Hardcore Superstar with Pretty Wild: Live at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2008


Hardcore Superstar – headline act

Mentally Damaged European Tour Second Leg

Pretty Wild – support act

Rock The Night Club

The Rock

Copenhagen, Denmark

24/5 – 2008


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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The Hardcore Superstar show was the last event for the season at the sleaze/glam club Rock The Night . The band was supposed to perform at the club a few months ago but cancelled their appearance when guitarist Thomas Silver left the band in the middle of the tour. But now it was time to finally see the best glam/sleaze act in Europe and as support act was another Swedish act called Pretty Wild. This show was the kick off for the second leg of HCSS European tour so if you’re interested in seeing the band during the summer you only have to check out any nearby festival because the band is about to play in every town and at every festival possible.

As I mentioned earlier Rock The Night is a club at The Rock that hosts only glam/sleaze acts and that always delivers great live shows. After the show DJ LoveGun and Miss CockRock take over and deliver music until the break of dawn. The venue is open until 5 in the morning so if you are ever in Copenhagen, and want to listen to glam/sleaze, take a trip down to The Rock and Rock The Night.

I arrived at The Rock pretty late during the day but met up with parts of the band as well as the father of the drummer in Pretty Wild, and yes the support act consists of very young guys. So far Pretty Wild have only released same demos but they have the future ahead of them and I bet you’re gonna hear much more from them soon. Apparently there is a debut album in the making as I write this. .

20 minutes after the scheduled start time, Pretty Wild went on stage and they delivered solid USA influenced sleaze metal in the vein of Guns’n’Roses and Skid Row. It looked like the band had a huge fanbase along with them because there were quite a lot of people that screamed and cheered for the young band. Pretty Wild gave me a solid impression and a hint that something big is gonna come soon. The only negative with the Pretty Wild gig was the damn smoke machine that kept on puffing smoke the entire show. Despite that the guys delivered a worthy opening band for HCSS. After 30 minutes Pretty Wild’s time in the spotlight was over and I started to prepare for the main attraction.














Hardcore Superstar




More and more people started to show up and when the band entered the stage the venue was pretty full. The bands current line-up is:

Jocke Berg – lead vocals

Martin Sandvik – bass

Adde – drums, b-vox

Vic Zino – guitar, b-vox

When the intro pumped out the smoke machine went crazy. The band came on stage and immediately fired off “Need No Company” then went straight into “Medicate Me” and the audience was with the band from the very beginning. Berg was totally crazy and banged his head and ran around and jumped on every inch of the stage. Beside Berg stood Zino and it seemed like he had gotten a little more self confidence compared to last time I saw them. Drummer Adde was as always a mean machine and he must be one of the hardest hitting drummers in the business. Bass player Sandvik may be the most anonymous band member on stage but don’t underestimate him; he and Adde worked perfect together and delivered a solid beat during the entire show. The band sounded even meaner, harder and dirtier than ever before and maybe Zino was a well needed fuel injection.

Berg chose to speak English in between the songs which was a smart move however he didn’t do so much talking. The night proceeded with “Silence For The Peacefully” which was taken from the new album DREAMIN IN A CASKET. They then played a song from their previous album, Berg introduced “She’s Offbeat” which really is a jaw-breaker and he invited everyone to sing a long with him. Then followed “Hateful” and “Wild Boys” before another new track was played called “Sensitive To The Light” in which Zino did some great guitar work. But it still feels like the other three guys work more together as a unit and that Zino is a little outside, but that maybe change over time.

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“Last Forever” and “My Good Reputation” transcended into each other and Berg announced that “Bag On Your Head” was gonna be the last song for the evening. It is the perfect last song because it has some really catchy refrains to sing a long which was exactly what the delirious crowd did. 50 minutes weren’t enough for the hungry crowd so the band returned and fired off “Kick On The Upperclass” and “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” as encores.

Sure, it was a tight and partially magnificent show by the best sleaze act in Europe but the show was way too short and that is something the band has to improve. 65 minutes isn’t enough play time for a headline act and not for a headline act of this caliber. The band has a huge back catalogue to pick songs from so why don’t use it better?

Zino had improved since last time but it still feels like the original members are a trio and Zino is only a guest musician. They did a better show than last time but they still have things to improve.

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Need No Company

Medicate Me

Silence For The Peacefully

She’s Offbeat


Wild Boys

Sensitive To The Light

Last Forever

Bag On Your Head


Kick On The Upperclass

We Don’t Celebrate Sundays



Thanks to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for help with press/photo pass to the show and as always, a thank you to the nice staff at The Rock



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