April 2008

NIGHT RANGER’s ‘Hole In The Sun’ due out July 1

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate the July 1 release of Night Ranger’s HOLE IN THE SUN, notably that it marks the band’s first studio album in a decade and commemorates the pioneering hard rock outfit’s 25th anniversary as a band.  The best reason, as has been the case throughout Night Ranger’s heralded career, is to celebrate the music itself.


“People will hear this record and recognize our dual blazing guitars and vocals, and big choruses and melodic verses, because that’s definitely how you can describe this album,” explains singer/bassist Jack Blades of the self-produced new release, the band’s eighth studio album, and first for VH1 Classic Records.  “It’s new Night Ranger, but in a lot of ways it’s classic Night Ranger.”


Guitars grind and swirl through the unrelenting opener “Tell Your Vision,” delivering a progressively-fueled crush that sets the tone for the eleven new tracks that follow, from Keagy’s Jim Morrison-like soft parade of vocals atop the blinding guitars of “Drama Queen” and the blitzing melodic charge of “You’re Gonna Hear From Me,” through the enduring depths of the piano-driven power ballad “There is Life,” and back again.  HOLE IN THE SUN rings with the vibrancy of vintage Night Ranger, yet echoes with a modern relevance that endures throughout the album.


“We wanted to sound new, but still keep our roots,” says Keagy of the new release.  “We grew up in the ‘70s, when pop music was really starting to thrive. Sometimes it drove you crazy because the songs were so poppy that you couldn’t get them out of your head, but they were still amazing songs.  We wanted to portray some of that on this album.”


While there is definitely a pop glisten to HOLE IN THE SUN, there’s also a heavy dynamic that plants the band firmly in the millennium.  “Brad brought in a lot of great ideas, some more modern-sounding things, but we were still able to keep that melodic sense in the songs.  We wanted a lot of songs like ‘Drama Queen,’ great, gritty songs that reestablish our roots in hard rock,” continues Keagy.


Night Ranger—original members bassist/vocalist Jack Blades, drummer/vocalist Kelly Keagy and guitarist Brad Gillis along with guitarist Joel Hoekstra and keyboardist Christian Cullen—will be on the road throughout 2008, including a stop in Pryor, OK on Friday, July 11 to perform as part of Rocklahoma.  They’ll also be doing various shows with Styx & Boston, REO Speedwagon, Foreigner and Cinderella & Warrant. 


The band has been touring all over the world the past few months, including a stop at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to perform for the men and women stationed there.  For Night Ranger, it was a life changing experience. 


As Keagy described, “There could not have been a more proud moment in my career then when we stepped foot on Guantanamo Bay to play for the troops there.  We all had mixed emotions about going and we didn’t really know what they do there.  Well we certainly found out, but the world should know that the people that are being held should be there because they are (I believe) the most dangerous people on this Earth.  We heard the facts in a briefing given by one of the highest ranking officers on the base.  It was amazing!  To the men and women that work so very hard to keep us safe from the kinds of things that happened on 911, I salute you.”


“Going to Guantanamo Bay Cuba to play for the troops is right up there as one of the wildest things Night Ranger has ever done,” Blades continues. “We’ve been all over the world, but never have we sung “You Can Still Rock In America” in a Communist country with armed Cubans watching us in guard towers just a few clicks away. Everyone was so appreciative of us being there, and seeing them rock out was the greatest. We were given a tour of the detention facilities, got the REAL story first-hand and went face-to-face with the detainees (nice stare-down moment that I shall not soon forget). Saw it all and it made us even more appreciative for what our soldiers, sailors, marines and airman are doing to keep us safe. They’re doing their part, so we’ll keep doing our part.  Rock in America baby!”


Says Gillis of the band’s current tour plans:  “We started with our classic backline with the American flag and the Night Ranger logo, and then we built it all up from there – bigger lights, bigger sound, bigger everything!  We’ve got the ramps, the vintage t-shirts, the old-school Night Ranger antics, and it’s going to be nothing but fun.”


Night Ranger has left an indelible mark on the music world thanks to a number of best-selling albums—starting with their 1982 DAWN PATROL debut–that sold more than 16 million copies worldwide.  The band’s popularity has been fueled by an impressive string of instantly recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks, including “Sister Christian,” “(You Can Still) Rock In America,” “When You Close Your Eyes,” “Sentimental Street,” “Goodbye” and “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.”  Harnessing the frenetic drive of heavy metal to hook-laden rock songs, throwing in a stunning twin lead guitar team, and melodious, radio-friendly power ballads, Night Ranger inspired new descriptive phrases such as “melodic metal” and “metal power pop.”


“Music is constantly evolving and changing, and people need to keep evolving in life, spirit, soul and everything, or you might as well pack it in,” notes Blades. “That’s why I’m so proud of Night Ranger, and that’s why we will continue to evolve. With this new album, we’re just going to roll with it, have a blast doing it, and keep playing as long as it’s fun, and as long as people want to come out and hear us play. There are still a lot of people out there that want to get up and sing, ‘motorin’…’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,’ ‘You Can Still Rock in America,’ the list goes on and on…”


Check out Night Ranger at any of the following stops.  More dates will be announced in the coming weeks.




Sun 5/11 Oklahoma City, OK  Zoo Amphitheatre (REO Speedwagon)

Thu 5/22 Trinidad, CA   Cher-Ae Heights Casino

Sun 5/25 St. Louis, MO   Soldiers Memorial Park

Sat 6/7  West Wendover, NV  Montego Bay Casino & Resort

Sat 6/14 San Juan, PR   Anfiteatro Tito Puente

Thu 6/19 Oshkosh, WI   Waterfest Concert Series

Fri 6/20  Brookville, IN   Bicentennial Celebration

Sat 6/21 Sioux City, IA   The Awesome Biker Rally

Sun 6/22 The Woodlands, TX  Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (Styx/Boston)

Sat 6/28 Cheyenne, WY   William H. Brimmer Amphitheatre

Wed 7/2 Arlington Heights, IL  Frontier Days Festival

Thu 7/3  Hays, KS   Frontier Park

Fri 7/4  Glenview, IL   Great Lakes Naval Base

Sat 7/5  Kettering, OH   Fraze Pavilion at Lincoln Park

Sun 7/6  San Jose, CA   Discovery Meadow Park

Fri 7/11  Pryor, OK   Rocklahoma

Sat 7/12 Grapevine, TX   Glass Cactus at Gaylord Texan

Sat 7/19 Fort Smith, AR   Harry E. Kelly Park

Fri 7/25  St. Clair, MI   Palmer Park

Sat 7/26 Maquoketa, IA   Jackson County Fair Iowa

Sun 7/27 Lake Ozark, MO  Horny Toad Entertainment Complex

Sat 8/2  Rifle, CO   Garfield County Fair

Sat 8/9  Windsor, ONT.   Lakeshore Soccer Park

Sun 8/10 Des Moines, IA   Iowa State Fair/Grandstand (Cinderella/Warrant)

Sun 8/17 St. Joseph, MO   Trails West Festival

Sat 8/23 Tower, MN   Fortune Bay Casino

Sat 8/30 Pittsburgh, PA   Heinz Field

Sun 8/31 Sparks, NV   John Ascuaga’s Nugget – Parkin

Sun 9/28 Jackpot, NV    Cactus Petes Casino/Ameristar Amp (Foreigner)

Wed 10/1 Tulsa, OK   Tulsa State Fair





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Live Jethro Tull DVD, May 20 on Eagle Rock Entertainment



~On DVD May 20~

British Classic Rock Band Going Strong After 40 Years!

We’re going to skip the obvious question of why this great band isn’t in the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame and get right to the particulars. After the commercially and artistically successful Live At Montreux 2003 DVD, Eagle Rock Entertainment, on May 20, will release Jethro Tull’s Jack In The Green:  Live In Germany, an enticing DVD compendium of in-concert rarities [running time: 96 minutes] spanning the years 1970 to 1993. 

The main bulk of the action here centers around 1982 and 1986. It’s amazing to think that this band, led by the redoubtable and enigmatic Ian Anderson, confronting its 40th Anniversary later this year, has never really took any extended time off. Constantly active, one of the most globally enduring and endearing bands of all time, Tull has the kind of international fan base that follows them around the globe. Like the Deadheads of old, Tullheads are no less passionate. Tull shows are like a family celebration of life and longevity. And these shows exhibit those good vibes in spades!

Anderson, of course, is the key. Whether on flute, guitar, mandolin or harmonica, this brilliant singer/songwriter/entertainer/salmon farmer holds sway over his audiences like “The Pied Piper Of Hamelin.” Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, who was in Jethro Tull for a brief time, always said that Ian knew how to run a band and make it work. That truth still exists today. Anderson is hands-on and pro-active. He, in fact, has fully approved all clips from this DVD, going so far as to add photographs from his personal collection in the packaging.

And Martin Barre has to be one of the most under-recognized and overlooked greatest Progressive Rock guitarists in history. The six notes he wrote as the riff of “Aqualung” alone stands as testament to his genius. Also an accomplished flute player and composer, he is the perfect foil for Anderson’s wily showmanship.

Track Listing

Rockpop In Concert 1982

1)      Hard Times

2)     Pussy Willow

3)     Heavy Horses

4)     Jack In The Green

5)     Keyboard Solo

6)     Sweet Dreams

7)  Aqualung

8)  Locomotive Breath

9)  Cheerio

Rocksummer 1986

10) Hunting Girl

Out In The Green 1986

11)  Thick As A Brick

12) Black Sunday

13) Improvisation 2

14) Too Old To Rock’n’Roll, Too Young To Die

Live In Germany 1993

15) My Sunday Feeling

16) So Much Trouble

Beat Club 1970/1971

17) With You There To Help Me

18) Nothing Is Easy

Source: www.rebelmusic.ca

Rock Hall of Famer MARKY RAMONE joins the battle with company Ready two Go

Marky Ramone, the former Ramones drummer and “Rock of Love 2” vixen, Destiney Moore have both teamed up with the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based sex education company Ready Two Go. Both stepped up to help promote healthy-loving among sexually active youth and young adults. “The world has lost too many people to STDs of all types and that is why I joined up with Ready two Go for my signature series of safer sex tins,” states Marky Ramone.

Marky Ramone unveiled a signature series of safer sex kits as a means to reach sexually active youth and adults in a cool, hip way – getting the message out about safer sex practices through the power of music and pop culture.  “We knew we needed a strong voice to help us get the message out about safe sex,” explains Brad Hanson, founder and CEO of Ready two Go. “After we had the opportunity to meet with Marky Ramone and truly understand why he wanted to have a safer sex kit, we knew that we all had one common voice – to spread the love and contain STDs.”

Destiney Moore is sweeping the nation with her crazy combative antics on Rock of Love 2, but is setting that all aside to help promote safe sex education with her signature series of safer sex kits “The Naughty Haughty” tins. “I lost a friend to HIV, so this is close to me. I want to help educate people of the need to protect,” explains Destiney.

Call it a tin. But it’s more like a bunker. Ready two Go uses a tin case not only because it’s easy on the eyes, but because it can take a wallop and still keep your condoms safe. Each kit contains two Lifestyles® condoms, lubricant and an STD resource card – packaged inside a discreet metal tin with Marky Ramone emblem printed on the front with a tagline that says “Too Tuff To Break”. With every 1,000th purchase of Mary Ramones Safe Sex tin, comes with a chance to win a pair of personally singed Vic Firth Drum Sticks – our way of saying thanks in beating to the drum of safe sex. Destiney’s tin is in rocker-chic fashion, pink with black, centered with a winged guitar.

Ready two Go is a mission-based organization built on the single goal of preventing HIV and STDs. Ready two Go has developed a line of stylish and discreet safer sex kits that makes it easy to be safe every time. Each year in the United States there are approximately 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections – about half of which occur among youth ages 15-24. (Source: ASHA)

Ready two Go encourages safe fun, but also looks to make a difference n the communities you live in by supporting organizations and events that lead to better awareness and prevention of STDs and HIV.  We should all talk about this and there is only one way to find out…Get in touch with us.

For more information the product can be found online at www.readytwogo.net.

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Diabetes is a real problem and we need to whoop its ass!!! Please give to this fundraiser.

– John “JD” Deservio (Black Label Society/ Cycle of Pain)

"This will be a lot like being in the Big Brother house because everyone is nuts. The minor ways it will differ is that this kind of nuts is mentally stable, emotionally stable, nobody will cry, I might get laid, nobody will be lying to me, backstabbing me, throwing me under the bus, making up false arrest records about me and I don’t expect that I will have to pour a drink on anyone’s head there…. but ya never know…"

– Evel Dick Donato (Big Brother 8 winner, and R.A.D. host)

“Darrin Buchanan’s a crusader with heart fighting the good fight”

– Gil Moore – Triumph

May 1st tickets for the Rock Against Diabetes go on sale. This is no ordinary event as only 180 people get to see the event in –person and the rest of the world can purchase tickets to watch it via the internet broadcast. The money raised will go to the R.A.D. beneficiaries: BC Children’s Hospital & the University Of Toronto – Faculty of Medicine. Both of whom founder Darrin Buchanan found to be great support for diabetes. Buchanan recently lost his leg to Type II Diabetes and is on the path to fight the disease by educating all people for a worldwide solution.

In order to reach a larger audience, and put on a memorable show, it was decided to partner with Deep Rock Drive to beam this “first of its kind” musical and charity event to a worldwide audience in HD broadband internet. Tickets will be available when you sign up for a free account at www.deeprockdrive.com. There will be a limited amount of VIP tickets to view the show live at the sound stages of Deep Rock Drive. Tickets will be $9.99 for the entire day of broadcast and each ticket buyer can invite 5 friends free to watch.

Auctions are being held on www.rockagainstdiabetes.org including a date with Evel Dick Donato. The auction includes a trip to LA, with flight, hotel and limo, a date TO THE BIG BROTHER FINALE WITH DICK AND JANELLE, an AWESOME Minarik Inferno guitar and more!! Everyone knows there are no tickets for the Finale! The proceeds of the auction will go 100% to funding the wicked online concert in Vegas August 23rd, and help R.A.D. with its initiative to create a fully interactive, worldwide online diabetic nutritional resource.

