Alpha Galates – Matthew Wagner


Alpha Galates – Matthew Wagner (Vocals/Drums)

Interview by Celtic Bob


Alpha Galates is a new-old band from Toronto, Ont. They were formally known as The Hollow but after some additions and changes they became Alpha Galates. Their blend of Metal is refreshing and has caught the attention of many…and the debut is not yet out, I recently had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with drummer/vocalist Matthew. Here is what he had to say…


Why the name change from The Hollow at this point in time? Was it due to just the fact of adding Harmony to the band or did you just feel it was time for a fresh start?

After spending 6 years recording 3 albums and an ep, we really just decided that it was time for "the hollow" to end, it had really just run it’s course as far as what we wanted to do with the band. This happened to coincide with us meeting Harmony. We all just connected musically, and we havn’t looked back since.


How is Alpha Galates different from The Hollow?

The main difference between the two is in open mindedness. We feel that there are no boundaries in Alpha Galates.


What can someone who is unfamiliar with The Hollow or Alpha Galates expect to hear when they see your CD in the shops or come to see you live?

What people can expect is a little bit of the unexpected. We try to never limit what direction our songs can travel in. We love when we can cover many different styles of music within the same composition.


Your debut disc comes out shortly on EMI. This day in age allot of bands choose to do it on their own. Why did you feel it was important to go with a label?

We had been doing it on our own for so long, we actually decided it would be interesting to see what could happen on a label. When we were approached by EMI, they offered us everything that we wanted, so we took the deal. Creative control has always been what we have been most worried with, and we have that.


The album comes out in both a regular version and a deluxe with a 5.1 mix. That’s a pretty bold move for a debut. What made you do that right now?

Having bonus materials is very important, it gives people another reason to buy a cd, instead of just downloading it for free. I personally love when an album or dvd comes in nice packaging (like a embossed tin for our album). We really tried to keep the cd price as low as possible, but then give people who want extra the choice of the deluxe, which contains all the bonus materials.


Even though it is early in the game have EMI been putting allot into promoting the release? Are they giving it the extra backing that is difficult for a newer independent artist?

EMI have been very supportive since the beginning. They have opened doors for us that seemed closed before. It will be interesting to see what it is like once the album is out.


The album is one that grows on you, in the way that the more you listen to it the more you like it and the more you hear in it. Do you feel that is an accurate statement?

We have never set out to make something that is easy to digest. I find if you like an album too fast, you will also get sick of it very fast. Our music has to be listened to a few times before you really get a handle on it, but as a result, you will probably want to listen to it for a much longer period of time.


How have critics responded to it thus far?

So far the response has been positive. To be honest, we try not to worry too much about what critics say. It isn’t going to change the way we make or play our music. The media is simply a way for people to hear about a band. We will let people make up their own minds.


I saw one online review that said it had elements of Pink Floyd. That’s a pretty good compliment. Did you consciously set out to pay homage to your influences or did it just happen to come out that way naturally?

It is a little of both. There are parts of songs that sound like my influences, but i always try to counter it with something totally different. We can’t help but wear our influences on our faces, but just hope that we have diverse enough influences so the music is still interesting. I have never been a fan of bands who rip off other bands, i would rather just hear the original.


I know I based my review on a couple of spins but in hindsight it should have a higher rating as it has really grown on me.

Any Canadian tour plans lined up?

We are heading out across Canada with Grimskunk in March, and hopefully a lot more after that!


You just shot a video for the song “Standing”. How did that go?

The Standing video was an amazing experience! Our director, Margaret Malandruccolo was amazing to work with, and allowed me to write out a treatment with her. It was shot in 2 days, one in New York with the actors, and one here with the band. It should be up by the time this is out. I don’t want to give away the concept, but I guess it is my tribute to John Carpenter.


Video still from the band’s upcoming debut music vid for the track "Standing"

When can we expect to see it? Will Much Music be airing it or will fans just be able to see it on your site and Youtube?

Hopefully on MM, we will definately have it on our site.


Video still from the band’s upcoming debut music vid for the track "Standing"


On Youtube there is a video with your song “Natio” that features the videogame Halo 3. Is this an official trailer for the game?

This was an official trailer for the soundtrack to the game. I am not sure if it has come out yet, but we were scheduled to come out on the SOUNDTRACK for the game, not on the game itself.


How did the Halo 3 people pick up on the song?

The halo soundtrack is on Virgin Records, and so are we. They wanted music that would fit with Halo, and I guess that is Alpha Galates.


Any plans or hopes for more of the same as the song really suited the game.

We have been speaking to some other games and we would love to be on them. Video games are a huge force for music. I would love to score a whole game! Keep your eyes peeled.


What are AG’s plans and hopes for 2008?

We just want to play as much as possible, and hopefully make some new friends and fans. It is an amazing time when an album like "A Stimulus for Reason" can come out on a major label. We are excited to see how it responds with people.


Anything you’d like to say to the fans and readers of out there?

Please come check out our band, and say hello and visit us at


Thanks for your time in answering the questions for us.

Thank you! 





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