege Of Power




Thanks to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to the show

And as always, a thank you to the nice staff and security at The Rock

More info the band