The concert line-up is still being dialed in. The Metal Main stage will be announced shortly – the Rock Stage has the following artists: Cliff Morrison & The Lizard Sun Band (son of Jim Morrison), Y&T, Eric Martin (Mr. Big), and LA Guns w/ Tracii Guns. More bands announced as finalized. 

For more information about ROCK AGAINST DIABETES and their initiatives to fight diabetes please click on www.rockagainstdiabetes.org and help support a worthy cause.

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Atmosphere "When Life Gives You Lemons…" & Tantric "The End Begins" In Stores NOW!

Atmosphere’s sixth studio full length When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold is in stores today. Atmosphere is booked as MTV’s 52/52 ARTIST FOR THE WEEK OF MAY 5th!  52/52 is a way for MTV to give unprecedented exposure to unsigned artists, indie bands and established acts on major labels in a completely new and innovative way. MTV handpicks 1 band/artist per week for an entire year and gives them the equivalent of over 11 hrs of on-air promo inventory per week on the channel. Look for Atmosphere performing on Late Night w/Conan O’Brien Weds, May 21st.


Eleven years after becoming the first hip-hop act to put the Twin Cities on the map, Atmosphere has grown into one of the most accomplished MC/producer duos around. Between Slug and Ant, they’ve released six albums, 11 Sad Clown tour albums and various side-projects like Felt — amounting in well over a million units sold. And along the way have performed to sold-out crowds everywhere from modest sized venues in their hometown to colossal festivals in Japan. Since releasing their 1997 debut, Overcast!, Ant’s ASR-born melodic beats and Slug’s open book and observational style of rapping continues to evolve into hip-hop that’s more honest — more textured. And the praise for these Rhymesayers pioneers hasn’t stopped flowing in.


2008 marks an unprecedented year for Rhymesayers and Atmosphere as they prepare for Soundset 2008, the official Midwest Kick-off festival of the summer with eight hours of the best independent Hip Hop music in one day.   Soundset 2008 takes place Sunday, May 25th in the Metrodome Parking Lot with Atmosphere headlining amongst many rap notables from the Rhymesayers roster and beyond.


New Atmosphere Videos:

"Shoulda Known": www.mtv.com/overdrive/?artist=1228992&vid=217145

"Guarantees": www.mtv.com/overdrive/?artist=1228992&vid=220524


Slug Interviewed on IFC’s "Lunch Box":



Confirmed Tour Dates:

04.26 Boston, MA The Roxy

04.27 New York, NY Webster Hall

04.28 Philadelphia, PA

04.29 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

05.02 Austin, TX Emo’s

05.03 Austin, TX Emo’s

05.05 Phoenix, AZ Marquis Theater

05.06 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre

05.07 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre

05.08 San Francisco, CA The Regency

05.09 San Francisco, CA The Regency

05.12 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom

05.13 Seattle, WA Showbox

05.14 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom

05.16 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue

05.17 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre

05.18 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre

05.25 Minneapolis, MN Metrodome Parking Lot – Soundset 08


Myspace: www.myspace.com/atmosphere  

Label: www.rhymesayers.com


The Louisville, KY platinum selling hard rock band TANTRIC make their triumphant return to the scene with The End

Begins, in stores today. Working yet again with Producer and ‘6th band member,’ Toby Wright (Slayer, Alice In Chains,Korn, Corrosion of Conformity) the band has created a sound that hits you hard and sticks in your head.


The First single, "Down & Out" is currently at #24 and climbing on the BDS Active Rock chart and is getting significant airplay at both the Active and Alternative Rock stations across the country. Leading the way are WRIF/Detroit, WIYY/Baltimore, KOMP/Las Vegas, WRZX/Indianapolis, WXTX/Pittsburgh, Music Choice, Sirius & XM.


The story of TANTRIC is far from over. One listen to the band’s brand new material and it all begins again! The End Begins truly closes the door on what TANTRIC used to be and shows rock fans everywhere what can be done with talent, passion and a unique take on what modern Rock & Roll should sound like.The End Begins features 11 new tracks including a guest appearance by Kevin Martin, lead vocalist of Candlebox on “The One”.

Tantric was formed by three former members of Days Of The New: Jesse Vest, Todd Whitener, and Matt Taul, with the addition of Merge singer, Hugo Ferreira. They were signed to Maverick Records in 1999, and recorded their self-titled debut with producer, Toby Wright in 2000. The record was released in February 2001 and went platinum thanks to the strength of the single "Breakdown" and the band’s extensive touring with the likes of Kid Rock and Creed. Tantric’s second Wright produced album, After We Go, was released in February 2004, preceded by the single "Hey Now". Described as heavier than their first record, After We Go debuted at #56 on the Billboard 200. Between 2005 and 2007, Vest, Whitener and Taul all decided to move on from Tantric, leaving lead singer Hugo Ferreira to start the search for a new band. Ferreira enlisted former Fuel drummer Kevin Miller, Joe Pessia (guitarist Dramagods), Erik Leonhardt (bassist), and Marcus Ratzenboeck (electric violin) as new members of the band. Shortly thereafter, Tantric announced their deal with the Silent Majority Group record label, and their new management company, JHMP.

Upcoming Tantric Dates:

w/Framing Hanley & Fosterchild

Apr 26 2008 Santa Rosa, California Last Day Saloon w/ 101.7 the Fox

Apr 28 2008 Everywhere, Washington ROCKLINE radio show

Apr 29 2008 Spokane, Washington The Big Easy

Apr 30 2008 Boise, Idaho  The Big Easy

May 2 2008 Colorado Springs, Colorado The Black Sheep

May 4 2008 Cedar Falls, Iowa The Reverb

May 5 2008 Maplewood, Minnesota The Rock

May 7 2008 Madison, Wisconsin The Annex

May 8 2008 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Eagles Club

May 9 2008 Detroit, Michigan St. Andrew;s Hall w/WRIF

May 10 2008 Palatine, Illinois Durty Nellie’s

May 13 2008 Indianapolis, Indiana Vogue Theater

May 14 2008 Ft. Wayne, Indiana Piere’s

May 15 2008 Grand Rapids, Michigan The Intersection

May 16 2008 Louisville, Kentucky Phoenix Hill Tavern

May 17 2008 Cincinnati, Ohio Bogart’s w/WEBN

May 18 2008 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Diesel

May 22 2008 Clifton Park, New York Northern Lights

May 24 2008 Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania Penn’s Peak

Jun 14 2008 Jackson, Mississippi Jubilee Jam


Myspace: www.myspace.com/tantric

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Sleepercar debut release – ‘West Texas’

Sleepercar – ‘West Texas’

Sleepercar announces debut release + national tour!

Most of us know Jim Ward from his days with post-hardcore outfit At The Drive In and his alt-rock band Sparta.  Most recently he’s decided to explore a different side of music with his new band Sleepercar.  Tomorrow, April 22nd marks the digital release of ‘West Texas’ (Dine Alone Records) – a rock album with infusions of country, blues, and soul – followed by the physical release on April 29th.

“The album displays an amazing strength in the songwriting department and is underscored by an expansive, sprawling and beautiful sound.”

– Ultimate Guitar

With influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Tom Petty, ‘West Texas’ features an incredibly gifted Ward alongside additional musicians including Ross Godfrey of Morcheeba fame (guitar/farfisa) and Maura Davis of Denali and Ambulette (vocals).

Look out for a live performance on Jay Leno on Friday, May 2nd and tour dates with labelmate City and Colour in the cities below.

May 21 – Vancouver, BC @ The Orpheum Theatre (SOLD OUT)

May 22 – Victoria, BC @ Royal Theatre

May 25 – Calgary, AB @ Jack Singer Hall (SOLD OUT)

May 26 – Lethbridge, AB @ U of Lethbridge Theatre (SOLD OUT)

May 27 – Medicine Hat, AB @ MH College Theater (SOLD OUT)

May 28 – Edmonton, AB @ Jubilee Theatre (SOLD OUT)

May 29 – Saskatoon, SK @ Lakeview Auditorium (SOLD OUT)

May 30 – Regina, SK @ Educational Auditorium

May 31 – Winnipeg, MB @ Burton Cummings Theatre

June 3 – Montreal, PQ @ Denis Theatre (SOLD OUT)

June 4 – Ottawa, ON @ Bronson Centre (SOLD OUT)

June 5 – Ottawa, ON @ Bronson Centre (SOLD OUT)

June 6 – Toronto ON @ Massey Hall (SOLD OUT)

June 7 – Toronto ON @ Massey Hall (SOLD OUT)

Check out the single ‘A Broken Promise’ + the ENTIRE album here: www.myspace.com/sleepercarwesttexas

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Tokyo Police Club have returned!

Rejoice! The cranky Canuck post-punks of Tokyo Police Club have returned! Following on the heels of two wildly successful EPs – 2006’s A Lesson In Crime, and the following year’s Smith – is the band’s highly-anticipated Saddle Creek debut full-length, Elephant Shell. Emerging with new-found focus, the band hasn’t changed on their first LP, so much as emphasized and clarified all the things that were good about them in the first place – cascades of wirey guitars, singer David Monk’s crisp vocals and his rumbling sand-paper bass. The early stand-out "In A Cave" is a prime example, whirring and burring through three minutes of smart-pop euphoria.


>MP3: "In A Cave"

"’In A Cave’, the first taste of music from the forthcoming record, continues with what these young Canadian dudes do best, barreling forward with a bouncy herky-jerk rhythm, braiding together several strands of ringing guitar, and filling in the spaces with those Day-Glo chords that made ‘Nature of the Experiment’ such a winner." – Pitchforkmedia

Much like the songs themselves, TPC’s live show is a ball of kinetic energy. Over the next month, Monk and company will be bounding that ball throughout North America, beginning in Ottawa at Barrymore’s Music Hall tomorrow, and winding down in the Saddle Creek headquarters of Omaha on May 23rd.

04.26 Pearl Street Night Club Northampton, Massachusetts

04.28 First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

04.29 Black Cat Washington, DC, Washington DC

04.30 Big Orbit’s Soundlab Buffalo, New York

05.02 Opera House (SOLD OUT) Toronto, Ontario

05.03 Opera House Toronto, Ontario (SOLD OUT)

05.04 Magic Stick Detroit, Michigan

05.05 Metro Chicago, Illinois

05.06 Varsity Theatre Minneapolis, Minnesota

05.08 Garrick’s Theatre Winnipeg, Manitoba

05.09 Louis’ Pub Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

05.10 The Warehouse Calgary, Alberta

05.11 The Warehouse Calgary, Alberta

05.12 The Starlite Room Edmonton, Alberta

05.14 The Habitat (SOLD OUT) Kelowna, British Columbia

05.16 Plaza Club Vancouver, British Columbia

05.17 Sugar Nightclub Victoria, British Columbia

05.18 Neumos Seattle, Washington

05.19 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon

05.22 Bluebird Theatre Denver, Colorado

05.23 Slowdown Omaha, Nebraska

Source: www.themusebox.net


On July 8, Virgin/EMI will release David Bowie: Live Santa Monica ’72 in Limited Edition CD and numbered 180-gram double vinyl LP packages and digitally. Previously out-of-print and long a fan favorite, the October 20, 1972 concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium was Bowie’s first live U.S. radio appearance, broadcast live by the now-defunct Los Angeles station KMET (“The Mighty Met,” 94.7 FM).  The CD and double vinyl packages include photos taken at the show and a reprint of Robert Hilburn’s original Los Angeles Times concert review.

In 1972, David Bowie set out on his first U.S. tour. He’d recently introduced the world to his Ziggy Stardust persona with his album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and he had completed a hugely successful U.K. tour.  Accompanying Bowie on tour were The Spiders From Mars: Mick Ronson – guitar, vocals; Trevor Bolder – bass; Mick "Woody" Woodmansey – drums; and Mike Garson – piano.

Hilburn captures the scene in the following excerpt from his concert review: “Bowie’s arrival on stage was accompanied by a marvelously designed slice of rock drama.  The flashing strobe lights and strains of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’ combined perfectly with the band’s futuristic space suits and Bowie’s own bisexual image to provide an aura of Clockwork Orange, not so much in the sense of violence as in an incredible sense of ‘nowness’ and the wave of the future.  Future shock had arrived.”

Released on CD in the mid-‘90s but long since out-of-print, the performance captured by David Bowie: Live Santa Monica ’72 is a standout for fans.  In a 1981 poll, NME’s critics crowed, “(quite simply)… the performer’s, and one of rock’s, best ever bootlegs.” 

David Bowie is also particularly fond of the concert recording, saying, “I can tell that I’m totally into being Ziggy by this stage of our touring. It’s no longer an act; I am him. This would be around the tenth American show for us and you can hear that we are all pretty high on ourselves. We trainwreck a couple of things, I miss some words and sometimes you wouldn’t know that pianist Mike Garson was onstage with us, but overall I really treasure this bootleg. Mick Ronson is at his blistering best.”

The setlist is compiled primarily from Bowie’s Hunky Dory and ‘Ziggy Stardust’ albums and features two covers, Jacques Brel’s “My Death” and the Velvet Underground’s “Waiting for the Man,” alongside the awesome power of The Man Who Sold The World centerpiece “The Width Of A Circle” (this version is a ten-and-a-half-minute sonic assault) and an Aladdin Sane preview of “The Jean Genie.”

Hilburn’s Los Angeles Times concert review closes with these prescient words: “In his most intense and perhaps open portrayal of the evening, he assured the audience (in his ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide’ encore), ‘You’re not alone… gimme your hands.’  And the hands reached up for him.  Bowie, there’s no doubt about it, is a major star, both in a commercial and, most importantly, an artistic sense.”


