Axxis – Doom of Destiny

Reviewed: December 2007
Released: 2007, AFM Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the follow up to the previous album PARADISE IN FLAMES which came out a year ago. Axxis can be considered a legendary band within the melodic power metal genre; it’s their 13th album since 1989. A new guitarist named Marco Wriedt has joined the band’s ranks as well. And for the first time ever the band recorded and a song on their native language, German; “Engel Auss Hass” is featured on the limited edition of the album. Axxis is really huge in Germany and the surrounding countries but here in Scandinavia there isn’t much interest. PARADISE IN FLAMES made it into the top 45 on the German charts and the band’s debut album KINGDOM OF THE NIGHT is the best-selling debut album ever in Germany.
Axxis’ melodic power/heavy metal is very much based on rough keyboards upon which the mix is focused. They have incredibly sing-a-long-friendly choruses that occur in almost every song and the drums are incredibly powerful. The musicians are really skilled and singer Weiss has a solid voice that has stood against the test of time. He sings in flawless English; many German acts’ downfall is poor pronunciation, but that isn’t the case here.
Axxis also features a female vocalist, Lakonia, who does a great job; it’s a bit different to hear a female voice in between this fierce musical landscape, but she fits into the production really well and adds atmosphere to the music. DOOM OF DESTINY is a fresh, solid 11-track album with many potential hit songs. Even those who aren’t into melodic power/heavy metal could like this.
Instead of picking the ones that stand out I’ll pick the songs that don’t since it’s easier that way. “The Fire Still Burns” is a slow standard ballad with a lot of keyboards. It also includes a horn section which doesn’t fit very well. We find a strange mix of melodic power metal and melodic rock in the song “Revolutions”, and “She Got Nine Lifes” is a keyboard-based heavy rock track with lots of choruses and very few verses.


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Track Listing:
1. Voices of Destiny
2. Doom of Destiny
3. Better Fate
4. Bloodangel
5. I Hear You Cry
6. The Fire Still Burns
7. Father, Father
8. Revolutions
9. She Got Nine Lifes
10. Devilish Belle
11. Astoria

Bernard Weiss – lead vocals
Harry Oellers – keyboards
Marco Wriedt – guitar
Rob Schomaker – bass
André Hilgers – drums

Lakonia – vocals