Damnation Plan – Darker World

Reviewed: March 2008
Released: 2007, Self-released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Formed around in 2004, two fellows with a common interest in metal music, jammed some riffs and decided to put together a band that went under the name of Damnation Plan, completing the line-up a bit later with another pair of devoted metal musicians that understood the vision of what Damnation Plan was musically supposed to be about.

The first fruit of the band´s intense rehearsal sessions and hard song writing comes in the form of a 4-song demo, titled DARKER WORLD, which tells in clear language that working their asses off for these demo songs has truly paid off for them. The promo version of DARKER WORLD contains only 2 songs, \”The Day of Awakening\” and \”World of Insanity\”, and after spinning this 2-song promotional version over and over again, both of them make me hungry for more. Damnation Plan´s musical muscle has been built around melodic death metal that also contains more progressive and thrashy blocks, stretching and opening up the band´s sound in a nice way, and sort of making it more accessible for many others than just for the fans of melo-death only.

Damnation Plan´s music is upliftingly riff-based, dark and depressive – and when comparisons have been made out towards bands like Soilwork and Nevermore, it partly makes much sense especially because of their heavily riff-laden, rhythm-based songs. I can especially understand these two aforementioned band comparisons to happen when \”World of Insanity\” comes out from the speakers as it´s the one out of these two songs that should grab the attention of any fans for a more powerful and riff-based metal. \”World of Insanity\” is an impressive and convincing song, and I bet the guys must also feel pretty happy about making such a strong and well built-up tune.

If the other two songs (\”Darker World\” and \”Orchestrated Acts of Evil\”) are as near as good as what these 2 other songs on the promo are, I guess I have no other choice left than to place my order for a regular version from the demo. A very pleasing acquaintance this Damnation Plan truly was, I sincerely need to confess that.


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Track Listing:
01. The Day of Awakening
02. World of Insanity

Sami Honkonen – Vocals
Kalle Niininen – Guitar
Antti Lauri – Guitar
Tony Thamm – Bass
Jarkko Lunnas – Drums