Whiskey Falls

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2007, Midas Records

Rating: 5/5


Whiskey Falls is a new band on the scene featuring former guitarist for Alice Cooper/Slave To The System/Brother Cane; Damon Johnson. This new project is quite a bit different from the previously mentioned groups he’s been involved in. The music here is very Country influenced with a nice dose of Southern Rock. If you like artists like The Eagles, Van Zant and Allman’s then you’ll dig this. It is Modern Country with a little more edge.

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This album was partially done when Johnson was asked to join, but when he stepped in to help co-write and play on the remainder of the disc the edge got sharper. The guitar in the songs is great and adds more of a Rock feel to it more so than the Country twang that many may come to expect. The vocals and harmonies on this album will put The Eagles to shame they are that good. When you think of great sounding harmonies The Eagles usually come to mind as Walsh, Schmit, Frey, Felder… are fantastic at it. < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Whiskey Falls brings it to a whole new level with 4-part leads, yes leads. The sound will just blow you away. Another aspect that immediately grabs your attention is the drum sound. What a great sound they got from the drums, sounds so full and real. The kick drum just hits you in the chest. Mixed really well.


The songs are upbeat for the most part and the hooks just catch you and reel you in for the long haul.  The debut single “Last Train Running” has been a big hit for the band since it’s release this past spring and the new one “Falling Into You” will secure their place in the music world. A mid tempo song that has a chorus that makes you get right into it as soon as it begins. Tracks like “Working Man” and “Let The Whiskey Fall” which have Johnson playing on them (the latter co-penned by Damon) are 2 of the best songs on the disc. The lyrics on these (and the whole CD for that matter) are real and about the average Joe’s life. Lyrics we can all relate to. Songs such as “The Night Ain’t Over Yet” are just good time, fun songs that create the image in your mind of out cruising in the summertime.


13 of the best tunes you will hear for quite some time. The train is taking off so jump on and hold on tight.