Main Line Riders – Shot in the Dark

Main Line Riders

Shot in the Dark

2008, Retroactive Records/Music Buy Mail/Artist Workxx

Rating: 4/5

Main Line Riders is a debuting band from Texas. The members are not newcomers to the scene and they have more than 10 years of combined experience touring with professional musicians and bands. SHOT IN THE DARK is a brilliant debut album full of heavy, dirty, and mean high-voltage glam/sleaze rock’n’roll. The band has high potential to go far in its genre and they’re full of attitude and they’re not taking shit from anyone. Musical parallels can be drawn with Hanoi Rocks, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Skid Row and AC/DC. SHOT IN THE DARK is a real party-starter and it’s the perfect companion to beer and summer parties.

The 9 tracks are outstanding and every song is a musical jackpot. A live song is featured as bonus track and the entire album is well-written and perfect. My personal favorites are “Ride the Main Line”, “One Way Ticket to Love”, “Throwin’ Bones to the Wolves”, “Pack Up Your Blues” and “Put the Hammer Down” which are high-energy dirty rock songs where vocalist Mike Mayhem gives it all he’s got. A more tender side comes through in “Here I Am”, a ballad with a lot of passion and feeling that has clear potential of becoming a radio hit. The only problem I have with the album is that most of the songs are the same tempo, but that doesn’t bother me when the songs are as brilliant as these are.

I love this band and this album and you shouldn’t be frightened by the poppy cover art. This may not be the most original album ever, but the band delivers their music with such passion and love that you can’t but love it.