David Bowie: Live Santa Monica ’72 (Limited Edition CD, double vinyl LP & digital album)


1. Introduction  10. My Death

2. Hang On To Yourself  11. The Width Of A Circle

3. Ziggy Stardust  12. Queen Bitch

4. Changes  13. Moonage Daydream

5. The Supermen  14. John, I’m Only Dancing

6. Life On Mars?  15. Waiting For The Man

7. Five Years          16. The Jean Genie

8. Space Oddity          17. Suffragette City

9. Andy Warhol          18. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

Double Vinyl LP

LP 1 / Side 1

1. Introduction

2. Hang On To Yourself

3. Ziggy Stardust

4. Changes

5. The Supermen

6. Life On Mars?

7. Five Years

LP 1 / Side 2

1. Space Oddity

2. Andy Warhol

3. My Death

LP 2 / Side 1

1. The Width Of A Circle

2. Queen Bitch

3. Moonage Daydream

4. John, I’m Only Dancing

LP 2 / Side 2

1. Waiting For The Man

2. The Jean Genie

3. Suffragette City

4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide

Source: www.emirecords.com

Korn ‘Live At Montreux’ DVD On May 13

Eagle Rock Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Korn Live At Montreux on DVD May 13.

This spectacular 13-song, 75-minute high-energy Montreux debut from 2004 features the original Korn line-up—guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, drummer David Silveria, singer Jonathan Davis, guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer and bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu—amazingly turning the famous Stravinski Auditorium into a moshpit for the first and only time.

Between the onstage mayhem resulting in a wild melee of organized chaos and the demonstrative, vociferous crowd going certifiably nuts for Korn’s performance, a rare metal transcendence emerged, almost surrealistic in scope. This is a performance for the ages, one which includes surprising and effective covers of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall” and Metallica’s “One.”

This innovative California band was solvent for its first 12 years and six albums before guitarist Welch disavowed the band, the scene and even the music when he shockingly left to devote himself to Christianity only months after this concert was filmed.

When drummer Silveria followed shortly thereafter on a “temporary hiatus” to devote himself to his family and his burgeoning restaurant business, the three remaining original members—singer Davis, guitarist Shaffer and bassist Arvizu—vowed never to permanently replace them. They have remained true to their word ever since, carrying on with a revolving cast of touring and studio musicians.

Track Listing

1)   Right Now

2)  Break Some Off

3)  Got The Life

4)  Here To Stay

5)  Falling Away From Me

6)  Blind

7)  Shoots And Ladders/One/Freak On A Leash

8)  A.D.I.D.A.S./Dead Bodies Everywhere

9) Did My Time

10) Another Brick In The Wall/Goodbye Cruel World

11)  Faget

12) Somebody Someone

13) Y’all Want A Single

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This summer The WOMBATS’ eagerly awaited debut full-length album, The WOMBATS Proudly Present…A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation will see its North American release on June 24th on Roadrunner Records.  Produced by the band with Stephen Harris (Kaiser Chiefs, Ben Kweller) and mixed by Rich Costey (Muse, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand), the album’s release will be preceded by the anthemic first single, “Let’s Dance to Joy Division.” 


Playing 270 live dates in 2007 alone, including appearances at festivals such as Fuji Rocks, Glastonbury and V Festival, The WOMBATS have become an international buzz band with a brand of hi-octane indie pop genius that will gladly back up the hype. Reaching Gold status in its first week of release in the UK, The WOMBATS Proudly Present…A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation has produced two top ten UK singles, a 2007 NME Award, and received the XFM New Music Award this past January.


Pairing scathing wit and boyish humor with exceptional songwriting and forthright musicianship, it’s no wonder The WOMBATS have made such a ruckus debut abroad. …A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation is an astoundingly accomplished and irresistibly catchy debut that deals in despair of the most danceable kind. Songs like “Kill The Director” and “Let’s Dance To Joy Division” detonate where the brash impulse of youth and self-deprecating melancholy collide.  Laced with three part harmonies and dizzying choruses chronicling tongue in cheek disasters that still manage to seem exuberant and carefree, The WOMBATS have created a collection of thirteen astounding tracks that, as NME declares, “make you want to hold them to your bosom and never let go.”


The WOMBATS were born in 2003 when Liverpool natives Matthew “Murph” Murphy (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Dan Haggis (drums, vocals) met assimilated Viking Tord Øverland Knudsen (bass, vocals) at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Three limited sell-out singles on UK indie label KIDS and a host of rapturously received live shows later, The WOMBATS found themselves the focus of a bidding war that resulted in their signing to the UK’s 14th Floor Records in April 2007 and now Roadrunner.


Track listing:

1. Tales of Girls, Boys & Marsupials  8. Let’s Dance To Joy Division

2. Kill The Director    9. Backfire At The Disco

3. Moving To New York    10. Little Miss Pipedream

4. Lost In The Post    11. Dr. Suzanne Mattox PhD

5. Party In A Forest (Where’s Laura?)   12. Patricia The Stripper

6. School Uniforms      13. My First Wedding

7. Here Comes The Anxiety

Source: www.roadrunnerrecords.ca


Parlophone Records and Capitol Records have announced that the much anticipated CD, 2-CD, quadruple vinyl LP and digital release, Radiohead: The Best Of will also be available June 3 as a DVD video collection. The collection’s details are announced today.  21 videos are featured on the new Radiohead: The Best Of DVD, including “Just,” “Street Spirit,” “Karma Police,” “Paranoid Android,” “No Surprises,” “Knives Out,” “Pyramid Song” and “There There.”  The DVD also includes the more experimental visuals created for Radiohead songs not released as singles, and nine videos make their DVD release debuts on the new collection.

The story of Radiohead is not solely about the band’s extraordinary music. Radiohead has also made some of the greatest music videos of all time. Working with music video’s most innovative directors, including Jonathan Glazer, Michel Gondry, Jamie Thraves, Shynola, Jake Scott, Sophie Muller, Grant Gee, and others, the band’s commitment to visual creativity has resulted in some of the most memorable, groundbreaking and influential music videos in the history of the medium. 

Radiohead: The Best Of documents the band’s huge contribution to music video as an artform.  The DVD features Radiohead’s earliest videos, including “Creep,” which helped to propel the band’s first single into a massive hit in the U.S., as well as “Anyone Can Play Guitar” and “Pop Is Dead.”

Two different videos made for “High And Dry,” the band’s first single from The Bends,  are included, and the glossy production for “Fake Plastic Trees,” directed by Jake Scott (son of Ridley) when the band was still arguably better-known in the States than in the U.K.

Also included is the run of great videos which began when Radiohead chose to work with young English director Jamie Thraves, who had little to his credit other than several acclaimed film school shorts. The result was the band’s first all-time classic video, for “Just.”  The genius of “Just” lies in its unforgettable final twist, and the video broke new ground in the way it subtly fused narrative with the band’s performance. Thraves, who has since directed more acclaimed videos, including Coldplay’s “The Scientist,” and movies (The Lowdown and the forthcoming Cry Of The Owl), also edited two other versions – one all-narrative, another all-performance – in case it didn’t work.  “Just” has won awards and has been named in numerous best ever videos polls – and it was recently parodied in the recent video for Mark Ronson’s cover version.

Radiohead’s next video would also win ‘greatest ever’ acclaim. For “Street Spirit,” the band teamed with top music video and commercials director Jonathan Glazer.  His work includes the video for Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity,” the Guinness “Surfer” commercial (voted the best ad of all time) and he would then go on to direct movies like Sexy Beast. Glazer’s rigorous approach and intensity gelled with Thom Yorke, and the result was a mesmerizing and groundbreaking video. Glazer captured the hypnotic beauty of “Street Spirit” in his understated use of special effects and, in particular, high-speed photography. The still-astonishing trailer park-set video became a big award-winner, including Best Video of 1996 at British music video award show The CADS. Glazer later revealed that Thom Yorke encouraged him to simplify his ideas for the video until the slow motion footage became the backbone of the piece.

Radiohead and Glazer worked together again two years later on the video for “Karma Police.” With the director preparing to shoot his first movie, the result was suitably cinematic: it’s shot from the viewpoint of a Cadillac driver bearing down on a man staggering down a road, with Thom Yorke in the car’s back seat. Something bad is going to happen, but there’s a scorching twist in the tale. As with “Street Spirit,” the perfectionist Glazer insisted on re-shoots before being satisfied with the results. 

In between the two Glazer videos came an inspired departure for the accompaniment to the hugely anticipated first single from third Radiohead album OK Computer, “Paranoid Android.” Instead of commissioning an established video director, the band invited Swedish animator Magnus Carlsson to make a surreal animated adventure featuring his cartoon slacker character Robin.

The band became enthusiastic patrons of a new wave of groundbreaking animation. Radiohead’s experimental album Kid A produced no singles or videos, but instead, 10-to 40-second animated ‘blipverts’ – many created by Shynola, a four-man group of computer animators not long out of film school. When Radiohead released the more accessible Amnesiac, Shynola directed the video for “Pyramid Song,” a superb ultimately devastating animation: a diver plunges into the sea from a concrete island to reveal a city, his home, submerged below.

Radiohead subsequently collaborated with pioneering CGI artists Johnny Hardstaff, who was given the freedom to make a single video for two tracks, “Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors” and “Like Spinning Plates” (retitled “Push Pulk/Spinning Plates”), and Alex Rutterford, who created a computer-generated Thom Yorke for the promo for “Go To Sleep.“

Radiohead has often given talented directors a crucial career opportunity to prove themselves, with often stunning results. Some of the work has challenged viewers’ expectations of one of the world’s biggest bands, including Ed Holdsworth’s hypnotic collection of urban landscapes for “Sit Down Stand Up.”  But the band has also given established directors the chance to express themselves in a different way. 

Legendary video director Michel Gondry had just made his first movie when he directed the video for “Knives Out,” a characteristically awe-inspiring, one-shot video tracking the breakdown of a relationship, including a human version of the board game Operation. And the beautiful, ghostly feel of “I Might Be Wrong” was created by Sophie Muller, more generally found directing videos for the likes of Gwen Stefani and Beyoncé, shooting Thom and Jonny Greenwood on a no-lens pinhole camera.


While Radiohead’s later videos may have tended toward the leftfield, the video for “There There,” the first single from Hail To The Thief, directed by Bristol-based animation director Chris Hopewell, was arguably the band’s most popular and widely-seen video for years when it arrived in 2003. Part-Bagpuss, part-Brothers Grimm, it won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Directed Video that year. 

Radiohead has encouraged directors to interpret their music in a singular fashion, and Thom Yorke in particular has been prepared to go to great lengths to realise a great concept, as demonstrated with “No Surprises,” the final video from OK Computer. Director Grant Gee, who was working with the band on their acclaimed documentary Meeting People Is Easy, persuaded Thom into a helmet that fills up with water. It’s an unforgettable (and potentially very dangerous) one-shot video as the viewer watches Thom hold his breath.

The new Radiohead: The Best Of DVD shows that Radiohead’s music videos have mirrored the band’s inspired musical progression with rare and extraordinary visual achievement.

Radiohead: The Best Of (DVD)

1. Creep (directed by Brett Turnbull)

2. Anyone Can Play Guitar (directed by Dwight Clarke) 

3. Pop Is Dead (directed by Dwight Clarke)

4. Stop Whispering (directed by Jeff Plansker)

5. My Iron Lung (directed by Brett Turnbull)

6. High and Dry (UK version) (directed by David Mould)

7. High and Dry (US version) (directed by Paul Cunningham)

8. Fake Plastic Trees (directed by Jake Scott)

9. Just (directed by Jamie Thraves)

10. Street Spirit (Fade Out) (directed by Jonathan Glazer)

11. Paranoid Android (directed by Magnus Carlsson)

12. Karma Police (directed by Jonathan Glazer)

13. No Surprises (directed by Grant Gee)

14. Pyramid Song (directed by Shynola)

15. Knives Out (directed by Michel Gondry)

16. I Might Be Wrong (directed by Sophie Muller)

17. Push Pulk / Spinning Plates (directed by Johnny Hardstaff)

18. There There (directed by Chris Hopewell)

19. Go To Sleep (directed by Alex Rutterford)

20. Sit Down Stand Up (directed by Ed Holdsworth)

21. 2+2=5 (Live at Belfort Festival) (directed by Fabien Raymond)


Radiohead: The Best Of will be available in the following formats and configurations:

•         a 1CD collection featuring 17 tracks

•         a Special Edition 2CD, adding 13 tracks

•         a 4-piece vinyl set with 29 tracks

•         17-track & 30-track digital downloads

•         a DVD featuring 21 videos

All formats will be available for purchase from www.radioheadstore.com.

Source: www.capitolrecords.com


In the past thirty years D.O.A. have released: 13 albums, 20 singles, EPs and 7"s, 10 videos and been apart of 14 compilations. D.O.A. have sold one million albums in their storied career. Band Leader Joe Shithead Keithley has gone on to start his own label Sudden Death records and with members of D.O.A started a side project called Band of Rebels. Keithley captured his musical history in his Canadian bestseller autobiography I, Shithead- A Life In Punk (Arsenal Pulp Press). In 2003, Vancouver Mayor Larry Campell declared December 21st to be "D.O.A. Day" in honour of the band’s 25th anniversary.

Keithley has teamed up with co-conspirators bassist Randy Rampage and drummer James Hayden to come up with a ton of great new songs for a new album to be released this summer.  Bob Rock, who has produced albums for Metallica, Motley Crue, Cranberries, Bon Jovi, The Cult and others is producing the band’s 13th full length album, Northern Avenger, in time for their 30th anniversary.

What did the godfather of punk rock have to say about working with Rock? "" Working with Bob Rock is fucking cool,” says Keithley.  “D.O.A. and Bob go a long ways back to the early days of Vancouver’s punk rock scene. If there ever was a guy who can record a heavy sound, it’s Bob and D.O.A.’s a heavy band, so it bloody well makes sense!"

D.O.A. has always maintained an uncompromising anarchist populist political stance. The band is known for its outspoken political opinions and has a history of performing for many causes and benefits. Its slogan is "TALK-ACTION=0". The band has been active on many issues, including anti-racism, anti-globalization, freedom of speech and the environment.

Thirty years later Joe Shithead Keithley and D.O.A. are still just as outspoken and continue to fuckin rock!

Need I say more?

