Jet Trail – Edge Of Existence

Jet Trail

Edge Of Existence

2007, Escape Music/Zink Music

Rating: 3.5/5

Jet Trail is a debuting band formed two years ago by singer Carolina Lindwall and guitarist Jon Stavert. To call their music hard rock is misleading; I think it’s more melodic hard rock focusing on lead vocals and guitar. Lindwall has a great voice and it’s refreshing to hear a female singer who knows how to sing harder rock music. She has a broad vocal range that she knows how to use and Stavert adds a harder element to the music with his borderline-metal guitar sound. The rhythm section backs up the rest of the band very well and they have power and flow that adds heaviness to the music.

The 13 songs are strong and EDGE OF EXSISTENCE grows on me even more at every listening. My favorite tracks are “War Zone”, “Killing Ghosts”, “Never Say Never” and “The Story of Marie De France”. These songs are heavy and fast guitar-based melodic hardrock-based anthems that make you happy. Jet Trail shows both power and strength in slower songs like “Can You Hear Me Calling”, “Dark Night” and “Now You!”. Even though the pace is slower the heaviness is still there and Lindwall exhibits again that she is a great singer.

It’s a strong and solid debut album and I really hope to hear more from this band. The only weaknesses on the disc are the 4 ballads and the choice of lyrics which are too often about love. Aside from that, this a refreshing debut and I’ll bet they can get places – at least beyond Sweden’s border. The one and only Ritchie Blackmore told them “You’re going places” when they were the support act to Blackmore’s Night in Stockholm; that should tell you something about this woman’s talents!

Carolina Lindwall – lead vocals

Jon Stavert – guitar, vocals, synthesizers

Christian Sundell – drums

John Holst – bass

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War Zone

Killing Ghosts

Can You Hear Me Calling

Gorham’s Cave

Dark Night

Holy Ground

Never Say Never

Now You!


The Unknown

The Story of Marie de France


Why (bonus track)