Deep Purple – Around The World Live (DVD)

Deep Purple

Around The World Live

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4.5/5


A band that needs no introduction as we are all extremely familiar with their music that is etched into our brains.

This 4 DVD set is quite the package that delivers from many angles. Each disc is basically a show plus some bonus material with the exception of the 4th disc which is  documentary. I will begin by stating that ALL the performances are great and the sound and picture are fantastic. Purple is one band that truly crushes live and it is captured on film.

Disc 3 is where it is slightly different and creates more emotion in the viewer. This is the UK show that bids farewell to keyboardist Jon Lord. Here we see Jon play live with Purple for the final time. Knowing this you cannot help but be filled with emotion and sadness. The keyboard duty was shared that night between Lord and Don Airey. I truly believe Lord should have done the full show but this may have been his personal preference…who knows? His signature sound is now gone and an era has ended. Deep Purple carries on but without another key element.

A fantastic collection. Words cannot describe how great this band is and how they sound and perform on stage. Definitely a highly recommended collection.