DOA 30th Anniversary Tour

Ontario Shows

Tuesday May 6th, The Casbah, Hamilton, ON

DOA will record live at around 2 PM on XM satelliteWed. May 7th

Wed. May 7th,  The Dungeon, Oshawa, ON

Thur. May 8th, Call The Office, London, ON

Friday May 9th,  The Dominion, Ottawa, ON

Sat. May 10th, The Horseshoe, Toronto, ON

Sun. May 11th, Time To Laugh Comedy Club , Kingston, ON

Mon. May 12th, L3, St. Catherines, ON

Alberta Shows

Mon. June 9th Wild Bill’s, Banff, AB

Tues. June 10th, The Doghouse, Medicine Hat, AB

Wed. June 11th, The Zoo, Innisfail AB

Thur. June 12th, The Warehouse, Calgary, AB

Fri. June 13th, The Starlite, Edmonton, AB

Sat. June 14th TBA in Alberta

Sun. June 15th TBA in Alberta

Wednesday Night Heroes will be support on all Alberta shows

More Canadian dates to be added in addition to U.S. dates fall 2008

www.myspace.com/doapunk    www.suddendeath.com/

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On June 10, Capitol/EMI will release the first complete collection of The Beach Boys’ early Capitol Records singles, spanning the years 1962 to 1965.  The Beach Boys: U.S. Singles Collection – The Capitol Years (1962-1965) will be released in a highly-collectible, limited edition boxed set of 16 CDs and as a digital collection.  Each of the deluxe boxed set’s CDs includes an original single’s A and B-sides, plus other versions of most tracks, from additional mono and stereo mixes to live recordings. Eight previously unreleased mixes are among the new collection’s 66 tracks.

The CD boxed set’s lavish packaging includes 16 individual CDs in digipaks with faithfully reproduced original single artwork, plus a 48-page hardbound photo book with faux sand finish, housed in a striking ‘60s hotrod and surfboard-inspired red and yellow box with wood inlay. 

The hit-packed set begins with 1962’s “Surfin’ Safari” and its B-side, “409,” in their original mono mixes, paired with a 1965 concert recording of “409.” Also included are The Beach Boys’ timeless #1 smash Pop hits “I Get Around” and “Help Me Rhonda,” and Top 10 Pop hits “Surfin’ USA,” “Surfer Girl,” “Be True To Your School,” “Little Saint Nick,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “When I Grow Up To Be A Man,” “Dance, Dance, Dance,“ “The Man With All The Toys,” and “California Girls.”  The new collection’s other hit sides include “Ten Little Indians,” “Shut Down,” “Little Deuce Coupe,” “In My Room,” “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?,” “Don’t Worry Baby,” “Wendy,” “Little Honda,” “Do You Wanna Dance?” and “Please Let Me Wonder.”

In 1961, The Beach Boys began singing about America’s newest craze, surfing. What followed was a wave of hits that vividly expressed the lifestyles, dreams and ambitions of America’s youth. Their signature sound, full of sun-drenched harmonies, golden melodies and descriptive lyrics, delivered a taste of the free and easy California lifestyle to listeners around the world.  The music of The Beach Boys brings optimism and a beam of Southern California sun wherever it is played.

For more than four decades, The Beach Boys, originally comprised of the three Wilson brothers: Brian, Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and Hawthorne, California neighbor Al Jardine, have recorded and performed the music that has become the world’s favorite soundtrack to summer. In 1965, Bruce Johnston joined the band when Brian Wilson retired from touring.  Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and winners of NARAS’ Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award, The Beach Boys are an American institution that is iconic around the world.

The Beach Boys: U.S. Singles Collection – The Capitol Years (1962-1965) captures all of the earliest fun in the sun highlights from America’s Band in one gorgeous, artful package.  It follows the 2007 release of The Warmth Of The Sun, a new career-spanning collection compiled and sequenced by the band’s Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Mike Love, and Brian Wilson to complement 2003’s double-platinum certified Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys. 

For the latest Beach Boys news and tour dates, please visit the band’s official Website: www.thebeachboys.com

The Beach Boys: U.S. Singles Collection – The Capitol Years (1962-1965)

(Deluxe, Limited Edition CD Boxed Set & Digital Collection)

CD Single 1

1. Surfin’ Safari

   (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #14 / charted 8-11-62

2. 409

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love – Gary Usher)

    mono single, Pop #76 / charted 10-13-62

3. 409 (Live)

    Recorded live in Chicago 3-27-65, mono mix / previously unreleased

CD Single 2

1.  Ten Little Indians

    (Brian Wilson – Gary Usher)

     mono single, Pop #49 / charted 12-1-62

2.  County Fair

     (Brian Wilson – Gary Usher)

      mono single

3.  Punchline

     (Brian Wilson)

     Instrumental, mono mix from Good Vibrations: Thirty Years of the Beach Boys

CD Single 3

1.  Surfin’ USA

     (Chuck Berry – Brian Wilson)

     mono single, Pop #3 / charted 3-23-63; R&B #20 / charted 4-20-63

2.  Shut Down

     (Brian Wilson – Roger Christian)

     mono single, Pop # 23 / charted 4-27-63

3.  Surfin’ USA  

     original stereo mix from Surfin’ U.S.A.

4.  Shut Down

     stereo mix from Sounds Of Summer

CD Single 4

1. Surfer Girl

    (Brian Wilson)

    mono single, Pop #7 / charted 8-3-63; R&B #18 / charted 8-31-63

2. Little Deuce Coupe

    (Brian Wilson – Roger Christian)

    mono single, Pop #15 / charted 8-17-63; R&B #28 / charted 8-24-63

3. Surfer Girl

    original stereo mix from Surfer Girl

4. Little Deuce Coupe

    original stereo mix from Surfer Girl

CD Single 5

1. Be True To Your School

   (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

   mono single, Pop #6 / charted 11-2-63; R&B #27 / charted 11-16-63

2. In My Room

   (Brian Wilson – Gary Usher)

   mono single, Pop #23 / charted 11-2-63

3. Be True To Your School

    mono alternate version from Little Deuce Coupe

4. In My Room

    original stereo mix from Surfer Girl

CD Single 6

1. Little Saint Nick

   (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

   mono single, Pop #3 / charted 12-21-63; also Pop #6 / charted 12-5-64

2. The Lord’s Prayer

    (Albert Hay Malotte)

    mono single

3. Little Saint Nick

    new stereo mix / previously unreleased

4. The Lord’s Prayer

    stereo mix from Hawthorne, CA

CD Single 7

1. Fun, Fun, Fun

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #5 / charted 2-15-64

2. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

     (Frankie Lymon – Morris Levy)

     mono single, Pop #120 / charted 2-15-64

3. Fun, Fun, Fun

    original stereo mix from Shut Down, Vol. 2

4. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

     alternate mono single edit / previously unreleased

CD Single 8

1. I Get Around

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #1 / charted 5-23-64

2. Don’t Worry Baby

    (Brian Wilson – Roger Christian)

    mono single, Pop #24 / charted 5-30-64

3. I Get Around

    stereo track mix from Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys

4. Don’t Worry Baby

    original stereo mix from Shut Down, Vol. 2

 CD Single 9

1. When I Grow Up To Be A Man

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #9 / charted 9-5-64

2. She Knows Me Too Well

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single

3. When I Grow Up To Be A Man

     new stereo mix / previously unreleased

4. She Knows Me Too Well

    new stereo mix / previously unreleased

CD/EP Single 10

1. Wendy

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono, Pop #44 / charted 10-17-64

2. Don’t Back Down

    (Brian Wilson)


3. Little Honda

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    Mono, Pop #65 / charted 10-17-64

4. Hushabye

    (Doc Pomus – M. Schuman)


5. Wendy

    stereo mix from Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys

6. Don’t Back Down

    original stereo mix from All Summer Long

7. Little Honda

    original stereo mix from All Summer Long

8. Hushabye

    original stereo mix from All Summer Long

CD Single 11

1. Dance, Dance, Dance

    (Brian Wilson – Carl Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #8 / charted 11-7-64

2. The Warmth Of The Sun

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single

3. Dance, Dance, Dance

    stereo mix from Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys

4. The Warmth Of The Sun

    original stereo mix from Shut Down, Vol. 2

CD Single 12

1. The Man With All The Toys

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #3 / charted 12-5-64

2. Blue Christmas

    (Billy Hayes – J. W. Johnson)

    mono single

3. The Man With All The Toys

    original stereo mix from The Beach Boys Christmas Album

4. Blue Christmas

    original stereo mix from The Beach Boys Christmas Album

CD Single 13

1. Do You Wanna Dance?

    (Bobby Freeman)

    mono single, Pop #12 / charted 2-27-65

2. Please Let Me Wonder

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #52 / charted 3-6-65

3. Do You Wanna Dance?

    new stereo track mix / previously unreleased

4. Please Let Me Wonder

    stereo mix from The Warmth Of The Sun

CD Single 14

1. Help Me, Rhonda

   (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #1 / charted 4-17-65

2. Kiss Me, Baby

   (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single

3. Help Me, Rhonda

    mono backing track from Beach Boys Party!/Stack-O-Tracks twofer

4. Kiss Me, Baby

    stereo mix from The Warmth Of The Sun

CD Single 15

1. California Girls

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single, Pop #3 / charted 7-24-65

2. Let Him Run Wild

    (Brian Wilson – Mike Love)

    mono single

3. California Girls

    stereo mix from Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys

4. Let Him Run Wild

    stereo mix from The Warmth Of The Sun

CD Single 16 (Bonus Single)

1. All Dressed Up For School

    (Brian Wilson)

    mono mix (9-16-64) / previously unreleased original mono mix

2. I’m So Young

    (W. H. Tyrus, Jr.)

    mono mix (9-9-64) / previously unreleased original mono mix

3. Help Me, Rhonda

    alternate mono mix from Endless Harmony

4. Graduation Day

    (J. Sherman – N. Sherman)

    stereo mix from Today / Summer Days twofer

Billboard® chart positions courtesy of BPI Communications and Joel Whitburn’s Record Research Publications.

Source: www.capitolrecords.com


Sean Ashby releases his debut solo album Brass And Gold on RCD Music/Fontana North on April 29, 2008. Ashby will play some Ontario tour dates before hitting the road with Delerium www.myspace.com/delerium and then will return to tour Canada extensively this summer with his own music. www.myspace.com/seanashbymusic

“On this, his solo debut, he emerges as a rock singer-songwriter with a knack for melody and infectious riffs….Stylistic reference points here range from the Foo Fighters to Coldplay to Nick Drake and such eclecticism is refreshing in this era of one-dimensional artists.” – Kerry Doole, Exclaim

Tour Dates:

April 8th – Salt Lounge – London

April 10th – Call the Office – London

April 12th – Coach & Horse – Windsor

April 22nd – Salt Lounge – Windsor

April 23rd – Red Rooster – Burlington

April 24th – Bovine – Toronto

April 25th – The Reddog – Peterborough

June 3rd – The Horseshoe – Toronto

June 11th – Edmundston, NB

June 12th – TBA

June 13th – The Marquee – Halifax

June 14th – TBA

Canada West to East touring July & Aug

Sean Ashby has recorded and toured with some of Canada’s most successful musicians. His resume is indeed a long one and its getting longer every day. Take a look at some of the highlights in Sean’s career.

 Sean Ashby recorded a version of the Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’ with Sarah McLachlan for the major motion picture ‘I Am Sam’ starring Sean Penn. It is currently getting heavy rotation on radio stations all over North America.

Sean Ashby has recorded and/or toured for:

•all three Ginger (former Grapes of Wrath members) releases

•Sarah McLachlan’s Mirror Ball (4 million copies in the US sold), and After Glow (also 4 million copies sold)

•Delerium’s Poem release

•Conjure 1’s debut release

•Wild Strawberries’ release ‘Quiver’

•Mike Treblecock’s (former Killjoys member) alt-country release

•Swollen Members recording sessions

•Todd Fancey (member of The New Pornographers) two solo cd’s currently producing/ mixing /engineering /programming and playing guitara release due late 2008

•Scotty Campbell’s rockabilly CD due out in 2008 produced / mixed /engineered / and guitars

•Melissa Bellm – new cd-guitar / writing /mixing

Sean has also toured with;

•May Moore

•Lee Arron

•The Sons of Freedom band backing Lee Aaron

•Holly McNarland

On top of this already impressive resume, Sean has also recorded with Front Line Assembly on their soon to be released album and we can’t forget to mention his recording of ‘Cats in the Cradle’ with "D" from Run DMC… That’s right, one of the godfathers of hip-hop!

Brass and Gold is a solo venture, however if you include his last project Jack Tripper, it is actually Ashby’s third album.  Jack Tripper was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Rock Recording alongside the likes of Nickleback, The New Pornographers and Matthew Good.  Jack Tripper’s song ‘Nova Girl’ has been featured in the Bill Pullman film – ‘The Guilty’. As well, six songs have been used in the hit TV series ‘Cold Squad’. The power of Sean Ashby’s songwriting, backed up by his amazing guitar work is definitely generating interest from the TV and film world.

Check the website for tour updates: www.seanashby.com/ www.myspace.com/seanashbymusic

Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca

ASIA: New Album & US Tour

The acclaimed British progressive rock group ASIA is gearing up for a new album release and has kicked off a world tour, bringing the band to more than 20 U.S. cities this spring. Phoenix, ASIA’s first studio album since 1983 with all four original members, will be released on CD and digitally on April 15 by EMI America Records in North America and on April 14 internationally by Frontiers Records. ASIA’s album release and tour will be accompanied by several high-profile online, radio and retail initiatives with partners including Amazon.com, J&R Music World, Jones Radio Networks, QuickTime, SyncLive.com, VH1.com, and XM Satellite Radio.

Monday, April 7: Jones Radio Networks launched a weeklong ‘Fly Away to See ASIA in Las Vegas’ sweepstakes across its syndicated Classic Hits format for one grand prize winner and a guest to fly to Las Vegas to attend ASIA’s May 3 concert at the House Of Blues and meet the band after the show.  Runners-up will win Phoenix on CD.

Tuesday, April 8 through Monday, April 14: VH1Classic.com’s “The Leak” features Phoenix. “The Leak” allows fans to listen to Phoenix in its entirety at www.vh1classic.com all week leading to the album’s April 15 release.

Wednesday, April 9:  XM Satellite Radio “Artist Confidential” special taping with studio audience in Washington, DC (airdate TBA).

Tuesday, April 15: Phoenix is released on CD and digitally.

(8pm EDT): SyncLive.com and Amazon.com present a free live webcast event from ASIA’s concert at Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona, NY. Fans can log on to www.synclive.com, www.amazon.com/earworm or the band’s official website, www.originalasia.com to watch the live concert webcast and exclusive behind-the-scenes clips.

