Gloria Morti – Eryx

Reviewed: May 2008
Released: 2008, Stay Heavy Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Blackened death metal is what rules the world… At least as long as bands like this Finland´s Gloria Morti exists, it surely does.

The band´s 2nd full-lenght opus, ERYX, blows such a hateful manifest of violent and ripping blackened death metal out from the speakers that you one doesn´t necessarily need any excuses to turn his/her crucifix upside down, burn his/her Holy Bible to ashes and rape your dear neighbor´s newborn, white lambs to death. The first song, \”Deathstream (Anthologies of Lifestream)\”, is – in my opinion at least, pure Dark Funeral worship which I personally don´t consider any bad thing for them by any means. Then we get \”Until the Wretched Whimper\”, which is a less chaotic and more controlled and rhythmic tune, giving us to a reason to believe Gloria Morti might just owe a thing or two toward Behemoth´s direction. \”Phoenix Caged in Flesh\” just adds eve more of that ´Behemoth-ish´ blackened color to the album – and as the album progresses on – song by song, it´s undoubtedly Behemoth´s name that is about to come on your lips, brought along by your spit more often than any other band´s name as a comparison. Psycho´s vocal parts sound exceptionally good as he´s capable of doing both those deep and low death grunts very well and produce disturbed sounding black metal shrieks from somewhere behind his throat (\”Synthetic Eden\” is even a pretty awesome track to prove Psycho´s true firepower as a vocalist). Also Jenni´s keyboard parts have been done with a good taste; they don´t overrun the album´s vicious and all-crushing atmosphere a bit, but merely give more depth for the songs, which is one of those things that I like on this album a lot, too. The album´s songs overall stick to its listener as easily as a vicious syphilis does to your genitals at the airport´s toilet in Moscow, so can you possibly resist this? Ah, just like I thought so… ;o)


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Track Listing:
01. Deathstream (Anthologies of Lifestream)
02. Until the Wretched Whimper
03. Phoenix Caged in Flesh
04. Evermorose
05. Prophet of Eosphorus
06. Synthetic Eden
07. The Origins of Sin
08. The Djinnwhisperer
09. Sands of Hinnom

Psycho – Vocals
Juho Räihä – Guitars
Juho Matikainen – Guitars
Jenni Kemppainen – Keyboards
Jarmo Juurikka – Drums