Sightless – Larvae of Trinity

Reviewed: May 2008
Released: 2008, Stay Heavy Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The Finnish own wonderful children of Satan, Sightless, put through a gruesome crucifixion of bastard´s child on their mercilessly mean sounding debut album, LARVAE OF TRINITY. The band was formed in 2004 and have released 2 demos/promos (a self-titled promo in 2004 and RECRUCIFY in 2005) prior to this excellent debut album of theirs.

Musically Sightless offer a mean load of technical and evil sounding death metal with black metal types of snarling vocals, making the weakest Christians to shit to their pants in fear. Sightless´ sort of ´Morbid-Angel-meets-Satyricon´ type of death metal flows in really nicely and irresistible, and the band leaves a really good impression about them as a really tightly playing and capable unit to show their true abilities on the bloody battlefields of death metal. Sightless hit the nails through its targets effortlessly, and just collect all the respect and admiration from the devoted death metal diggers by doing so. The songs are mostly based on heavy, crispy and very well done riff fests that in fact carry the songs in a great way together with very well built-up and mostly catchy song structures. The band´s vocalist, known by his artist name Iwolach, adds a very evil vibe into wholeness by his ´not-from-this-world´ shrieks and snarlings while Nectris (on bass) and Creativore (on battery) both also add their malicious and murderous inputs into the songs so well that it´s absolutely kinda difficult to try to even resist the outcome of all the 10 songs on the album. I mean, you of course need to love death metal in order to welcome Sightless to become a part of your music collection. There´s not much excitement on offer on LARVAE OF TRINITY for Sonata Arctica lovers though, I´m afraid.

Sincere kudos to Sightless for this achievement. LARVAE OF TRINITY is indeed a pretty impressive debut from this evil sounding Finnish death metal legion. Put it on your next purchase list so that the band could probably invest more money in even sharper and longer nails next time… ;o)


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Track Listing:
01. Intro: Birth of the Worm
02. Larvae of Trinity
03. Kills the Soul
04. Vile Gods of Murder by My Side
05. Path of the Unmaker
06. Beauty Lies in Blasphemy
07. Unleashed
08. Manifest of Carnage
09. New Reign of Lifeless Flesh
10. Indulgencer
11. Fist of Satan

Wolach – Vocals
Antinist – Guitar
Therium – Guitar
Nectris – Bass
Creativore – Drums