Faceshift – Reconcile



2007, Black Lodge Music/Sound Pollution

Rating: 4/5

RECONCILE is the debut album from the Swedish five-piece goth/rock combo. Some of the members are veterans in the music industry and have been in bands like the death metal act Eternal Oath, Mörk Gryning and Lions Share. The members were tired of delivering the same old death metal music and wanted to play a totally different style, and that’s how Faceshift was born. They decided to move away from the hard metal scene and focus on more Gothic and sad music. It only took them a few days to write the material for Faceshift.

Though Faceshift plays dark and gloomy Gothic/rock music, you can sense some influences from the members’ other bands. There are a lot of keyboards, but that doesn’t bother me because it helps to build the right atmosphere. You can also hear the typical Scandinavian melancholy in the music. Even though the focus is on lead vocals and keyboards, there are some really heavy and uncompromising guitar riffs.

RECONCILE is a really solid debut album and all of the 12 songs are amazing. I can’t imagine a better start for the band and singer Hovinen takes the material to a higher level with his stunning vocals. Faceshift plays in a league of its own right now and it’s gonna be hard to beat RECONCILE. The producer has combined softer keyboard passages with the heavy and mean guitar riffs and lead vocals; they each have just enough room to shine separately while still working as a whole.

There is absolutely nothing to argue about when it comes to RECONCILE; the band has delivered the perfect soundtrack for this current dark winter in Scandinavia. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Faceshift, because this album is freaking awesome.

Timo Hovinen – lead vocals

Peter Nagy-Eklöf – guitar

Petri Tarvainen – drums

Peter Wendin – bass

Petri Tarvainen – guitar

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