Winter NAMM 2008

NAMM 2008: Conversations of Steel

I had the chance to speak with Rusty Cooley from Outworld at the Summer NAMM convention in Austin. During the band’s performance that night, I, along with the rest of the crowd looked on in amazement upon hearing the band’s new singer Carlos Zema. I met Carlos in Anaheim and he provided me with a really cool interview!

Rusty Cooley

Carlos Zema (Outworld)

carlos - outworld

MR: What brings you to the NAMM convention Carlos and how have been the highlights of the convention for you thus far?

I can tell you, I liked NAMM so far. First of all, that was the most important convention for the American music this year, at least for the west side of the U.S., by the way. Personally, I’ve made a lot of very important contacts, with sponsors that I really would like to work with, mostly everything that I needed to check out, and also the new home studio’s technologies, mics, etc…

MR: I interviewed Rusty Cooley last summer at the bands Red 7 showcase as part of Summer NAMM and at that time the band was competing in a $10,000 contest called Famecast which I understood Outworld Won, is that correct?

Yes, we did. Man, I swear, I couldn’t even imagine ’til that time, that we were supposed to win something. Heheheheh, just joking around. Robert, Some friend of us ours just uploaded the War Cry video clip on the Famecast website, in the beginning of that contest trying to help us out, and then when the band was almost about to go to the finals, actually on the third round, I think, it was the TOP 25 or something when it happened already, so finally we started to work hard to contact everybody to start voting for us, fortunately, we made that. It was all we needed on that moment of our careers, so that saved our ass.

MR: Outworld’s new music video "War Cry" that is posted at your website is both visually stunning and pleasing to the ears! Did you invest your Famecast winnings into this video? Who directed it?

No man, actually that video clip was posted on Famecast before we won, that was the first videoclip that has been posted on that contest. The director was Mr. Stacy Davidson, who produced a bunch of movies as well, he was already a great friend of the band, and also did an excellent job on that one, you were able to check that out.

I liked that video clip man, a lot. We filmed the video at the Meridian in Houston TX, an awesome and very traditional place to play shows and by the way, based in our own city, which is spectacular, especially when you need to carry all of Rusty’s Speakers! Heheheheheh.. And I also, would like to thank everybody that worked hard and has helped us out setting all that shit up there, all the fans and friends, man, that was a pain in the ass man! Believe me! But we had fun bro! No food all day long, but all the beers that we could drink or at least load inside our stomachs.

MR: The last time I spoke with you guys there was definite plans to head to the recording studio in September and finish up the follow up to the debut album by October. What is the current status with the upcoming album?

No, unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened especially ’cause we’ve started that EP like an independent production, also the studio where we recorded was a little rushed on their schedule, which made us a little bit late with the conclusion of that recording.

MR: Where did Outworld end up recording the new material, did you end up utilizing Bobby Blotzer’s studio again?

Definitely we recorded again at Diamond Studios, with Mr. Gregg Gill on the board metalling that shit up, that guy rules man!

MR: I think you definitely have an amazing success story Carlos, it was described to me that you came across Outworld searching for a new singer on myspace, and contacted the band and they heard you and got you over here and now you guys are kicking ass together! How do you like singing in an American Metal band?

Absolutely Robert, I definitely like singing for Outworld so far bro, Back when I was in Brazil waiting to be on the road again with my current bands at that time, I was sort of hopeless with music and stuff, but now I feel like I’m in the right place man! And also it’s awesome and more than a pleasure to play for the American crowd, one of my best experiences on stage and off stage man, all the support that those fans give me man. That definitely made me feel at home.

MR: Do you have all the correct working visa’s in place should the opportunity arise to tour abroad?

For sure, all the documents existing in this Country, I already got it taken care of.

MR: What is the metal scene like back in Brazil? I know you had fronted three different metal bands (Heaven’s Guardian, Amonicide, Vougan) back home, which band was your favorite to work with and how would you describe these bands?

Man, the metal scene in Brazil is completely awesome, incredible, and amazing. Huge crowds, all the people in the scene at concerts go crazy like it’s the last day of their lives! Most of all the bands just play because they believe in metal. One thing that sucks in Brazil in general is the lack of support for the most talented bands that you’ve ever seen. Man, to aim or point one of those bands that I played with down there in Brazil, is kind of dangerous, but one thing I can tell you, It’s between HG and Vougan, heheheh… Heaven’s Guardian, the band of my heart (We were together for ten years! My most important gigs were with them.) Also Vougan, was the most badass band that I’ve ever played with.

MR: What metal bands did you grow up listening to in Brazil?

Man, a lot of them, let’s try to tell you some of those: Mandatory Suicide, Thara, Dr. Sin, Shaaman, Sepultura, Angra, Overdose, Korzus, Dark Avenger, etc…

MR: According to my ears Outworld could easily be on the same roster as any of the big name bands from Century Media, Nuclear Blast or Metal Blade even. Has the band been in any negotiations with any of the heavy hitting labels?

Yes, to be in a label like that depends on a lot of things, actually everyone of those labels has our materials, it’s just up to them to contact us ’cause we’re ready to go, man!

MR: What can we expect from Outworld in 2008? Have you guys got any big tour plans for this summer?

What can we expect? hmmm… let me see, you can expect hard work, bro, absolutely, we are hard workers! Man, we have no dates booked at all. We’re just working hard to finish this next album as soon as we can, and restart negotiating with the men again. Hehehehe… Cross your fingers buddy.

MR: I’d like to thank you Carlos for the opportunity to talk metal with you, I know you’re a busy guy these days. Before we wrap this up is there anything else you’d like to address or promote?

Hell yeah dude, if we’re able to, I really would like to post these addresses here, Hey guys check this out!

Thank you very much for this opportunity to talk little bit about metal history with you Robert, thank you so very much, I really appreciate it!



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