King’s Call – No Alibi

King’s Call

No Alibi

2008,Music Buy Mail/ Artist Workxx

Rating: 2/5

Alex Garoufalidis is the bandleader and main man behind King’s Call. He’s played with Graham Bonnet, Chuck Wright and Cherie Currie and he’s also had Eagle Spring before King’s Call. Finding members for this new band was quick and his aim was to play classic rock’n’roll with foundations in the 70’s and 80’s English rock scene. King’s Call delivers melodic heavy rock and even though they’re a pretty melodic act they have managed to incorporate lots of heavy guitar riffs that give the music a harder approach. Keyboards are only used sparingly and it’s obvious that Garoufalidis has a great love for legends like Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Gary Moore and Magnum.

Despite the fact that the music is well-played and the musicians are really talented it all collapses with Garoufalidis’ poor vocal efforts. He doesn’t have much of a vocal range and it sounds like he sings with his throat most of the time which results in a very hoarse vocal style that doesn’t fit with the music at all. You can listen to the album, but beware of his vocals. Another huge problem the band has is the tempo – the entire album moves at the same tempo and by the end of the album I had totally lost interest.  The first part of the album is great and solid, but when you pass the fifth song you start to yawn and think about making some coffee or something equally exciting. It wouldn’t have hurt Garoufalidis to have the other members help him with the material. Additionally, the production is too weak and bland to be exiting. Despite a few heavy guitar riffs the production doesn’t work at all and producer Chris Tsangarides should have focused on heavier guitar sounds instead of putting Garoufalidis at the top of the mix.

NO ALIBI is fun to listen to maybe once or twice, but that’s about it. Maybe it appeals to hardcore fans of 70’s and 80’s English rock’n’roll, but I really don’t know. Killer tracks are “Shaking”, “Caught in a Lie” and “Never Be Alone” from the first part of the album.

Alex Garoufalidis – lead vocals, guitar

Martina – bass

Asik – drums

Hendrik – keyboards  



1. Shaking

2. Caught in a Lie

3. Never be Alone

4. Crying Shame

5. All you can do

6. Crank me up

7. Shining

8. Rock and Roll All Star

9. Destiny

10. To the Limit