Korn – Live At Montreux 2004 (DVD)


Live At Montreux 2004 (DVD)

2008, Eagle Vision

Rating: 2.5/5


My introduction to the band is this live DVD. I have heard the name, read reviews and articles but never really heard the music outside the scatter sound clip.

Filmed at the infamous Montreux Jazz Festival back in 2004 this DVD captures the band in glorious picture and sound. The band is definitely energetic and can really work the crowd into a frenzy with their stage show. Vocalist Jonathan Davis is a great frontman but his ‘voice’ is something to be taken in low doses. Don’t get me wrong, when he actually ‘sings’ he is actually half decent it is just that he chooses not to. It’s his growling/screaming/cookie monster-esque vocals that leave something to be desired.

Their cover of the Pink Floyd classic is pure blasphemy. It is commendable that they want to pay homage to their heroes but with an outcome like this they should have kept it private amongst themselves. On the other hand, their bastardized version of such a great song may turn their fans onto the classic band. Let’s hope they don’t expect Floyd to sound like that.

For Korn fans and Korn fans only.