Circus Diablo

Circus Diablo


2007, Koch

Rating: 3/5


A hard rock outfit that features The Cult’s Billy Duffy on guitar and Velvet Revolver’s Matt Sorum on Drums. While Sorum is not an actual member of the group he did perform all the drum tracks for the record. The band began as a 3 piece jam session in Morrison’s garage and evolved into what you see and hear now.

11 tracks of pure rock with no industry or label pushing to make them “Commercially Acceptable” . The songs came first then the album and label. There is a good mix of heavy rockers such as the lead off song and first single “Loaded” to the more mellow “Shine” which has elements of the classic 80’s Power Ballad. The rockers clearly outweigh the mellow tunes and keep the upbeat groove going. The guitars are crunchy and slightly distorted like you’d expect from Duffy. This sounds like no Cult disc but that somewhat distinct tone is there. The song “Red Sun Rising” is one of the standouts on this disc. It has that cool groove going that makes you just tap the foot and move the head. A real catchy track.

A good Rock and Roll disc that is sure to satisfy your dirty soul