Thursday, April 17 (12pm): ASIA in-store acoustic performance and Phoenix album signing at J&R Music World’s downtown Manhattan location (23 Park Row, New York, NY 10038). 

Tuesday, April 29: QuickTime’s ‘Make Your Own ASIA Video’ contest launches at www.quicktime.com.  ASIA art elements provided to participants at the site to produce their own music videos for “An Extraordinary Life,” a new track from Phoenix.  One grand prize winner will receive a Steve Howe Edition Gibson ES-175 guitar and an Apple MacBook Air, custom laser etched with Roger Dean artwork.

Throughout the tour:  At select U.S. concerts, members of ASIA will participate in after-show autograph signings at the venues’ merchandise areas. After-show signings will be announced at the concerts.

Formed at the dawn of the MTV era, ASIA was the first ‘supergroup’ of the 1980s, featuring members from Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson and The Buggles. Videos made for the band’s first two albums, ASIA and Alpha, were staples of the historic music channel’s initial programming.

ASIA’s four original members reunited in 2006, 23 years after all four had last played together. The much publicized reunion resulted in two highly successful world tours in 2006 and 2007; an acclaimed double live LP and DVD (Fantasia: Live In Tokyo); and an overwhelming response from fans and the media, which continues today. ASIA has sold more than 15 million albums around the world, and this will be the third world tour for the four accomplished musicians, whose debut album, ASIA, was released 26 years ago in 1982 and remains one of only four albums in history to hold the #1 Billboard album chart position for a staggering nine weeks.

Phoenix marks a return to the band’s classic sound, with some surprising contemporary twists.  “Everything that was there 25 years ago is still there, and quite simply, if you liked it then, you’ll love it now,” says ASIA’s singer and bassist John Wetton. “It does exactly what it says on the tin.” Adds guitarist Steve Howe, “I believe we’ve all found the teamwork creatively rewarding and we also look forward to playing some new songs onstage.”

Phoenix is a collection of songs that speak to the millions of core ASIA fans who, like the group, have come a long way since the dawn of the MTV age in 1982. “We’re older now, and our audience has grown up with us,” says drummer Carl Palmer. “I think the lyrical themes on this record are some of the best John has ever developed.”

Phoenix has a very poignant underlying theme placed at the intersection of love, discovery and reflection, no doubt due, at least partly, to Wetton’s unexpected serious health issues (which included open heart surgery), and forced the cancellation of ASIA’s 2007 West Coast North American tour and a sold-out tour of the UK. Fortunately, Wetton has recovered fully and his band mates say he is singing and playing better than ever.

“John is a survivor,” says ASIA keyboardist Geoff Downes. “He has proved that a few times now. There was never any doubt in our minds that he would recover and be better than ever. We all look forward to hitting the road once again.”

For more information, visit ASIA’s official Website: www.originalasia.com.


ASIA: “Phoenix” World Tour – Confirmed U.S. Dates

April 12 Westbury, NY – North Fork Theatre

April 13 Peekskill, NY – Paramount Center for the Arts

April 15 Verona, NY – Turning Stone Resort & Casino

April 16 Red Bank, NJ – Count Basie Theatre

April 17 Englewood, NJ – Bergen Performing Arts Center

April 19 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues

April 20 Chicago, IL – House of Blues

April 21 Indianapolis, IN – Music Mill

April 23 Milwaukee, WI  – Pabst Theater

April 26 Marksville, LA – Paragon Casino

April 27 Dallas, TX – House of Blues

April 29 Espanola NM – Big Rock Casino

April 30 Phoenix, AZ  – Celebrity Theatre

May 2  Agoura Hills, CA – Canyon Club

May 3  Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues

May 4  San Juan Capistrano, CA – The Coach House

May 5  San Francisco, CA – Grand Ballroom at The Regency Center

Source: www.originalasia.com.


Enuff Z’Nuff –  Issue remastered edition of the live album "Tonight – Sold Out"

When you talk about the 80’s hair metal phenomenon, you simply cannot omit Enuff Z’Nuff, the power-pop quartet from Chicago, Illinois. During their long and adventurous career the band managed to record eleven full-length albums, four live albums and two compilations. “Tonight – Sold Out” is their most recent live offering, capturing the stunning performance the group gave in 2007. The album brings all of the band’s classic compositions and proves that Enuff Z’Nuff still haven’t lost their touch when it comes to delivering pure rock energy! Enuff Z’Nuff’s history shows a band which had to struggle with many difficulties in their career, but eventually managed to remain a strong and inspiring figure on the hard rock scene. The remastered edition of “Tonight – Sold Out” brings this legend to life, with a unique set of eleven classic songs that will rock you to the bone! Enough said, here’s Enuff Z’Nuff! New digipak edition, limited to numerated 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.

The album will be available via Metal Mind Productions on 5th May 2008 (in Europe only).


Enuff Z Nuff

Tonight – Sold Out (remastered)



1. Takin’ A Ride

2. In Crowd

3. Baby Loves You

4. She Wants More

5. In Groove

6. The Way Home

7. Fly High Michelle

8. Runaway

9. Social Disease

10. New Thing

11. Someday

Source: www.metalmind.com.pl


Chromeo: once an underground best kept secret, now an Earth-sweeping cultural phenomenon responsible for bringing together a massive union of indie trendsters, dance muggers, gay students, hip hoppers, music blogging nerds and nubile girls. They attract the attention of celebrities like those with the surname Hilton (Paris, Perez), Hall and Oates (who sought out a collaboration) and Kanye West (who regularly name checks them on his blog). The revolutionary MTV program 52/52 took an in depth look at Chromeo and not surprisingly, fell in love. Since the beginning of the year, they’ve sold out shows in LA (El Rey), New York (Bowery Ballroom, twice), Manchester (Academy), London (KoKo’s), and have just completed a triumphant homecoming tour in Canada. Chromeo’s appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live gave America a chance to experience the moog riffs, talk boxes and heartfelt loverboy lyrics that have been sorely missing in the milieu of contemporary music. All the key American festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella and All Points West have come calling hoping to catch some Chromeo magic. Now, the good news:

VICE Records announces the release of Chromeo – Fancy Footwork: Deluxe Edition. Disc one is the essential original recording. Disc two contains remixes by Lifelike, MSTRKRFT, DFA, Crookers and more. Five videos include MTV favorite Bonafied Lovin, certified classic Needy Girl and the brand new Fancy Footwork. Greatest hits are also included. All packaged in lavish Italian marble.

Out on June 17, 2008.

Disc 1 Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Tenderoni

3. Fancy Footwork

4. Bonafied Lovin

(Tough Guys)

5. My Girl Is Calling Me (A Liar)

6. Outta Sight

7. Opening Up

(Ce Soir On Danse)

8. Momma’s Boy

9. Call Me Up

10. Waiting 4 U

11. 100%

Bonus Disc Track Listing:


1. Fancy Footwork 3:18

2. Bonafied Lovin 4:33

3. Tenderoni 4:15

4. Needy Girl 4:42

5. I Am Somebody – DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo 3:13


6. Needy Girl 4:42

7. Rage 4:36

8. You’re So Gangsta 4:12

9. I Am Somebody – DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo 3:13


10. Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT remix) 4:46

11. Fancy Footwork (Crookers remix) 5:28

12. Needy Girl (Lifelike remix) 6:24

13. Bonafied Lovin (Yuksek remix) 4:26

14. Me and My Man (Whitey remix) 4:06

15. You’re So Gangsta (Playgroup remix) 5:51

16. Destination: Overdrive (DFA remix) 5:48

17. Fancy Footwork (Laidback Luke remix) 6:38

18. Bonafied Lovin’ (Jori Hulkkonen remix) 5:00


April 27 – Coachella – Indio, CA

June 14 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN

August 3 – Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL

August 9 – All Points West – Lincoln State Park, Jersey City, NJ

Source: www.vicerecords.com

Erik Norlander’s "Neurosaur" Included In MTV Fashion Show

Models walked the runway to keyboard virtuoso Erik Norlander’s song "Neurosaur" in the new Bad Boy Films MTV show "If I Were King" which premiered April 9th. The documentary celebrates the 10th anniversary of Diddy’s Sean John fashion line. It offers a private look at one of the most public figures in entertainment. The premiere episode will be rebroadcast on Saturday, April 12 at 2PM ET.

 "Neurosaur" songwriter Erik Norlander comments, "I was really impressed with how well my song suited Diddy’s event. The cathedral – like hall in which the runway segment was staged — giant hanging chandeliers and all — certainly called for a weighty, epic soundtrack with some strong gothic and classical overtones. I am happy to have provided it with "Neurosaur". The show’s producers have really shown some great vision, both optically and sonically."


 "Neurosaur" was originally released in 1997 on Erik Norlander’s debut solo CD "Threshold" and then re-released and remastered on the "Threshold Special Edition" 2CD reissue in 2007 on Norlander’s Think Tank Media label, distributed by ProgRock Records / Ryko Distribution. Norlander’s strong compositional vision, state-of-the-art production sensibility, command of vintage technology and masterful keyboard technique permanently burned "Threshold" into progressive rock history. Virtuoso keyboardist Erik Norlander was joined by drummer / percussionist Greg Ellis (The Matrix films, Vas) and bassist Don Schiff (Rocket Scientists, Lana Lane) to create a prog rock power trio whose depth and range matched past greats such as ELP, Rush and Cream. In 2007, Erik re-released the astounding 2CD version of "Threshold" complete with 10 bonus tracks and a high-resolution Quicktime video of Erik performing his legendary "Trantor Station" live at the California ProgWest progressive music festival on his famous modular Moog synthesizer. In addition, the Special Edition package includes an ultra-deluxe 20-page full-color CD booklet with extensive liner notes by Erik, rock keyboard icon Keith Emerson, the participating musicians and numerous others contributors associated with the album. "Neurosaur" also appears on Erik Norlander’s two live releases, the "Stars Rain Down" CD (2004) and "Live in St. Petersburg" DVD (2006).

     For more information about Erik Norlander, please visit www.eriknorlander.com and www.myspace.com/eriknorlanderandlanalane. For more info about "If I Were King", please visit www.mtv.com/ontv/dyn/if_i_were_king/series.jhtml.

Disclaimer: Erik Norlander, Think Tank Media, and Serge Entertainment PR are in no way affiliated with Bad Boy Entertainment or Bad Boy Films.

Source: Think Tank Media

Hatebreed  Enter Into a  Three Project Deal

KOCH Records has entered into a new multi-tiered, worldwide deal with Hatebreed.


As part of the new deal, KOCH Records will release a series of highly-anticipated future projects from the kings of hardcore metal, Connecticut’s very own, Hatebreed.


The first project under the new deal will be Hatebreed’s first-ever live DVD.  The main DVD concert shoot took place at Harpo’s in Detroit on Saturday, March 29th, 2008 in front of a packed SOLD OUT crowd. Directed by Kevin Custer, the yet-to-be titled DVD will also feature a collection of recent live shows from various tour stops in Germany, Philadelphia, New York City and New Haven, CT.

The new DVD will see its release in late summer/early fall.

For a sneak peak, click here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IayCgtQSM4U


Over the course of the band’s four albums and countless legendary live shows, Hatebreed have sold over 1 million albums in the U.S. alone, and along the way, re-defined the hardcore metal genre as we know it today. In addition to being the voice and visionary of Hatebreed (the most important and successful hardcore metal band today), Jasta is also the co-frontman for various side projects like Kingdom of Sorrow and Icepick and has been known to show up on occasion at special events to perform with his own solo band as well.  Jasta also served as host of Headbanger’s Ball (on MTV2) for over three years– interviewing a who’s-who of metal music. Jamey is also the owner of Stillborn Records and the clothing line Hatewear.


Jamey Jasta states, “The band and I had set out to find an aggressive forward thinking marketing and creative team to release the first-ever Hatebreed live DVD experience, a live album, and a cool unique covers record project and teaming up with KOCH Records is a perfect fit.” Jasta explains “There are other important projects that we are planning to partner with KOCH Records to release.  They are a smart company with a dedicated staff and I speak for the whole band when I say that KOCH just gets it and aren’t afraid to take risks and work their asses off. We are excited to start working together”

Scott Givens, VP of Metal, offers, “I’m thrilled to add HATEBREED & Jamey Jasta and his many endeavors/projects to the KOCH family.  Jamey has been a leader his entire career and we are elated that he has chosen us to be his partner going forward.”

John Franck, SVP of Marketing comments “We couldn’t be more excited to be in business with Jamey Jasta and Hatebreed. The dedication and work-ethic Jasta brings to each and every one of his projects is what it’s all about. This deal has been a long-time coming and is a great fit for KOCH Records as we continue to expand our roster. Fans are going to be stoked when they see what we have in store for them; starting with this DVD which is going to hit ‘em over the head like a ton of bricks. ”


In other Hatebreed news, Jägermeister Music and Hatebreed have partnered up for the next installment of the Jägermeister Music Tour and will hit the road with good friends, Type O Negative for a co-headline bill with special guests, 3 Inches of Blood.  The debauchery will kick off May 16 in Providence, RI.  Having the opportunity to headline the Jägermeister Music Tour, like our friends from Slayer & Slipknot is a tremendous honor.” says frontman, Jamey Jasta. “Jägermeister has supported heavy music in so many different ways and they continue to bring together the best of the best in metal. The spring tour will be no different and co-headlining with our friends from Type O Negative makes it that much sweeter.”


