Riefenstahl – Instinkt



2007, Rude Records/Remedy Records/Sound Pollution

Rating: 1.5/5

Just like you could have guessed Riefenstahl is a German band that was formed during 2004 and released their debut CD, SEELENSCHUMERZ two years later. The album was launched worldwide in 2005 and it got great reviews from both local and foreign press.

When the bio says that Riefenstahl’s music is rock meets metal I’d say that it’s a light version of metal with somewhat hard guitarplay. The most well-known act that Riefenstahl sounds like could be Rammstein without electronics and keyboards. And just as their fellow country men in Rammstein, Riefenstahl has decided to sing in German. Which I don’t have a problem with IF the music and material is good and sounds OK. Unfortunately that is not the case here.

The album is extremely anonymous. INSTINKT clocks in at 45 minutes which normally fells OK but in this case it feels way too long. It feels like the torture never ends and I have a really hard time trying to find something that sounds even remotely good.

The only good I could find in this album were the songs “Es Ist Vorbei”, “Venusschrei” and “Die Zeit Heilt Nicht Alle Wunden” which all are of the heavier kind and feels a little like Rammstein. Besides those songs, this album is just a big question mark to me. Maybe fans of Rammstein will buy maybe not. I don’t have a clue and to be honest I don’t want to know. Riefenstahl is something I definitely won’t buy.

Jens Esch – lead vocals

Ralph Laskowski – guitar

Daniel Peschel – bass

Sven Peterson – drums

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Es Ist Vorbei

Augen Auf

Ein Wort Von Dir


Mit Brennender Wut

Die Zeit Heilt Nicht Alle Wunden

Wenn Ich Wiederkomm

Es Tut So Weh

Lass Mich Nicht Allein (War For Peace)

(Ich) Halt Dich Fest

Kalter Traum

Dein Weg