Bonafide – s/t



2007,Sweden Rock Records

Rating: 2.5/5


Pontus Snibb – one of Malmoe’s hardest working musicians – has teamed up with guitarist Mikael Fässberg and bassist Micke Nilsson to create a heavy rock band that deviates from his normal output. Bonafide plays a mix of 70’s retro heavy rock influenced by blues and  bands like AC/DC, The Who, Status Quo, Thin Lizzy, Free and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Bonafide doesn’t deliver anything new, but I look at them as a tribute to the 70’s rock’n’roll scene.

Fässberg is one of the best guitarists in Malmoe today, which he proves by laying down heavy, rock-hard riffs on the album. Nilsson contributes a solid flow of bass lines throughout the album and Snibb contributes both guitars and lead vocals. The thing that concerns me most about Bonafide is Snibb’s vocals. His voice is too weak and bland; his vocals don’t impress me nearly as much as his guitar skills. Snibb wrote both the music and the lyrics on this 11-track album. They released the song “Down” as a sneak-preview of the album, which was a great choice because it reflects the album’s feel.

“Down” is a nice and heavy rock’n’roll song with both energy and vitality. “Loud Band” sounds like a tribute to the legendary AC/DC with its distinctive guitar playing. Other songs worth mentioning are “Going in for the Kill”, “Hard Case to Break”, “Firewall” and “Peg Legged Pete”. Unfortunately, these songs aren’t as solid as “Down” and the album could use some variation on the tempo and material. As it is now, Bonafide is a great tribute band but a lackluster original band. I want Snibb to have depth and strength in his voice – he sounds too strained and weak for my taste.

This is a great album for all 70’s rock’n’roll fans and it’s a pretty good debut album. And the addition of drummer Sticky Bomb – known from one of the best rock bands in the South of Sweden, Wilmer X – makes the band sound a lot better in my ears.

Pontus Snibb – vocals, guitar, drums

Mikael Fässberg – guitar, b-vocals

Micke Nilsson – bass, b-vocals

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1. Down

2. Loud Band

3. Going in for the Kill

4. Hard Case to Break

5. 50 Cent Millionaire

6. Firewall

7. Can’t get through

8. Peg Legged Pete

9. Sick

10. Gambling Blues

11. Night Time