JAGERMEISTER MUSIC TOUR DATES w/ Hatebreed & Type O Negative

Fri, May-16, 2008 Providence, RI Lupo’s @ Heartbreak Hotel

Sat, May-17, 2008 Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

Sun, May-18, 2008 Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live

Tue, May-20, 2008 Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution

Wed, May-21, 2008 Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues

Thu, May-22, 2008 St. Petersburg, FL @State Theatre  (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Fri, May-23, 2008 Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage

Sat, May-24, 2008 New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues

Sun, May-25, 2008 Houston, TX @ Verizon Wireless Theater

Tue, May-27, 2008 Dallas, TX @ The Palladium Ballroom

Wed, May-28, 2008 San Antonio, TX @ Sunset Station

Thu, May-29, 2008 El Paso, TX @ Chic’s Bar & Billiards  (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Fri, May-30, 2008 Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre

Sat, May-31, 2008 Las Vegas, NV @ House of Blues

Sun, Jun-01, 2008 Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon

Mon, Jun-02, 2008 Fresno, CA @ The Exit  (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Tue, Jun-03, 2008 Anaheim, CA @ The Grove of Anaheim

Wed, Jun-04, 2008 San Francisco, CA @ Grand Ballroom at Regency Center

Thu, Jun-05, 2008 Chico, CA @ Senator Theater  (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Fri, Jun-06, 2008 Portland, OR @ Roseland

Sat, Jun-07, 2008 Spokane, WA @ The Big Easy

Sun, Jun-08, 2008 Billings, MT @ Shrine Auditorium

Mon, Jun-09, 2008 Rapid City, SD @ Rushmore Hall

Tue, Jun-10, 2008 Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre

Wed, Jun-11, 2008 Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Thu, Jun-12, 2008 Kansas City, MO @ Beaumont Club

Fri, Jun-13, 2008 Sauget, IL @ Pop’s

Sat, Jun-14, 2008 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave

Sun, Jun-15, 2008 Bloomington, IL @ New Lafayette Club (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Mon, Jun-16, 2008 St. Paul, MN @ Myth

Tue, Jun-17, 2008 Fargo, ND @ The Venue at Playmakers

Thu, Jun-19, 2008 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Orbit Room

Fri, Jun-20, 2008 Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom

Sun, Jun-22, 2008 Toronto, ON @ Opera House

Mon, Jun-23, 2008 Toledo, OH @ Headliners

Tue, Jun-24, 2008 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues

Wed, Jun-25, 2008 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogarts

Thu, Jun-26, 2008 Huntington, WV @ Silver City (Hatebreed Headline Only)

Fri, Jun-27, 2008 Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall

Sat, Jun-28, 2008 New York, NY @ Terminal 5

Sun, Jun-29, 2008 Johnson City, NY @ Magic City Music Hall

Source: www.adrenalinepr.com

Denmark’s VOLBEAT delivers American debut in June

Elvis metal ‘n’ rollers VOLBEAT, who combine ‘50s rock with modern metal, will unleash their trademark rockabilly sound on unsuspecting Americans come June 10th via their first ever U.S. release, ROCK THE REBEL/METAL THE DEVIL on Mascot Records USA. Expect to hear the first single Sad Man’s Tongue on radio nationwide in May.

Original and different, classic and cutting edge, VOLBEAT is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Michael Poulsen, guitarist Thomas Bredahl, bassist Anders Kjølholm and drummer Jon Larsen. Already endorsed by Vans, Eastpak, Gibson, In Tune Guitar Picks, De Palma and Dean Markley, VOLBEAT is intent on earning the adoration of American fans from coast to coast.

In their native Denmark, ROCK THE REBEL/METAL THE DEVIL has been certified platinum. Further solidifying their success, VOLBEAT was nominated once at the 2007 MTV European Music Awards and four times at this year’s annual Danish Music Awards (the Danish Grammy Awards equivalent) – where ROCK THE REBEL/METAL THE DEVIL was named album of the year.

When it comes to performing live, VOLBEAT has taken the stage at numerous prestigious European festivals including, but not limited to: Wacken Open Air, Roskilde, With Full Force, Summer Breeze and Graspop. In July 2007, VOLBEAT opened for Metallica on their Sick of the Studio tour when it stopped in Denmark.

America is about to learn what Europe is already well aware of – VOLBEAT rocks! ROCK THE REBEL/METAL THE DEVIL releases June 10th, 2008 on Mascot Records U.S.A. Expect their U.S. tour in the fall, dates TBA.

For more information visit www.volbeat.dk or www.myspace.com/volbeat or watch Volbeats new video Sad Man’s Tongue www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mV_HHL-h6g .

Source: www.vqpr.com

The Dear Hunter Announce Tour w/The Fall Of Troy

The Dear Hunter go back on the road this spring as main support for The Fall Of Troy kicking off April 18th in Denver, CO and wrapping up May 24th in Seattle.

The Dear Hunter began its life as one man’s idea. Conceived in late 2003 and gestated until the winter of 2004, Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter set out to do something simple: create pure, heartfelt music that he alone set the boundaries for. The Dear Hunter recently released the critically acclaimed  Act II: The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading on Triple Crown Records.

There’s a FULL ALBUM PRESS STREAM of the Act II: The Meaning Of… up now on The Dear Hunter’s press assets page here: eastwest.ilgpress.com/thedearhunter/media/ – PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYWHERE! There are also pictures, press and album artwork up there as well.

“The album goes from haunting and otherworldly, to utterly fantastic…

a chamber indie-pop masterpiece!” Alternative Press

For more information on The Dear Hunter please check out www.myspace.com/thedearhunter and make sure to check the band  out at one of the following dates:

4/18/08          Denver, CO                             Marquis Theatre

4/19/08          Lawrence, KS                          The Bottleneck

4/20/08          Minneapolis, Minnesota        Triple Rock

4/21/08          Madison, WI                            The Loft

4/22/08          Chicago, IL                              Reggie’s Live

4/23/08          Detroit, MI                              Magic Stick

4/24/08          Grand Rapids, MI                    The Intersection

4/25/08          Covington, KY                         The Mad Hatter

4/26/08          Cleveland, OH                         Beachland Tavern

4/29/08          Rochester, NY                         The Club @ Water Street Music Hall

4/30/08          London, Ontario                      The Salt Lounge

5/1/08            Toronto, Ontario                     The Mod Club

5/2/08            Montreal, Quebec                   Club Lambi

5/3/08            Poughkeepsie, NY                   The Loft/The Chance

5/4/08            East Rutherford, NJ                Bamboozle

5/6/08            New Haven, CT                       Toad’s Place

5/7/08            Baltimore, MD                                    The Ottobar

5/8/08            Wilmington, NC                      The Soapbox Laundrolounge

5/9/08            Atlanta, GA                             The Masquerade

5/10/08          Orlando, FL                             The Social

5/11/08          Miami, FL                               Studio A

5/13/08          Metairie, Louisiana               The High Ground

5/14/08          Houston, TX                            Meridian Red Room

5/15/08          Dallas, TX                               The Door

5/16/08          Corpus Christi, TX                 House of Rock

5/17/08          San Antonio, TX                     White Rabbit

5/19/08          Tempe, AZ                               The Clubhouse

5/20/08          Pomona, CA                            Glasshouse

5/21/08          Hollywood, CA                          Knitting Factory

5/22/08          San Francisco, CA                  Bottom of the Hill

5/23/08          Portland, Oregon                     Hawthorne Theater

5/24/08          Seattle, WA                             El Corazon

Source: www.wmg.com


Well, today we’re like kids waking up and realizing all the X’s are marked on the calendar and the circled day has arrived and oh man… It’s birthday day!  Yup.  What we’ve been laboring over for the past months is finally ready to be seen by everyone we’ve been making it for.  Today is the official (beta!) launch of Pitchfork.tv, and we couldn’t be prouder.

By now you’re probably pretty up on what we’ve got coming your way.  Not only are we launching with all kinds of exclusive stuff from our favorite and most beloved artists-– from Radiohead’s "Bangers & Mash" taped live at Nigel Godrich’s basement studio to the world premiere of M83’s new "Graveyard Girl" music video– but we’ve also got an entire ballbreaking Jay Reatard concert ("Pitchfork Live") and a foundation-shaking subterranean set (and interview!) with Liars in "Juan’s Basement." Plus, we head down to Philly for the premiere episode of "Daytripping" to hang with Man Man as their construct their new album Rabbit Habits from pretty much anything they can get their hands on.

Oh! And did we mention loudQUIETloud, the behind-the-scenes documentary of the Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour?  We bet we did but whatever—it’s going to be available all week, in its entirety, for your viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned through the rest of the week for additional performances from the Thermals on the roof of Pitchfork.tv‘s NYC HQ for "Don’t Look Down" (Tuesday), a double dose of A Place to Bury Strangers with a special tour of Brooklyn’s Death by Audio venue and full live set (Wednesday), and an interview with Swedish pop singer Robyn on her plans to conquer North America (Friday).

And in the meantime, check out our massive music video library featuring everyone from !!! to Wolf Parade.  We’ll continue building it out with new clips every single day—from the videos you’ve come to love, to the premieres of the ones you’ve been waiting for, to the ones you never even knew existed.  So go ahead: Click on, pop open fullscreen view, and let it play out.  We’ve got enough to music to take you through the entire day.  And this is just beta.  It only gets better from here…



>> The site: pitchfork.tv

>> Radiohead: Bangers & Mash (Live In-Studio) // Pitchfork.tv Exclusive

Radiohead perform "Bangers & Mash" in Nigel Godrich’s basement studio exclusively for the launch of Pitchfork.tvpitchfork.tv/node/468

>> Liars // Juan’s Basement

Liars drop by the Basement to play tracks from their self-titled LP and 2006’s Drums Not Dead, and chat about the new songs, being medicinally certified, and getting broadsided by a car. pitchfork.tv/node/317

>> Man Man // Daytripping

Last spring, we trekked down to Philly to document the making of Man Man’s new LP, Rabbit Habits. They shot off fireworks in the street. Pitchfork.tv‘s first-ever production. pitchfork.tv/node/98

>> Jay Reatard // Pitchfork Live

Garage punk maniac Jay Reatard blasts 12 breakneck future rock anthems into one of the craziest audiences we’ve seen in a while.  The full concert, live from NYC’s Cake Shop. pitchfork.tv/node/78

>> M83: Graveyard Girl // Pitchfork.tv Music Video Premiere

Reinventing "the French new wave," M83 trade epic synth-rock for John Hughes nostalgia with the blissed-out "Graveyard Girl," from their forthcoming Saturdays = Youth LP.  Pitchfork.tv has the music video’s world premiere. pitchfork.tv/node/466

>> loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies // One Week Only

The Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour documentary follows their first rehearsals to the final show, and the drug addictions and inter-band tension in between. Steven Cantor & Matthew Galkin direct. pitchfork.tv/node/324

>> Pitchfork Central Casting // Special Presentation

Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen and Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington oversee auditions to find "the face of Pitchfork.tv."  Islands’ Nick Diamonds guests. pitchfork.tv/node/57

Source: www.pitchforkmedia.com

Jethro Tull 40th Anniversary: ‘This Was (Collectors Edition)’ – 6/10

As Jethro Tull celebrates 40 years of worldwide rock superstardom, Capitol/EMI is pleased to announce the June 10 2-CD and digital release of a remastered and expanded Collectors Edition of the British band’s 1968 debut album, This Was. The release presents, for the first time on CD, the album’s original mono mix as well as a new stereo mix of the album. Also featured are nine related 1968 recordings for John Peel’s BBC Radio program, “Top Gear,” plus four rare 1968 UK singles: “Sunshine Day,” “Song For John Gee,” “Love Story” and “Christmas Song.” The commemorative package includes 35 tracks in all, as well as package notes and anecdotes from Jethro Tull’s members.

Initially, Jethro Tull was a strange kind of blues band, mixing blues with folk and at times, hard rock. The group’s first line-up included Mick Abrahams, Glenn Cornick, Clive Bunker, and Ian Anderson. Band advisers tried and failed to persuade Anderson to give up the flute and let Abrahams do the singing, but it was Anderson’s electrifying stage presence and performance that elevated Jethro Tull above other blues rock bands of the time, bringing the band to the attention of the media and other influential music tastemakers. 

In the summer of 1968, Tull opened for Pink Floyd at the first Hyde Park Festival and later that year recorded and released This Was. The album reached #10 in the UK charts, partly thanks to significant airplay from BBC Radio DJ John Peel. It peaked at #62 in the US. 

In a career that now spans 40 years, Jethro Tull has sold more than 60 million albums around the world and has performed more than 2600 shows in over 40 countries. In recent years, the band has been featured by several hit TV shows, from “The Sopranos” (in which Tony Soprano sang a Tull song) to “Friends” and “Ugly Betty” (which recently name-checked the band). 

In addition to releasing This Was (Collectors Edition), Jethro Tull is celebrating with 40th Anniversary tours of the UK and the US (confirmed US dates listed below).  Most performances of “An Evening With Jethro Tull” will feature a special guest, as Ian Anderson honors past band members, friends and local musicians.  For tour details and other updates, please visit www.jethrotull.com.


Jethro Tull: This Was (Collectors Edition) (2-CD & Digital Album)

DISC ONE (original mono mix + 1968 BBC Radio “Top Gear” recordings)

1. My Sunday Feeling

2. Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine

3. Beggars Farm

4. Move On Alone

5. Serenade To A Cuckoo

6. Dharma For One

7. It’s Breaking Me Up

8. Cat’s Squirrel

9. A Song For Jeffrey

10. Round


(John Peel “Top Gear” – recorded July 23, 1968; transmitted August 4 & September 22, 1968)

11. So Much Trouble

12. My Sunday Feeling

13 Serenade To A Cuckoo

14. Cat Squirrel 

15. A Song For Jeffrey

(John Peel “Top Gear”- recorded November 5, 1968; transmitted December 15, 1968)

16. Love Story

17. Stormy Monday

18. Beggers Farm

19. Dharma For One

DISC TWO (new stereo mix + rare early singles [mono])

1. My Sunday Feeling

2. Some Day The Sun Won’t Shine

3. Beggars Farm (4.19)

4 Move On Alone

5. Serenade To A Cuckoo

6. Dharma For One

7. It’s Breaking Me Up

8. Cat’s Squirrel (5.42)

9. A Song For Jeffrey (3.22)

10. Round (1.03)

11. Love Story

12. Christmas Song

1968 UK singles [mono]

13. Sunshine Day (A-side of single released February, 1968 – MGM)

14. One For John Gee (B-side of “Song For Jeffrey” single released September, 1968 – Island)

15. Love Story (A-side of single released November, 1968 – Island)

16. Christmas Song (B-side of “Love Story” single released November, 1968 – Island)

Confirmed U.S. tour dates: “An Evening With Jethro Tull”


3          Gilford, NH                    Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion         (with Peter Frampton)

4          Boston, MA                   Bank of America Pavilion

7          Bethlehem, PA              Bethlehem Musikfest                             

8          Philadelphia, PA            Mann Center for the Performing Arts        (with Peter Frampton)

9          Wantagh, NY                 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater                (with Peter Frampton)

10         Uncasville, CT                Mohegan Sun Arena

12         Morrison, CO                 Red Rocks Amphitheater

14         Valley Center, CA          Harrah’s Rincon

17         Los Angeles, CA            Greek Theatre

Source: www.capitolrecords.com

CRASH ROMEO Set To Launch U.S. Tour; “Popular” Video Online Now

More dates have been added to Crash Romeo’s upcoming U.S. tour with Tub Ring, Driver Side Impact and School Boy Humor.  The trek begins April 13 in Allentown, PA and concludes May 1 in Nashville, TN. 

