Hateform – Dominance

Reviewed: February 2008
Released: 2008, 7:45 Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A sort of incarnation of modern thrash and death metal comes to life on Hateform´s debut album, titled DOMINANCE, which has now been released through a small Finnish label 7:45 Records, specializing in metal music. Hateform have won many different \”Demo Of The Month\” awards in some known Finnish media, so I guess obviously many of you are surely rather curious to know whether some of those expectations have been fulfilled toward the material the band has recorded for their debut output. Am I right?

Having had a chance to spin the album through more than I have fingers in my right hand (a free tip: More than 4… difficult, ha!), I gotta admit the guys have determinedly decided to get the best out of their creativity and instruments because Hateform´s aggressive mishmash of death´n´ thrash & thrash´n´ death (I don´t want to underline too much whether they are a thrash- or death metal band – it´s up to listeners more than anything else, I guess) storms out in earnest toward its listener´s face – spitting out the sounds of pure aggression and hate with a menacing power that just cannot be ignored by any of us. Striking melodies and very skillfully played leads also play a very important role in the album´s song structures – and those add even more spice into the band´s well-crafted tunes. Listening to such songs off the album as \”As God As\”, \”Until We Drown\” and \”Bled\”, it´s really hard to think of anything bad to say about the songs as the whole album reeks of some quality words that my mind is producing every time when I throw it into my CD-player. With a repeated listen, the album just seems to get better each time, the same way like having sex with your mother-in-law (ha, just kidding – of course!).

All those crunchy and massive walls of riffs in Hateform´s impressive sounding debut, are also one of the keywords for a pleasing listening experience, I mean, if you are a fan for a more extreme side of metal music, naturally. These 5 Finnish fellows – well-trained instrument-wise, have truly done their homework very well with everything demanded from them to make an impact on demanding metal music consumers. Hateform just come in loud and ruthlessly – storming and beating the shit out of all of us mercilessly with over 45 minutes that they have got material for DOMINANCE, and that´s really enough. And in fact, I did not expect anything less from this relentlessly deathrashing Finnish group, but a clear step up after their very promising 4-track demo RETALIATE that was released in 2006. DOMINANCE absolutely redeemed all my sincere expectations very well that I had towards the band´s debut album. Great album – great band indeed!


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Track Listing:
01. Dominion
02. As God As
03. Until We Drown
04. Bled
05. Sky Cries Blood
06. Chains
07. Square Zero
08. I Won\’t Kneel
09. Less Than a Man
10. Tongues Spitting Deception

Petri Nyström – Vocals
Tomy Laisto – Guitar
Tom Gardiner – Guitar
Joni Suodenjärvi – Bass
Tuomas Vähämaa – Drums