Jethro Tull – Jack In The Garden: Live In Germany (DVD)

Jethro Tull

Jack In The Garden: Live In Germany

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 3.5/5


This collection of live Tull performances spans 1971 to 1993 despite the cover saying 1970. The video quality is lacking slightly in a few places but that is expected with early footage. The restoration is fairly well done overall.

A decent collection with some really great performances. One of the stand outs on this DVD is surprisingly the “Keyboard Solo”. Partially based on its uniqueness where most bands would opt for guitar or drum spotlights. Another of the discs highlights is the performances from 1993 where Anderson and band appear to be performing at a wedding or some social function as the audience is seated at tables.. It is here where you cannot help but wonder what is up with the pair of guitar players. Their white attire and hard hats complete with miner lights…………strange!

Musically a great disc and an interesting watch for any and all Tull fans. Anderson sounds as good in 93 as he did in 71.