The New Jersey band is hitting the road in support of their recently released sophomore album, GAVE ME THE CLAP (Trustkill Records).  The album was produced by Chris Badami (The Starting Line, The Early November).

Blogcritics.org recently described the disc as “Sneering, tongue-in-cheek sleaze rock.  These guys do it for the laughs, the booze, and the babes.  It’s smirk rock that you put on and sit back to enjoy…They have the songs and the vibe to go far.  In an genre full of wannabes; these guys rise above the heap. Check out the title track and smile.”

“Popular,” the first video from GAVE ME THE CLAP, can now be seen on the band’s official website and Myspace page, Trustkill Records’ website and YouTube (see links below).  It was recently shot in New Jersey with director Jason Marsden (actor from “Full House,” “Boy Meets World”), who can also be seen–in various disguises–throughout the clip.

Here are the confirmed tour dates:


Sun 4/13  Allentown, PA  Crocodile Rock

Mon 4/14  Cleveland, OH  Peabody’s

Tue 4/15  Madison, WI  The Annex

Wed 4/16  La Crosse, WI  The Warehouse

Thur 4/17  St. Paul, MN  Station 4

Fri 4/18   Chicago, IL  Reggie’s

Sat 4/19  Fort Wayne, IN  Imago Dei

Sun 4/20  St. Louis, MO  Pop’s

Mon 4/21  Shawnee, OK  Fusion Affect Venue

Tue 4/22  Dallas, TX  The Door

Wed 4/23  San Antonio, TX White Rabbit

Thur 4/24  Austin, TX  Red 7

Fri 4/25   Houston, TX  Javajazz

Sat 4/26  New Orleans, LA The High Ground

Sun 4/27  Tallahassee, FL  The Beta Bar

Mon 4/28  Tampa, FL  The Orpheum

Tue 4/29  Jacksonville, FL  Jack Rabbits

Wed 4/30  Atlanta, GA  The Masquerade

Thu 5/1   Nashville, TN  The Muse






Black ‘N Blue’s album ‘Rarities’ to be issued

Back in the mid 80’s, when rock’n’roll was still on everybody’s lips, dozens of bands tried to become “the next best thing” of the music industry. Although many have tried, only few succeeded to carve their names into rock history. Among them are Black ‘N Blue, a band that never got the proper acclaim for their work, but over the years proved that good music will always defend itself. Metal Mind Productions presents Black ‘N Blue’s album “Rarities”, a peep inside the closed doors of the group’s history, revealing a unique collection of rare and previously unreleased songs. “Rarities” remains a true treasure chest for all of Black ‘N Blue’s fans, with a portion of melodic pop-rock enough to satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts of the genre. This album will get you on a night train straight to the 80’s – so fasten up and enjoy the ride!


New digipak edition is limited to numerated 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc. The album will be available on 5th May 2008 (Europe only).


Black ‘N Blue

“Rarities” (remastered)




1. Violent Kid 

2. Sign In Blood 

3. Wicked Bitch 

4. Cold Heart 

5. Hold On To 18

6. Lickety Split 

7. Serious Drag 

8. So Long 

9. Hell Yeah 

10. Autoblast – Live 

11. I’m The King – Live

12. Smooth Up

Source: www.metalmind.com.pl


Vancouver based band ARCTIC will be touring across Canada with their acoustic trance-rock sound.  ARCTIC ‘s music, sounds and textures suggest isolation and detached observation of our human interactions, underscored with an appreciation and respect for nature and wilderness.

ARCTIC was formed out of frontman Marcus Martin’s desire to never, ever be in another band again. After a childhood spent on the land in the isolated Northwest Territories of Canada, the guitarist travelled to the metropolis of Toronto . Frustrated by the roller-coaster ride of band politics, he went solo, and headed west to Vancouver to write his own music. He began performing using a looping device that would allow him to record, modify, loop and layer his acoustic guitar performance into a haunting moodiness evocative of a cold Northern landscape. With a rich, unique sound that was already gaining an audience, he had no need for backing musicians. But strong music always attracts interest and as time went on, others expressed a desire to join the project.

Kirsten Starcher, involved in the production of ARCTIC ‘s second EP, Today Brought Me Here, became the band’s bassist, keyboardist, and backing singer. In 2007 they were joined by Todd Biffard on drums, whose creative blend of acoustic and electronic percussion would round out the trio’s spacey sound.

Always seeking contrast, ARCTIC is sometimes a solo project, sometimes a full band and never exactly the same from one show to the next. In either form there is a combination of diverse influences in unexpected ways: progressive rock, jazz, industrial rock merge with ambient textures and acoustic singer/songwriter melodies to create something fresh, unconventional and intriguing.

More than just talented musicians, ARCTIC focuses on issues that go beyond the music itself, such as keeping their fans informed on environmental issues in the North and practicing responsible touring. "On our tour, we will be avoiding chain stores and restaurants wherever possible.  We prefer to support local independent stores, only eat at "mom & pop" places, and seek out used clothing."

As independent musicians, they are their own little ecosystem of the music industry.  They handle their own booking, licensing and production.  They personalize their own merchandise by hand-bleaching the band’s logo into each t-shirt and melting the band’s name into every CD – things that a major label could never undertake on a large scale.  They also design and maintain their own extensive website, into which they have embedded hidden paths for adventurous fans to seek out and explore.




Tour Dates


Saturday, May 10, 2008

 ARCTIC Tour Kickoff!

Wired Monk Kitsilano

 2610 West 4th Ave (at Trafalgar)

Vancouver, BC

 The start of the 2008 Cross-Country Band Expedition.

Cover $5. Licensed, all-ages venue.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

 The Gaslight

 Regina, SK

   With Devon Floyd


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

 Mondragon Cafe

 91 Albert Street

Winnipeg, MB


Thursday, May 15, 2008

 The Apollo

 239 Red River Rd.

Thunder Bay, ON


Friday, May 16, 2008


 651 Queen St E

Sault Ste Marie , ON


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

 Albion Hotel

 37 Macdonell

Guelph, ON


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

 The Boat

 158 Augusta Avenue

Toronto, ON


Thursday, May 22, 2008

 Bar St. Laurent 2

 5550 Boulevard St. Laurent

Montreal, QC

 With Postcards and Diamond Sea


Sunday, May 25, 2008

 Circus Room

 Kitchener, ON

 With Union of Lanterns


Monday, May 26, 2008

 The Casbah

 306 King St. W

Hamilton, ON


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

 The Spill

 414 George S t. N

Peterborough, ON

 With Fire Flower Revue




Thursday, May 29, 2008

 Black Sheep Inn

 753 Riverside Drive

Wakefield, Quebec

(near Ottawa )

 With Culture Reject (CD Release) and Flotilla

$7 – Advance tickets available at Ticketweb

Saturday, May 31, 2008

 Phog Lounge

 Windsor, ON


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

 The Cavern Club

 Winnipeg, MB


Friday, June 06, 2008

 The Stetson

 10002 Macleod Trail S

Calgary, AB


Saturday, June 07, 2008

 The Grateful Fed

 Kelowna, BC

 Latest CD release – "Today Brought Me Here"

– "Today Brought Me Here" was produced and recorded by Marcus Martin and Kirsten Starcher at Marcus’s private studio, mixed by Marcus, and  mastered by Brett Zilahi.

– "You Coming Down" was selected for Music BC ‘s 2008 MIDEM Compilation CD.

– They auctioned off the framed, signed master CD to support the World Wildlife Fund.

–  Neither of the CDs have printed booklets but are sold in minimalist clear cases with the band name embossed across the front.  For "Today Brought Me Here", they developed a Flash-based CD Cover Generator on our website, where fans can design and print their own booklet.  "Part of the rationale for this is that we realize that many people are going to buy, copy or download the tracks and mp3s, and they won’t need or want a printed booklet anyway.  It gives our fans a chance to engage with the music and packaging in a more interactive way than just looking at a printed booklet."

– They also included Flash-based liner notes online, where every song is played in full along with lyrics and imagery.

Source: www.skylarentertainment.ca/



It’s the final countdown.  Monday, April 7 sees the much anticipated launch of Pitchfork.tv, Pitchfork’s rebuttal to the age-old complaint, "There’s nothing on."  Launching with hours of on-demand music content by the artists we love, we should recall two important facts about April 7.  The day marks the birth date of Francis Ford Coppola and the end of prohibition.  A day destined for the launch of a new way to view music and indie films and worthy of a toast, so grab some bubbly and hook up the speakers.

Earlier this week we gave you a rough idea of what you can expect to find at Pitchfork.tv, and we’ve got even more goodies up our sleeves. Today, we’re overcome with happiness to announce that Radiohead– yes, Radiohead– will be joining the new site’s Monday lineup with a special performance of In Rainbows [CD2] banger "Bangers & Mash," which the band recorded exclusively for the launch of Pitchfork.tv. Shot on Wednesday (as in two days ago!) in Nigel Godrich’s basement studio, this utterly kick-ass performance will serve as the site’s first-ever music video.

Monday will also see Pitchfork.tv hosting the world premiere of M83’s new "Graveyard Girl" music video– the first from their forthcoming Saturdays = Youth LP.

When you’re done with the pretty, mosey over to one of the sweatiest, grimiest, hellbent-for-destruction shows we’ve seen in a while with Jay Reatard on "Pitchfork Live," as he rips through his whole set in Cake Shop’s NYC basement at breakneck speed.  For more basement action, Juan Pieczanski cordially invited Liars to come play some tunes (including the third ever live performance of "The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack") for our series "Juan’s Basement," and have a chat in his back yard.

For more good time story telling, we trekked to Philly to film "Daytripping" and some noise making, bike riding and firework popping with the men of Man Man.  And for an even deeper look into the world behind the music, we present the first full-length film in our "One Week Only" series, loudQUIETloud, the behind-the-scenes documentary of the Pixies 2004 reunion tour.  Go grab a snack, pop the player over to fullscreen mode, and get ready for some seriously smooth entertainment.

On the flip side of "One Week Only," Monday also sees the launch of the Pitchfork.tv music video library.  It’s eventually where that M83 video will end up, along with an archive of the videos we love from the likes of Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Sleater-Kinney, Panda Bear, Battles, Dinosaur Jr., Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, !!!, Madvillain, Spoon, Beta Band, Wolf Parade, Air, Mudhoney, Band of Horses, Prefuse 73… you get the idea.

And if you can’t wait until Monday, stay tuned to Forkcast today, because right around 6pm CST, we’ll post an extra something special we cooked up (starring SNL’s Fred Armisen and Les Savy Fav front/wildman Tim Harrington) to give you an advance taste of Pitchfork.tv‘s embeddable player.

Happy viewing. We can’t wait for Monday. 

Source: www.pitchforkmedia.com

RADIOHEAD: THE BEST OF To Be Released June 3 By Capitol/EMI

Capitol/EMI announces the June 3 U.S. release of Radiohead: The Best Of. The band’s first ever career retrospective, to be made available both physically and digitally, Radiohead: The Best Of brings together the singles, key album tracks and live favorites spanning the band’s entire Parlophone Records and Capitol Records career.

Radiohead has sold in excess of 25 million records worldwide, has achieved platinum status in 17 countries and multi-platinum in nine, and has won two Grammy Awards. The band has also become one of the most iconic and critically acclaimed groups ever, with their seminal albums OK Computer and The Bends hailed as masterpieces and being consistently voted in Top 5 All Time Albums polls.

Radiohead: The Best Of will be available in the following formats and configurations:

·         a 1CD collection featuring 17 tracks

·         a Special Edition 2CD, adding 13 tracks

·         a 4-piece vinyl set with 29 tracks

·         a 30-track digital download

·         a DVD featuring all the classic promo videos

A separate announcement with additional DVD details will follow.

Audio format tracklistings:

Radiohead: The Best Of (standard)

1.       Just

2.       Paranoid Android

3.       Karma Police

4.       Creep

5.       No Surprises

6.       High and Dry

7.       My Iron Lung

8.       There There

9.       Lucky

10.   Optimistic

11.   Fake Plastic Trees

12.   Idioteque

13.   2+2 = 5

14.   The Bends

15.   Pyramid Song

16.   Street Spirit (Fade Out)

17.   Everything In Its Right Place

Radiohead: The Best Of (Special Edition 2CD)

Disc 1

1.       Just

2.       Paranoid Android

3.       Karma Police

4.       Creep

5.       No Surprises

6.       High and Dry

7.       My Iron Lung

8.       There There

9.       Lucky

10.   Optimistic

11.   Fake Plastic Trees

12.   Idioteque

13.   2+2 = 5

14.   The Bends

15.   Pyramid Song

16.   Street Spirit (Fade Out)

17.   Everything In Its Right Place

Disc 2

1.       Airbag

2.       I Might Be Wrong

3.       Go To Sleep

4.       Let Down

5.       Planet Telex

6.       Exit Music (For A Film)

7.       The National Anthem

8.       Knives Out

9.       Talk Show Host

10.   You

11.   Anyone Can Play Guitar

12.   How To Disappear Completely

13.   True Love Waits [recorded live in Oslo, 2001; previously released on I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings]

Radiohead: The Best Of (4-piece vinyl set)

Disc 1: Side 1

1.       Just

2.       Paranoid Android

3.       Karma Police

4.       Creep

Disc 1: Side 2

1.       No Surprises

2.       High and Dry

3.       My Iron Lung

4.       There There

Disc 2: Side 1

1.       Lucky

2.       Fake Plastic Trees

3.       Idioteque

4.       2+2 = 5

Disc 2: Side 2

1.       The Bends

2.       Pyramid Song

3.       Street Spirit (Fade Out)

4.       Everything In Its Right Place

Disc 3: Side 1

1.       Airbag

2.       I Might Be Wrong

3.       Go To Sleep

Disc 3: Side 2

1.       Let Down

2.       Planet Telex

3.       Exit Music (For A Film)

Disc 4: Side 1

1.       The National Anthem

2.       Knives Out

3.       Talk Show Host

Disc 4: Side 2

1.       You

2.       Anyone Can Play Guitar

3.       How To Disappear Completely

4.       True Love Waits [recorded live in Oslo, 2001; previously released on I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings]

Source: www.capitolrecords.com

THE BANGKOK FIVE:  New Release Date and U.S. Tour Announcement

The Bangkok Five—-Frost (vocals), Sweeney (lead guitar), Coatez (bass), Blanco (drums), Bobby S. (guitar)—will be heading out on the U.S. concert trail with Bobaflex starting May 1 in New Port Richey, FL in support of their WE LOVE WHAT KILLS US sophomore album.

