Dio and Fatal Smile in Malmoe Sweden 2008



Dio – Headline

Holy Diver Europe Tour 2008

Fatal Smile – Support




2/6 – 2008


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall







It was time to once again go to Kulturbolaget to see the legendary Dio perform. The supporting act was the Swedish band Fatal Smile that I have seen several times before. Dio wasn’t on a long tour but before he came to Sweden he had been in Norway and the day this show he was scheduled to perform in Denmark. Dio isn’t out supporting any new album; he has been too busy playing with Heaven and Hell so I was very eager to see what songs he was going to play this evening. Kiss played a few days before in Stockholm and a few days after this gig the Sweden Rock Festival was about to kick off so there were a lot of things going on at the same time. But that didn’t stop Dio from almost selling out Kulturbolaget.





The support act Fatal Smile has been out on the road with both W.A.S.P and Doro for a few months in the US before they returned to Sweden and opened for Dio. And it was fun to once again see them live on stage because it was a while since I last saw them. When I arrived at KB shortly after the doors had opened there was already a long line of people waiting outside. When I got in there were a lot of people waiting too see the metal god. To my surprise the club had taken out the fences in front of the stage which was necessary with all these people. The lights went down at a quarter to nine and Fatal Smile exploded onto the stage…

Blade – lead vocals

Alx – bass, b-vox

Zteff – drums, b-vox

Y – Guitar, b-vox

They kicked off the show with the song “S.O.B” taken from their new album that came out early this year. Blade and Y were in a brilliant mood and did their best to get the crowd going. They continued with the title track from their last album NEO NATURAL FREAKS before they moved on with “Out Of My Head”.






Blade told the audience that the band had been out in the States for a while but was now happy to stand on a Swedish stage again, and then he introduced the song “Run For Your Life”. And the band looked much tighter and more focused than they did before they went over to America. The US tour had certainly paid off and it looked like all of the band members have gotten more self confidence on stage. Then came “Common People” where the crowd sang a long spontaneously. Blade introduced “Straight To Hell” which was a brand new song that the band had played for the first time live the previous night in Stockholm. And shortly after that came the bands hit single “Learn Love Hate” in which the audience once again sang a long in. The last song for the evening was “Stranger” and after 35-40 minutes Fatal Smile went off stage. Fatal Smile did a really good job as opening act and they sure got the crowd warm and exited in anticipation of Dio.

Set list


Neo Natural Freaks

Out Of My Head

Run For Your Life

Common People

Straight To Hell

Learn, Love, Hate










It took almost 40 minutes until I saw Dio’s gear on stage and at 10 o’clock it went dark and the intro music started. The band went on stage and it’s the same line-up as last time I saw them with:

Simon Wright – drums

Craig Goldy – guitar

Scott Warren – keyboards

Rudy Sarzo – bass

Ronnie James Dio – vocals

Dio has managed to keep the same line-up for a while now which is nice. When the intro faded out the band kicked off with the amazing “Holy Diver” and the crowd went totally crazy. It was an excellent way to open the show and the audience went mad straight away. Both older hard rockers from back in the day as well as younger apprentices had shown up to see the legendary Dio live on stage. It’s fun with an act that unites so many categories of people and so many different ages.

The show continued with “Killing The Dragon” that transcendent into “The Eyes”. Dio thanked everyone for being there and he said that it was fun to once again play his own songs after being out for so long with Heaven and Hell. After that came another classical and magical tune in “Don’t Talk To Strangers” and by the sound of the crowd they did, just like me, love the song. The audience did sing along in every song and it was fun to see how loved this man still is. He is truly a metal icon that’s for sure.






After 20 minutes it was time for the evening’s first two solos. Everyone besides Warren and Wright went off stage and it was time for them to fire off solos on drums and keyboards. And the solos were the shows only boring elements. I’m not a fan of solos and think they are pretty much a waste of time. “Sacred Heart” was the first song after the solos before Dio announced that another classic was next on the agenda. It was “Rainbow In The Dark” and again the crowd went mad. Dio’s voice hasn’t gone bad and he sounded just as strong as ever. And that also goes for the band who felt really tight and strong.

The show continued with “Temple Of The King” that shortly went over to “Kill The King”. Then it was time for Goldy on guitar to fire off a solo, it was a solo that didn’t impress me much and just like me waited the people for Dio to go on stage again. When Dio came on stage again he thanked us all for being there and just as always it looked like he really meant what he said.

Next in line were more classic songs like “Rock’n’roll Children” and “Stand Up And Shout” before the show closed with “Man On The Silver Mountain”;  “Catch The Rainbow” and “Long Live Rock n’ Roll”. It was an amazing way to end the show but there was more to come.

When the band came back on stage they immediately fired off “Last In Line” and by then the entire venue was boiling from the extreme heat. “We Rock” was the second encore and what  better way is there to end a show than with that song?




Dio delivered 90 minutes of total magic and left nothing more to wish for. Maybe the sound was a little low though and the solos were too many, but hey, it’s Dio we’re talking about and he is allowed to do anything he wants. I did miss a few songs from the Black Sabbath era but he was probably a bit tired of doing those songs. It was an incredible night overall with both a great support act and an amazing headline act. I was really happy when I went out of the venue and my friends were all ecstatic after having seen one of the true legends in the hardrock scene.







Holy Diver

Killing The Dragon

The Eyes

Don’t Talk To Strangers

Drum Solo

Sacred Heart

Rainbow In The Dark

Temple Of The King

Kill The King

Guitar Solo

Rock and Roll Children

Stand Up And Shout

Man On The Silver Mountain

Catch The Rainbow

Long Live Rock’n’roll


Last In Line

We Rock


Thanks to Kristian Kornhag, the head of press at Kb, for help with press/photo pass to the show.

Huge thanks to the nice and friendly staff and security at Kb that did a great job despite a full venue and a tropical temperature.



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