M.O.D. – Red White and Screwed

Reviewed: March 2008
Released: 2007, Index Entertainment
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Hard to believe that hardcore icon Billy Milano is still slugging it out with his M.O.D. project twenty years after the band first broke out with USA FOR M.O.D. RED, WHITE, AND SCREWED marks the big man’s eighth studio release with M.O.D., and first in four years since the poorly received REBEL YOU LOVE TO HATE. Given that M.O.D. was always a bit of a one-trick pony musically, can Billy and the band prove they have more to offer in 2007/2008?
Well, from the opening crunch of “Balls on Bread” it’s pretty clear that not much has changed in the M.O.D. world, either musically or lyrically. Billy is still spewing his socially conscious lyrics in his monotone growl, haranguing the listener into attention, or boredom. The band he’s assembled this time around is relatively on par with the hardcore players Billy has had since day one – serviceable in a heavy punk kind of way, but nothing special. They get the job done.
So what we have here is simply another M.O.D. album, no more, more less. There’s pretty much nothing on RED, WHITE, AND SCREWED that will make non-fans sit up and take notice. Conversely, fans of Billy’s brand of hardcore will revel in his latest batch of societal diatribes. It’s pretty clear after all this time that Billy is going to do what he wants, and to hell with the naysayers. As Billy says in “The Big It” – he’s not going anywhere. Whether you are there with him and his one-dimensional band are another story.


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Track Listing:
1) Balls on Bread
2) Alphabet City Stomp
3) Red White and Screwed
4) Dance Around with Snakes
5) The Big It
6) Hardcore Harry
7) I Gotta Get Away
8) Speaking Truth to Power
9) Jose Can You See?
10) Suicide Bomb Pop
11) Bullshit Politics
12) We Are Nothing
13) G.L.E.T.
14) Goddess/Devil

Billy Milano: Vocals
Scott Sargeant: Guitar
Derek Lopez: Drums
Christopher Dawson: Bass