WE LOVE WHAT KILLS US–which was originally due out May 13–will now be released on June 10 on Long Live Crime Records (distributed by MRI/Red).  The album marks the first time the band will release music in two languages:  five songs in English and the same five songs in Spanish.

It’s the follow-up to the band’s 2006 debut, WHO’S GONNA TAKE US ALIVE? (Universal).  The first single from that album, “Spread Eagle,” hit # 1 on several tastemaker indie rock radio stations across the country, leading to tours of Europe, Canada and the U.S. with bands such as Hot Hot Heat, The Cult, The Stooges, The Bronx, Buckcherry, (International) Noise Conspiracy and Papa Roach.

Early critical praise is starting to surface for WE LOVE WHAT KILLS US.  To wit:

“…their music and lyrics on their new album have established them as one of the premier hard rock bands of the year.  The album’s title track, “We Love What Kills Us”, is pure energy.  Lead singer, Frost, goes all-out with his vocals and even shows glimpses of Ian Astbury of The Cult on his vocal delivery. The lead guitar of Sweeney and the masterful drumming of Blanco only add to the assault…Whether you hear the album in English or Spanish, the energy that The Bangkok Five display is top-notch.”

–Jim Pasinski, Record-Journal (Meriden, CT), March 24, 2008

“A touch of Zodiac Mindwarp mixed with a bit of Foo Fighters is the first thing that comes to mind. Touch of sleaze, a touch of glam and a whole bunch of attitude.  From the opener of title track to ‘Outline of Us’ you just get pure quality rock on here…Oh there is a touch of the Gothy attitude of HIM floating round too.”

–Marty Dodge, Blogcritics.org, March 22, 2008

Here are the confirmed tour dates:


Thu 5/1  New Port Richey, FL  Bourbon Street Night Club

Fri 5/2  Orlando, FL   AKA Lounge

Sun 5/4  Marietta, GA   Three Bears Café

Tue 5/6  Spartanburg, SC  Ground Zero

Fri 5/9  Goose Creek, SC  The Dive

Sat 5/10 Fayetteville, NC   Jester’s

Wed 5/14 Ft. Wayne, IN   Legends Sports Bar

Fri 5/16  Huntington, WV   Club Echo

Sat 5/17 Johnstown, PA   Ace’s

Tue 5/20 Mokena, IL   The Colosseum at the Pearl Room

Wed 5/21 Maplewood, MN  The Rock

Fri 5/23  Green Bay, WI   Toxic

Sat 5/24 Cedar Falls, IA   The Reverb



Source:  www.abc-pr.com

Jesse Malin Announces Live Album Details – "Mercury Retrograde" Out June 3rd

Jesse Malin is set to release his first ever live album June 3rd on Adeline called Mercury Retrograde. The record was recorded over two nights at the Mercury Lounge in NYC right around Christmas 2007 and captures Malin at his best, telling tales of New York City life and playing all the fan favorites.


Confirmed Tracklisting:

1. High Lonesome

2. Wendy

3. Hotel Columbia

4. Lucinda

5. Cigarettes & Violets

6. Little Star

7. Since You’re In Love

8. Helpless

9. Aftermath

10. Black Haired Girl

11. Broken Radio

12. Subway

13. Going Out West

14. Swingin Man

15. Xmas

16. Christmas, Baby Please Come Home


Here’s what Malin himself has to say about his Mercury Retrograde:


"Leaving the house and going out to see live shows is a ritual for me – a physical experience that I can’t get at home just listening to a studio album. For my first ever live album, I wanted to record the songs differently by going back to the original essence of how they were written, on an acoustic guitar either holed up in my little apartment, layin’ back in some transient hotel room, or locked up in a bathroom. Over the past couple years I’ve been touring with a full band, but for this album, I wanted to go back to the way it was in the beginning and just do a stripped down acoustic set.  I’ve always said that songwriting is like masturbating – you have to have a private, quiet moment when no one’s around, which can be hard when you’re on the road. But once you’ve perfected the art, you’re ready to show the world."


"These recordings were made over 2 nights at the Mercury in New York City a week before Christmas 2007.  I figured I should return to one of the spots I played when I was starting out. Talking between songs or doing "bits" as I call them, is something I did early on to kill time while I was tuning my guitar as I toured solo.  These true stories evolved into a spoken word aspect of my live shows that hasn’t been represented on any of my studio releases.  Yackety yack." – Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin’s critically acclaimed 2007 release of Glitter In The Gutter spawned two singles, "Don’t Let Them Take You Down (Beautiful Day)" and the Bruce Springsteen duet "Broken Radio." Malin has spent the majority of the last year on the road, performing all over the globe. He performed on The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno, Late Night w/Conan O’Brien and the Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson and took part in 2007 Austin City Limits Music Festival. Look for Malin to be on the road again this Spring/Summer – Current dates are below.


Confirmed Tour Dates:

4/1 – Cambridge, MA TT The Bears

4/3 – Hamden, CT The Space

4/5 – Pittsburgh, PA DIESEL

4/6 – Pontiac, MI The Crofoot Pontiac MI

4/7 – Cleveland, OH House of Blues (Cambridge Room)

4/8 – Chicago, IL Martyr’s Chicago

4/9 – Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall

4/10 – Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater

4/11 – Madison, WI The Majestic Theatre

4/16 – Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place

4/26 – New York, NY The Bowery Ballroom


“How this guy stays so under the radar baffles me. One of the best rock-oriented singer/songwriters out there.” Ken Barnes, USA TODAY


"Malin is the successor to Lou Reed’s crown as the lord of The City’s underground." Dan Aquilante, NY Post


MySpace: www.myspace.com/jessemalin

Source: www.wmg.com


On June 24th, Walter Trout will release his long awaited studio album, "The Outsider", through Provogue Records.  The Jersey born Guitar-Master delivers a triple threat CD that is an autobiographical reflection, inspired by a multi-faceted life. “The Outsider”, was produced by John Porter famed for his work with B.B. King.  

With over 500,000 records sold to date, this album will turn all preconceptions about Walter Trout firmly on their head.  As the title implies, "The Outsider" is a thought-provoking collection of songs that shows his true diversity. Often being pegged "too blues for rock" and "too rock for blues", Trout stays true to his belief that genres exists only for the critics. "The Outsider" is a not so subtle stab at the blues and rock establishments who try to brand, label and limit the expression within the genres.

“The Outsider” confirms Trout has always had more than one string to his bow.  Indeed, he has always shown his range from his first solo effort in the self-titled WALTER TROUT, to the follow-up release of FULL CIRCLE "to each and every Walter Trout release by including rocking riffing which highlight his duality of the two genres.

Joining Trout, who wrote all songs and sings in addition to playing guitar, is drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), bassist Hutch Hutchinson and pianist John Cleary, as well as Skip Edwards and Samuel Avila on the Hammond B3 and harmonica player Jason Ricci. This lethal combination of talent will embed into your soul and ease into your heart as the shredding notes meld blues and rock.

“The Outsider”, on Provogue Records was produced by John Porter (B.B. King), The Outsider contains the following 13 songs:

‘Welcome To The Human Race’

‘The Next Big Thing’

‘All My Life’

‘The Love Song Of J. Alfred Bluesrock’

‘Don’t Wanna Fall’

‘Child Of Another Day’

‘Turn Your Eyes To Heaven’

‘The Restless Age’

‘Gone Too Long’

‘A Matter Of The Heart’

‘Can’t Have It All’


‘The Outsider’

Prior to the release of “The Outsider”, Trout will embark on a North American tour beginning in April and culminating in August in Quebec. Confirmed dates are listed below.


5          Long Beach, CA          Blue Café

12         St Petersburg, FL          Tampa Bay Blues Festival

16         San Francisco, CA       Biscuits n’ Blues

17         New Castle, CA          Constable Jack’s

18         Paradise, CA               Paradise Performing Arts Center

19         Grant’s Pass, OR          Rogue Theatre

21         Portland, OR                Roseland Grill

22         Seattle, WA                  Triple Door

23         Port Townsend, WA     The Upstage

24         Vancouver, BC            Yale Hotel

25         Bellingham, WA           The Wild Buffalo

26         Tacoma, WA               Jazz Bones

27         Tacoma, WA               Jazz Bones

29         Eureka, CA                  Red Fox

30         San Louis Obispo, CA Downtown Brewing CO.


7          St Louis, MO                 BB’s Jazz,Blues & Soups

8          Springfield, MO            Blues Down Under Series

9          Kansas City, MO          Knucklehead Saloon

10         Bixby, OK Bixby             Blues Festival


14         Las Vegas, NV             Cannery Casino Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival

29         Silverado, CA              Irvine Lakes Blues Festival  


6          Thunder Bay, Ont         Thunder Bay Blues Festival

10         Mt Tremblant, Ont       Mt Tremblant Blues Festival

12         Rockland, ME North    Atlantic Blues Fest

17         Fall River, MA               Narrows Center For The Arts

19         Roanoke, VA               Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival

25         Prairie du Chien, WI     Prairie Dog Blues Festival

30         Grand Rapids, MI         Blues On The Mall


6          Buffalo, NY Art Park     Concert Series

9          St Laurent, Que            L’ille En Blues Fest

For more information click on www.waltertrout.com

: www.vqpr.com


There was a time when rock n’ roll was regarded as some kind of terrible, howling, beast from the abyss, ready to pounce upon and devour the unsuspecting youth of the world–hurling them into a wild life of freedom and outrageous adventure.

Well, the beast is back!

Toronto Canada’s SOUND AND FURY is undeniably all about the rock, as heard throughout their self-titled debut full-length album, ‘SOUND AND FURY’ due June 24th via Rebel Youth Records/MRI-RED Distribution.

"I’ve had a lot of crazy experiences and rowdy times," recalls SOUND AND FURY singer/songwriter, Luke Metcalf.

"I mainly write about when I was in high school and then afterward, when I was living homeless with the gutter punks in California.”

"Right from the start I knew exactly what I wanted when I wrote the music and lyrics for this album,” continues Metcalf.

“I wanted to make a killer rock album to party your ass off to…an album to let loose, leave all the bulls**t behind and run wild to. When I hit high school I went totally out of control. It was just a rampage of crazy partying.

At the time, I was incredibly pissed off and f**ked up because I was dealing with a lot of really harsh s**t…but I decided: "f**k it all…I’m gonna have some f**king fun"… and I managed to have a hell of a lot of fun.  I made some really great friends and had some really wild times and this is what the album is all about."

In hooking up with guitarists Daz and Griffin, bassist John Kerns, and drummer Chris Avalos, Metcalf has found the band to play the music he lives to create.

SOUND AND FURY is all about power chords and no-bullshit rock ‘n roll, total sonic assault. "We are all huge fans of 1970’s rock and punk. AC/DC were at their peak between 76′-80′, same with The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Misfits, and of course Zeppelin and Sabbath were at their best earlier in the decade. This music was ferocious! Dangerous! Like a wild wolf let out of its cage. That’s what we’re all about, creating no-bullshit Rock N’ Roll to get down and dirty and party your ass off to!!!"

In addition to perfectly capturing their raw power on album, the group has been gaining fans by the truckload by opening up for Canada’s leading pop-punk band, Sum 41, throughout the great white north (as well as the U.K.).

Don’t believe us?

Check out what SOUND AND FURY fanatic Sarky Bastid from Fazer Magazine had to say about the group’s March 19th performance at the Oshawa General Motors Centre.

“These guys blew away what little pubes the all ages crowd had growing on them. Straight from the get-go, they plugged in and turned the volume up to 11. This band had elements of AC/DC, G n’ R, Sabbath, and the Pistols (if you don’t know those bands…then quit music). The vocals were incredible. The singer wore a cool bowler hat and gave the crowd more than they needed to rock out. It was like watching Alex from ‘Clockwork Orange’ in the band. And the lead guitarist…BAM! That dude was on f@#k’n fire!  With songs like ’18,’ ‘Night of the Ghouls,’ and the catchy sing-along  ‘Bad Touch’…this band is only going upwards from here.”

With dates upcoming on the Bamboozle Festival, SOUND AND FURY’S live roar is bound to only grow louder.

Metcalf also promises that SOUND AND FURY will never attempt to "save the world" with their music.  But rather, will continue to party and rock as hard as humanly possible.

"We don’t take ourselves that seriously. This is about going out and getting crazy, for kids who want to go out and have a good time. I wanna party with the kids who live for rock n roll – no bullshit, down ‘n dirty, ferocious rock ‘n roll.  People who really sincerely live for that music and don’t give a shit about anything else.  Basically I write about myself; who I am, what I’ve experienced. I write about what its like to be a wild wolf living in a culture of sheep."

On ‘Sound And Fury’, SOUND AND FURY is off to one hell of a start.

Confirmed track listing for ‘SOUND AND FURY’.




4.   18








Sound and Fury will be playing the following dates, as part of the Bamboozle Festival:

Saturday, April 5th, 2008 at 3 P.M on the MLB stage at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, C.A.

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, N.J.  Time and stage TBA

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