Isole – Bliss of Solitude

Reviewed: April 2008
Released: 2008, Napalm Records/Border Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Swedes Christer and Daniel started the band Forlorn in 1990. A few demos were recorded, but the band had huge problems with members coming and going. Forlorn signed a deal in 2003 and changed the band name into Isole. FOREVERMORE was the title of their debut album and shortly thereafter followed their second album THRONE OF VOID in 2005.
Now, 3 years later they’re releasing another album filled with slow, dark, and gloomy doom metal. Vocalist Bryntse fits perfectly as a singer and his voice sounds amazing. The album is pretty long at one hour despite the fact that it’s only 7 songs long. But even though the album feels heavy as lead I have serious problems with the slow and grinding tempo almost all of the songs are in. Despite the nicely-executed music I can’t find many positive things to say about BLISS OF SOLITUDE. The album gives me a headache, but it may be interesting to doom metal lovers.
The songs are too similar and listening to the disc several times feels like committing suicide. The only positive thing aside from the vocals is the production, which fits the music perfectly. The third album is usually the one that can make or break a band’s career, so my hopes aren’t high for Isole.


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Track Listing:
1. By Blood
2. From Clouded Sky
3. Imprisoned in Sorrow
4. Bliss of Solitude
5. Aska
6. Dying
7. Shadowstone

Henrik Lindenmo – bass
Christer Olsson – guitar
Daniel Bryntse – lead vocals, guitar
Jonas Lindström – drums