Babylon Bombs live at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark 2008


Babylon Bombs

Hell N’ Diesel

Rock The Night

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5/4 – 2008

Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Pictures by: Anders Sandvall









We took the train to Copenhagen pretty late and got into the venue just when the doors had opened. It was the first time visiting Rock The Night which is the name of the glam/sleaze night club The Rock has every 8th week. This particular evening showcased the excellent Swedish act Babylon Bombs supported by another Swedish act by the name of Hell N’ Diesel. After the show DJ Love Gun and Miss CockRock cranked up the volume and The Rock has opened till 5 in the morning so you can glam/sleaze away the night if you want to.

There weren’t so many people there when we arrived but we came pretty early so we grabbed a few beers and went up on the balcony to catch a cigarette and check out the venue. The longer the evening proceeded the more people turned up and when Hell N’ Diesel went on stage at 22.00 the crowd had increased quite a lot. But despite many people and lots of alcohol I have never experienced any troubles or arguments amongst the guests the times I’ve been there. We noticed a few other Swedish peoples there too but the main crowd came from Denmark.

Hell N’ Diesel did a pretty good job and their glam/sleaze music sounded a little like a harder Guns N Roses and the band had a very charismatic singer that did a great job in the front. Both bands had excellent sound this evening and compared to the disastrous sound Rage had a few weeks earlier it seemed like the staff had fixed it up. Hell N’ Diesel played for about 30 minutes and it was full speed ahead from the beginning. I think the band can go far in the future if they continue down this road.

I met a few of the members in Babylon Bombs before the show and they were great guys with no star poses just plain and friendly guys that took the  time to talk to me. While the change of gear took place the DJ’s pumped out glam/sleaze tunes and the numbers of people increased in a steady flow.


Babylon Bombs

The light went down and out on stage came Babylon Bombs which are:

Dani – lead vocals, guitar

Marty – bass

Jon – guitar

Swaint – drums

They kicked off the show with the brilliant song “Jaded Heart” from the equally brilliant second album DOIN YOU NASTY. This gig was a well needed break for the band that currently is in the studio to record their third album. The debut album is called CRACKED WIDE OPEN AND BRUISED and came out in 2005. DOIN YOU NASTY came in 2006 and the third album is now in progress so the band works hard and fast. If the audience was a bit reluctant about the support act it all had changed and more and more people are heading to the stage and it was a fairly big crowd that listen to “Anywhere The Wind Blows” and “Starstruck”. Babylon Bombs had only the most necessary equipment on stage and therefore it was a spacious stage for the guys could run around on. If the sound was much better this time the same can be said for the lighting. Everyone stood in light and The Rock sure has done a great job with upgrading their lighting and sound system.




Dani and Jon worked the hardest on getting the crowd going. Marty was the only one that didn’t run around as much as the rest of the front-men. Dani shifted between talking English and Swedish in order for everyone to understand what he was saying and he said that it was fun to be back in Copenhagen again and that the band is about to record their third album real soon. Two new songs were played called “Anywhere The Wind Blows” and “Starstruck” and they felt really solid and just as great as the bands previous songs.

Babylon Bombs sounded much heavier, rawer and edgier live compared to on album and the guys are really tight and well rehearsed . From DOIN YOU NASTY came “Fade Away” and “Delirious” that transcended into each other but it seemed no matter how hard the band worked to get the crowd going most of the people just stood and looked at the bandshow. Many of the people felt a bit stiff to say the least and no shadow should be cast on the band that did their absolute best to rise the occasion.







“Jaded Heart” was the song that gave the band the most respond where the lame audience actually contributed with a few cheers and a few also sang a long in it. Well, the show proceeded with “Crack Of Dawn” , “White Trash Beauty” and the excellent “Louder” before Dani thanked the crowd and the band went of stage. Both me and my colleague thought the band were gonna come back to do encores but we was wrong. And that’s understandable with such a stiff crowd. In the last song Dani encouraged the people to sing and scream along which they did and that was the first time the temperature rised. It was a sorry set of people that couldn’t even find the strength to sing a long in a chorus and I can definitely understand if the band felt a little tired of them. All together the band played two new songs from the up coming CD and one from the debut album, the rest were taken from DOING YOU NASTY.

After 35 minutes the show was over and the DJ’s turned on the music and it seemed like the crowd was satisfied. Was the audience spoiled or tired? When such a great live act as Babylon Bombs has trouble with the crowd I don’t know what to think or do. But I do think this was too short of a headline show from the band to say the least.

I talked to Jon after the show and followed him backstage to meet the rest of the band. And again, everyone was really friendly and nice to talk to. This band has no divas, they take good care of their fans and friends. The band thought they played for a short while but that depended on the lame crowd that the band called “little hard to get going”, it’s me calling them lame”.

On the stage in The Rock Dj Love Gun and Miss CockRock planted them on stage and fired off glam/sleaze music, they also fired of pyro and fires and go-go dancers danced besides them.

Babylon Bombs did a great show and did the best they could with a cold audience. I really hope they’re gonna come back when their third album is released. This was an evening filled with great music, a brilliant band and a few beers. And The Rock keeps its position as one of our favorite venues in Copenhagen.




Jaded Heart

Anywhere The Wind Blows


Fade Away


Crack Of Dawn

White Trash Beauty


Thanks to Nils Kroyer at The Rock for all the help with press/photo pass and thanks to his friendly staff for a nice evening and a good greeting.

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