John Lennon – Classic Albums: Plastic Ono Band (DVD)

John Lennon

Classic Albums: Plastic Ono Band

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 5/5


John Lennon’s PLASTIC ONO BAND album is arguably his most honest recording ever. This record set many standards that countless band’s still strive to achieve. This look into the recording and making of it sheds some new light on the man himself with some new info and interesting facts.

Featured throughout this documentary are candid interviews with Yoko, Ringo, Klaus Voorman Each of these people played a vital role in the making of this album. There are many instances throughout the program where we the viewer are shown how John achieved certain sounds and little nuances are left in where today they would be left on the cutting room floor so to speak. The passion and the music took priority over the technical perfection back then which made for better records and more enjoyable music.

A fantastic feature that comes highly recommended.