Ringo Starr – Liverpool 8

Ringo Starr

Liverpool 8

2007, Capitol Records

Rating: 4/5

This man needs no introduction but I’ll give him one anyways. Ringo Starr was the drummer for possibly the best rock band of all time. His unique style and sound made him one of the most known drummers in the world and one that many of today’s players cite as an influence.

With LIVERPOOL 8 Ringo delivers another solid album of songs that is sure to please. Unlike the other surviving Beatle Ringo still releases quality material. On the opening track to this record he pay homage to the town he came from and the particular section. This track is a bit autobiographical as he mentions his former band mates. This album marks several firsts for the former Beatle. The first being that the entire disc was also made available in digital form in the form of a usb wristband. The other first is his collaboration with Dave Stewart. Stewart stepped in on producing after longtime Ringo collaborator Mark Hudson and Starr parted ways during the making of the album. Hudson is still credited as producer on part of the album while Stewart is credited with Over-Production. The songs are pretty laid back with nothing overly upbeat this time around. With that said the whole album is consistent with good solid songs and no filler.

This is the best Ringo disc to come out in the past few years.